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  1. Tyzack

    Official language in the US

    1.) English is the default national (and international) language. 2.) SATs, APs, MCAS (and most other graduate-requirement tests) are in the English, and while elementary and primary schools can/should/do have multi-lingual instruction, all instruction I've ever had - or heard of - at college, graduate, or post graduate level is taught in English, even if it's not the primary langauge of the instrutor or the majority of the class. 3.) Our national discourse is in English.
  2. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    *shrug* Name recognition; and no one is "actively" campaigning. We'll get a series of announcement in Januarary.
  3. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    We agree: I heard some polls were going to come out today, for what it’s worth
  4. Tyzack

    Official language in the US

    I’m really struggling to understand this; I’ve always been able to communicate in English in at least marginally worldly countries, even in rural parts, with “smile, ‘Hello’, point and smile, and ‘thank you’” are you saying you’re having problems where even that won’t work in the us? like, most Uber/Lyft drivers are barely fluent but, again, I don’t see a problem
  5. Tyzack

    Trump Presidency

    Christie turned it down
  6. Tyzack

    Official language in the US

    There are restaurants around me where the staffs english is broken at best, but I don’t think it really matters. Having English be an official language wouldn’t help either; am I supposed to call the police because the employee got my order wrong?
  7. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk TO this thread: Warren publishes her foriegn policy essasy in Foreign Affairs this issue (not sure if behind paywal). (Also, since I'm on vacation, I haven't read it); https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/2018-11-29/foreign-policy-all?cid=int-nib&pgtype=hpg
  8. Tyzack

    Official language in the US

    That's different. There aren't towns which put up "Arret" signs instead of "stop" signs, or highway signs which say "Zerbitzu hau irten da" Saying that "english is the offical language" doesn't help you if you're issue is ordering at a restaruant.
  9. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    I was traveling yesterday. My point is that we don't need one. All (most) signs/interactions are in english (by default), plus whatever other langauges are needed.
  10. Tyzack

    Official language in the US

    We don't have an official language; English is the default languge here, and, frankly, it is the new "langue francias" of the entire world.
  11. Side note: This is racism and this is wrong.
  12. Tyzack

    Political Musings

  13. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Ideal candidate: Progresssive Young (40-60) (65 would be a hard cut/off) 4-10 years experince in government (20 is the cieling for that) Charistmic Inspirational That's pretty much it. Other identifiers - gender identiy/presentation, orientation, ethnicity - etc would be nice-to-haves.
  14. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    My support to Beto is based off two things: 1.) His ability to communicate progressive issues to independant voters. 2.) His charisma. Note: Am I using charisma as a substitute for age? Yes. Leadership should progress through generations; Presidents should start their terms in the early-to-mid 50s (when they are still young and mentally [if not physically] agile as they used to be]) and should end in their 60s, before, you know, aging gets too serious.
  15. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Jumping into say I don't own panties...I borrow all the ones I wear. (and it's only once, okay 3, times a year)