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OMG! OMG! The news is out!

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I've seen nearly nothing BUT terrible feelings of dread on the book of faces. Me? I am elated. I honestly don't care how bad it is. I get to see WoT on the tele. Well, maybe I'm a little nervous after Legend of the Seeker, lol, but my excitement outweighs that by a pretty good margin. lol I WANT TO SEE SHADOWSPAWN! 

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Super excited, looking forward to watching all the characters finally come to life! *_*


Now its just  a matter of the waiting game x.o


Because depending on how long this new venture has been in the works...


It will probably be what? Another 2-3 years before it airs?


They first have to transfer the book into a script format.


Cast all the different characters, scout filming locations, costumes, makeup.


And last but not least actually film the show.


Soooooo my guess its going to be awhile @_@

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