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  1. Trump FP

    I'm more curious about the Trump administrations actions (and inactions) on two fronts: 1.) Why are we actively tanking the Turkish currency to free a single prisioner? I understand "doing everything possible" to secure the release of Americans held abroad, but shouldn't the responses be proportional? 2.) Why are we silent on Canada vs. Saudi? Seems like it should be a slam-dunk "We stand for international human rights and expect that our allies do the same."
  2. political meme's & lolz

    ...yeah, but PMILF
  3. political meme's & lolz

    Funny under Bush, still funny now. I follow hockey well enough to claim to be Canadian when I'm overseas.
  4. political meme's & lolz

    The consequences of the state not acting, in a vaccume of otherwise proper instruction, has detrimental effects on both the state (as a whole, since it has to now care for it's new citizens) and on the young parents themselves. Therefore, the state must operate under the assumption that, expecting when parents pro-actively remove their children from health class, they are the ones responsible for teaching that information. The morality of what they are teaching, I will grant you, is not in the relm of proper instruction.
  5. Big Tech Monopolies

    YouTube account suspension is weird. A friend got banned for posting hd phish videos; his was the only channel taken down. He emailed the band (he's been doing this years) and asked if his videos violated their policy, they said no. He never heard back from YT on why he was banned (other than "you posted copywritten material). He has a new channel "NOTMKDevo" which he posts parodies of phish videos. He still videos all the shows he goes to, and keeps the data at his house, but doesn't post any more. He'll mail you videos on request.
  6. Trump FP

    Yesterday meaning 2014? The US in sadly unique in the leverage over the federal budget we give the war-industrial complex; the same way the US politicians wring their hands over paying for things like universal healthcare or education, other countries gladly provide those services to their citizens, while thinking twice (or maybe not at all) about a new air craft carrier. Therefore, in order to double, tripple, or more their defense budgets, other countries need long lead times to be able to work that spending into their budgets, which they are doing, and are committed to keep doing.
  7. Trump Presidency

    If she broke the law by recording inside the White House: yes Is it at all surpsrising that she calls trump a racist? 1.) refused to rent to aferican Americans in the 70s 2.) called for the Central Park 5 to be executed, when they were innocent and never aplogized 3.) started and sustained the birther movement 4.) launched his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and murders 5.) said that murders/domestic terrorists/ethno-nationalists were “fine people” 6.) There are now 5 former klansmen/Nazis running on the republican ticket in the fall ...but that’s all okay because Hillary used a private email server.
  8. political meme's & lolz

    A good SJW would call that Priviledge. You have a stable homelife and tight family, and you are able and willing to discuss matters with your children. Not all families are like that. In which case, since society as whole benifiets if everyone receives accurate and age appropriate education, the state (as the embodiment of society) - through the organ of public schools - should provide this information. Before the news about Ohio was trying to reach Trump voters, there were a myriad of stories about how they were actively expanding the school day to include post-school recreation, dinner and study time for children and adult education classes for parents. Now, should all those functions be provided by families? Yes. But when they aren't, then it's benificial when the state/school provided them. It turns schools in more community learning centers for both parents and children.
  9. Trump FP

    Europe has had other things to worry about over the last four years - coming back from a double-dip recession, maintaining unity on the continet, intigrating migrants and trying to keep nationalist forces at bay. Most democracies (not us) budget for their domestic comitments first, and military second, so it's not surprising that in the face of multiple domestic crisis, military spending is an after thought.
  10. Mid-terms 2018

    https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/democrats-primaries-candidates-demographics/ Overall good news; more diverse representation is a good thing, and I'm glad to see that self-funded candidates are winning more than "institutionally backed" candidates. However, the demographic trends are not good for my election prospects...
  11. I know movies are fictional and normal rules don't apply. However, if a movie does not go out of it's way to explain how it's in-universe rules are different than normal rules, that falls into the suspension of disbelief...but there have to be limits. I first thought of this while watching the end of Jurassic World when the lose dinosuars (speficically the gaint predator fish one), was swimming along the (I guessed California, but could've been Hawai) coast about to munch on a surfer for lunch. A few things, firstly, depending on the time of year (not real context clues in the movie), the water off California is quiet cold, so large cold-blooded predators are rare. Secondly, and kinda more importantly, the required caloric intake of an animal that size would require that it eat almost exclusively large whales. It would not swim up to shore and eat surfers. This comes more into focus with "The Meg" - the story of a shark which terrorizes beach goers world wide; again, it fails the "water temperature" and "caloric intake" tests. I'm all for crazy animal movies, but at least, you know, make an effort to make them make sense. One last point: Sharknados might sound dangerous, but a whalenado would be much, much more deadly. It's physics.
  12. Trump FP

    They agreed to it in Cardiff in 2014, and are all currently on track to meet those goals by 2024, but, you know, everyone lied to Obama so you can't trust anything a foreign country signed with him. Or something.
  13. Trump FP

    ....it was their policy all along