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  1. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/amazons-the-wheel-of-time-series-to-be-328-seasons-long/?fbclid=IwAR2ni9IX4Z_JtzJKqYGDc6FaDB6d-sDnPvg92hLlNEps6f-cEbnMmC1DAxc
  2. Agreed; most long running TV shows cast respected/career/theatre actors as adult leads, maybe one or two known names, but then build up a cast of young, aspiring talent.
  3. If y'all think that polygamy won't play well, you haven't been following Game of Thrones, which is, as one comedian put it, a decade long ploy to get Americans to be okay with incest. ;) I think the biggest challenge will be the depictions of the One Power, without it looking stupid/sappy.
  4. LoL at "IE 4.0 and 600x800 resolution"
  5. Saw it. Liked it. Details in spoiler (yes, there are spoilers)
  6. Hello @captainkebab weclome to DM and D&D! We have a form which is just for WoT discussions, this one is more for general recaneter . I'm moving this to the proper forum.
  7. I didn't mind either Perrin or Elyanes arc when I listened to the books - you are right esp abount Perrin, it was some of "lets check in with some normies" I disagree that there were no politics w/o Elyane, what I didn't like is that for a few books we had two different plots that were essentially the same - Egwene and and Elyane were both thrust into positions of power when they were young and had to learn how to deal with people dismissing them without having to reley on their "i can call on lighting" - abilities. That's a really cool story, but I only needed one of them.
  8. Matt was always fun, Rand was the primary driver and Perrin, well, I sighed a lot reading him. I actually agree with this post completely; I'll toss Elanye as another useless arc. She does nothing in her time in Andor that adds anything to her character...we see political scheming (other plots), assassinations (other plots), and ... a discussion of pregancy and ruling? Ok, cool, but it's not very relivant. Her role in AMoL is to provide an army; she can do that without the wasted space. Perrin at least contributes more to AMoL (his dream-fighting) but that easily could have been worked in as he traveled with Rand.
  9. It has been my experince, almost without exception, that life is better when people work together in groups. As such, I devote a good amount of my time and resources towards advocating for progressive causes.
  10. I've always been torn about the Galadriel/Celebron line, it just never felt fully flushed out to me. She has the potential for a redemption arc (which she pursues) but the LotR audience never gets enough of the back story to know why all the elves in Lorien are sad. I like Fingolfin for his rescue of Meadhos (of all the feanorian sons, Meadhos is my favourite; before the third kinslaying he half-argues against it, but is persuaded by the evilness inherient in their oath), and for his attempt to unify the Eldar against Melkor; the reason why the Battle of Unnumbered Tears is so sad is that they almost won, but were betrayed by men and nearly utterly destroyed. Ecthelion of the Fountian is also cool, if for no other reason than he was able to take down the captian of the balrogs in single combat. Compared to them, while long lived, Galadrial seems like she just kinda snuck away to live out her life, with Celebron in some sort of conflict-free utopia.
  11. Watched it yesterday; thought it was great.
  12. One of the the greatest "lost scenes in history" is the original ending... The War Room was supposed to errupt into a gaint "pie fight" [when the spoiler news was received], and it was staged and filmed, and apparently was/is hillarious. However, the actors couldn't/didn't stay in character the entire time, so it was "left on the cutting room floor." But it's still a great movie... Oh two other things: 1.) The air force was concerned with how accurately the set of the B-52 was built, since it was still classified at the time. It was designed with help of a team of pilots and engineers who'd worked on other bombers in the past. The "outside shots" were filmed flying at low altitude in a B-17 over greenland, which the air force also didn't like. FINALLY: It was filmed in 62, before Kennedy was shot, and released in late November (right after the assassination) so they very quickly (and poorly), redubed "pretty good weekend in dallas" to "vegas"
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