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  1. https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/amazons-the-wheel-of-time-series-to-be-328-seasons-long/?fbclid=IwAR2ni9IX4Z_JtzJKqYGDc6FaDB6d-sDnPvg92hLlNEps6f-cEbnMmC1DAxc
  2. Agreed; most long running TV shows cast respected/career/theatre actors as adult leads, maybe one or two known names, but then build up a cast of young, aspiring talent.
  3. If y'all think that polygamy won't play well, you haven't been following Game of Thrones, which is, as one comedian put it, a decade long ploy to get Americans to be okay with incest. ;) I think the biggest challenge will be the depictions of the One Power, without it looking stupid/sappy.
  4. LoL at "IE 4.0 and 600x800 resolution"
  5. I mean that's a much deeper question than these boards normally tackle.
  6. Hello @captainkebab weclome to DM and D&D! We have a form which is just for WoT discussions, this one is more for general recaneter . I'm moving this to the proper forum.
  7. I didn't mind either Perrin or Elyanes arc when I listened to the books - you are right esp abount Perrin, it was some of "lets check in with some normies" I disagree that there were no politics w/o Elyane, what I didn't like is that for a few books we had two different plots that were essentially the same - Egwene and and Elyane were both thrust into positions of power when they were young and had to learn how to deal with people dismissing them without having to reley on their "i can call on lighting" - abilities. That's a really cool story, but I only needed one of them.
  8. Matt was always fun, Rand was the primary driver and Perrin, well, I sighed a lot reading him. I actually agree with this post completely; I'll toss Elanye as another useless arc. She does nothing in her time in Andor that adds anything to her character...we see political scheming (other plots), assassinations (other plots), and ... a discussion of pregancy and ruling? Ok, cool, but it's not very relivant. Her role in AMoL is to provide an army; she can do that without the wasted space. Perrin at least contributes more to AMoL (his dream-fighting) but that easily could have been worked in as he traveled with Rand.
  9. I have a week left to get in on this... Clearly I've emersed myself in the world of WoT, probably more than any other. I started reading in highschool (mid 90s) and spent about 5 years developing (first building, then coding) WoT based on-line role playing games (MUDs, as they were known). That was full immersion, when I was "building" i wrote descriptions of buildings in cities and towns, hotels along roads, fields of grass, and the like, and developed in-word NPCs (non-player characters...arg, we had another name for them, and it wasn't bots...whatever, I forget). When I started coding I re-wrote the combat system (CircleMUD based (D&D2core)) into a WoT based one with channeling, weapon mastery, area effects, and the like. The original WoT companion had just come out so we had a good deal of info to go on, but things like the age-to-character-strength master charts hadn't come out yet (those would have been amazing). That's just the WoT. In general, and this is true really of anything I read - I read to escape reality. I freely admit it. It's probably why I so easily dipped into other reality altering activities in my younger years (books are ... better? different? lets not get into that here...). Other worlds I've loved are the Ender's Game world (spefically the later stuff on Lusitania), though I frequently imagined myself in battle school instead of high school. I've always loved the Tolkien worlds. I only recently read PERN (strange as that may sound; I bought a kindle a few years ago and thought to myself 'what's a "fanatasy trash" world from my childhood i wish i had read?' PERN!). Reading that as an adult - when it's apparently a YA story is ... interesting ... firstly it's a pretty ... advanced ... YA story, but I liked it.
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