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  1. political meme's & lolz

    I might've posted this in the wrong thread from my phone earlier today
  2. Russia probe

    I was pointing out that Russia has been poisioning people for over a decade; adding to your comment re: the guy who was radiated.
  3. Big Tech Monopolies

    A few more: 1.) Phish is a band, on their own label. They allow (history encouraged) audience taping of their shows...there are some venues which require people buy special "taper tickets" but that's not the point. They allow audience audio taping, but not video. However you can (easily) set an iPhone to record the audio from pretty cool audio rigs, then just turn the camera on the stage. It seems that the "unspoken rules" are that they tollerate people "posting" audience vidoes of songs, but not an entire set or show. One of my friends - MKDevo - got in trouble (videos pulled, court order to stop) a few years back because he was, admitingly taping a posting edited videos of entire shows. Anyway... 2.) Personal feelings around the bit - again, I can admit that it's funny, but I found the subject matter ... not really offensive but wrong, I'm not sure how to communicate the difference - aside, my feelings of the mater would probably follow my feels re: MKDevo, he broke the rules (see above re: Taping policy) so removal was valid. Now the hypothetical you're getting at; if SXSW had been an open event w/o taping restrictions, and YT had pulled content because "they" disagreed with it's political message then, well, I mean, that's not how I mod, but I guess that's up to them? If someone in the video complained to YT, said they did not give consent, or felt aggrieved by the video, then sure, take it down? That response gets more of a shrug from me.
  4. Big Tech Monopolies

    ^^ Should be quoting Cubarey, but, whatever... I'm failing to see the disagreement. He was preforming, via proxy, and the group he was preforming for asked him to leave...he kind of resisted, in continue his bit, then left? We've been asked to leave not a few number of places and we always apologize, pay our bills (tip generously) and leave...
  5. Big Tech Monopolies

    http://bfy.tw/H9kK TL:DR Audience video isn't allowed.
  6. Big Tech Monopolies

    That's what Crowder's lawyer said, but that's following the letter of the law while disobeying the spirit. He and his producers were all denied tickets, they had an intern buy it (if he was reimbursed then it was still actually Crowder buying it), and then he was getting instructions from Crowder while he was there, so that's definetly flying in the face of SXSW's wishes. If you try to go to a party and are told to leave, then pay another friend to go back into the party with an earpeice to do what you say, would you really be surprised if your friend was kicked out too? Crowders point, as far as I could tell, is that he reject non-binary gender identity; SXSW celebrates it, and he wanted to use that conflict for comedy. They didn't want him to, because mocking non-binary gender intenities is rude/mean, so they asked him not to come. He went anyway, and filmed is little stunt, then they asked him to leave and he did? If they then asked YouTube to remove the content when it went up, I see no problem with that. Don't make fun of non-binary gender identies. It's not funny. It's rude and potentially harmful. There are plenty of other conflicts to mine for comedy. Case closed.
  7. Big Tech Monopolies

    If you buy a ticket to something, the issuer gets to set the rules, and by buying the ticket you are agreeing to the rules. For example, every phish video on youtube not posted by phish is illegal (though the audio isn't). Phish sometimes gets YouTube to pull videos, some don't; one of my friends got in a protracted arguement with them as basically as long as he uploaded selected songs, and not entire sets/shows they let it fly, but if they wanted to they could get YouTube to pull all the videos because on the back of every ticket it says "Audio taping and amature photography, allowed, professional videography is not"
  8. Big Tech Monopolies

    I'd be shocked if SXSW was taper/video friendly. Also, he was denied a ticket. Sending an intern is ... fuzzy at best.
  9. Big Tech Monopolies

    Also, SXSW is a private conference, to which tickets are sold which means that all attendee must follow the obligations of the ticket issuer, or face removal or persecution. Same, actually, with other cons, Pax, for example. I can't use a ticket to a concert to sneak my band in and stand playing in the concourse; that violate the ticket agreement, so they can kick me out. I'd imagine that recording of the festival is also mentioned in the ticket so it's entirely possible the SXSW told YouTube that by posting the video they were in violation of the ticket agreement and asked them to take it down.
  10. Big Tech Monopolies

    Go around using the n-word and c-word in pleasant company and see what happens. Crowder would not have gone into an NAACP or BLM meeting and start trolling white power tag lines because that is not generally accepted behavior. Doing the same at an arts and culture fesitval is in equal bad taste.
  11. Big Tech Monopolies

    It's allagous to groups "owning" "swear words" such as n-word, c-word, etc...the trans community owns jokes around identiy, which i'm fine with.
  12. Big Tech Monopolies

    Live your truth man
  13. Big Tech Monopolies

    Re: Filming in public -> It's all about how the laws work, I am aware of places where unless you get the consent of everyone in the video, you aren't allowed (supposed) to publish it. Also, as we've agreed on before, YouTube's rules are YouTube's rules. If they have a rule that if someone in the video complains to them that they don't want their image online, an YouTube evaluates the claim and removes the video, then the poster doesn't really have any recourse, except, I guess, I to leave YouTube?
  14. Big Tech Monopolies

    Maybe if they were walking the streets of Austin, but they were in a conference room... Anyway, here's Erin's video:
  15. Big Tech Monopolies

    It's similar to who can tell what jokes in comedic circles. I'm pretty sure i've linked to her videos before, but if you skip to about the 3:30 mark (the first 3 minutes are about her surgey jokes, which are funny, but there are better versions...anyway...), the next 4 minutes are her making fun of the transgender community; children transitioning and trans-gender choirs. It's hilarious. If a non-trans person were to make those jokes, they would be offensive, in bad taste, and probably removable? But Erin is trans, so it's okay. Honesty, if Crowder wanted to do a sketch making fun of the over-sensitivity in the trans community, get a trans-comedian who agrees with him to go to the conference, set up a panel/group discussion of "exploring trans issues with [a comedian]", have everyone agree to be recorded and go for it.