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  1. Anywho, don't have a new collage to share but here is a picture quote, kindof PG-13 soooooo beware ;P “I ran from you as hard as I could, to shield my honor. And you followed me even here. The rings do not lie, and I can run no more. I will run no more.” — Aviendha to Rand. Chapter 31 - Wheel Of Time Series.
  2. Goodness its been awhile @_@ So many cool changes, loving the new update to the site, looks really nice! Sorry its been so long since my last update, got caught up with the holidays, traveling, and then forgot my password x_o
  3. Heya everyone - New Elayne Trakand collage has been added to the front page, got to admit I really like how this one turned out! Let me know what you think!
  4. I'm sorry to hear of your family's hardship, sending healing energy your way. Remember, when it rains, look for rainbows, when its dark, look for starts.
  5. Heya everyone, hope all is well! Added a new quote, always loved the passion in Moiranine's speech, how about you? Picture can also be found on the front page under quotes.
  6. Unfortunately there are only so many boxes avilable to display each picture, plus to many and it starts to look cluttered. Also you have to take into consideration, first finding that one perfect picture that embodies the feeling of just "flirtation" Then you need to make sure that picture has a similar physical appearance of the character you're trying to display, hand, lips, eyes ect. Afterwhich, let's just add the frustrating bonus that the background of said picture need to match the group of the pictures displayed in the collage (color, era, theme, filter) Believe me, I have tons of unused "perfect pictures" for every colleges I've made in the past, but was unable to use them because one thing or another was off or did not match. XD
  7. Hummmm... It's on the first page, fourth post down in the Character section, last blue link, titled Matrim Cauthon. Let me know if you can't find it and i'll try and post in in the actually page.
  8. Thanks, glad you like! ^_^ I bet april fools day would be one of Mat's favorite holidays. He'd probably prepare pranks well in advance.
  9. Happy April Fools Day Everyone! And what better way to celebrate a day encouraging mischief... Than posting a new collage of that well known trickster of the pack ^_~ This one was a lot of fun to make, let me know what you think!
  10. Unfortunately I don't have enough pictures yet to make a worthy Verin collage. I actually don't ever pick by which characters is my favorite. The next collage is determined by if I found enough good pictures to create a complete theme for each character. So it's always a mystery until I find that one epic picture to tie it all together. I don't know if that makes sense XP
  11. Hello Hello ^_^ New character collage has been updated! This one was fun to make, really liked how it turned out.
  12. Oh my gosh, big ol smile over here :D I'd be super flattered Ryrin!! If you do decide to start this project, I would LOVE to see what your binder will look like!
  13. Hello everyone ^_^ Hope you all had fun during the Holiday season! I know I was kept pretty busy @_@ New character collage has been updated! This one I got stuck on for awhile, was hard to find a workable face. Let me know what you think!
  14. New character college has been added! Sorry for the delay x.o I'm pretty sure I too would fall victim to his will ;] I thought the picture where the man is engulfed in flames was a good representation of balefire. What do you think!?
  15. Ryrin, well I really like her playful personality, plus she seems to have a solid grasp of who she is and what she wants, plus I feel I can relate to her personality the most I guess XB How about you, who's your favorite female character?
  16. Thank you Ryrin! This one was actually pretty easy to create. After gathering all the pictures I liked I just had to tweak the colors so everything would match :B
  17. Hello Everyone ^_^ New character collage has been added! I think she is probably my favorite out of the three.
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