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  1. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Re-primary debates: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-dncs-debate-rules-wont-make-the-2020-primaries-any-less-chaotic/ Sounds fair? The early (6 person) 2016 debates on the democratic side were laughable, but that's an aside They are clearly motivied to have as inclusive a field as possible. The idea of multiple randomly-seeded debates isn't a bad one, but it'll make drinking games harder.
  2. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Something I've been thinking about post-Bernie entering the race, though this article is about Warren: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/elizabeth-warrens-ideas-could-win-the-democratic-primary-even-if-she-doesnt/ If the policies which are primarily identified with one candidate make it into the party platform, does it matter so much who's on the top of the ticket? I'll allow that it does, clearly, but this is a question of degree.
  3. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    I have two main thoughts on the matter: 1.) his positions - living wages, health care as a right/Medicare for all, governmental sponsorships for higher education- are all now (or will all be) part of the platform if anyone who runs. 2.) which leaves him, and as much as I love him as a senator of a neighboring state pushing for progressive policies in the senate, I think that, not directly because of his actions, neither he nor Hillary should run this cycle because of how bitterly their bases - not themselves - went at each others throats.
  4. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Bernie Sanders is a famous, successful loser. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/bernie-sanders-2020-democratic-nomination-kickoff/
  5. Tyzack

    2020 Republican Primaries?

    I’m laughing because “Bill” is my real name, and people say that when I do something stupid
  6. Apparently we "offically" need this? Sigh. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-bill-weld-could-shake-up-the-2020-republican-primary/
  7. Tyzack

    Trump FP

    Those gaint yellow things they have at border crossings (and entering/leaving nuclear sites) are there to detect radiation. It would be -really- hard to get any amount of radio active material out of a monitored site. Which, it should be noted, was one of the many reasons why the JCPOA was/is a great agreement (and why everyone but the US is still following it).
  8. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Also...I only saw it on the local news but Seth Multon said he'd make an announcement about running in a few months. I haven't heard anything from my friend who works for him, but my guess is that he'll tabble and withdraw, or try, but not too hard. I don't think it's "his time" yet...but my friend is agressively looking at MBAs and will probably move out of Boston in the next year so...maybe that's a sign? [He's Multon's veterans' affairs laisson; they served together in afghanistan]
  9. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Let me try again: Jews have been, in the western world, the most descriminated against non PoC group, to the extent that, honestly, there is really one country - Isreal - in which they can live "freely" and one other which welcomes them openly, with no real historical abuses to speak of - the US. That being said, anti-semitism is racism, plain and simple, in that much, it is exactly like when Steve King says he wants a "White America" - ironically that a white america is also a jew-free america, and therefore is also anti-semitic. As to whether or not saying "follow the money" to see why BDS does not enjoy the popular support the ANC does, well, whatever, I don't think it is, and I think her point stands. It's like saying "following the NRA money" or saying you want to reduce the NRAs influence makes you anti-gun.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/us/politics/shutdown-border-wall-deal.html The lack of wall and less funding are fine, the increase in concentration camps is troubling, but those pool horribly, so it's not all that bad.
  11. Tyzack

    Trump FP

    1. Those are relatively easy to detect. 2. These fears have been used for decades and there haven't been any credible threats, because it is very hard and very dangerous to access those biproducts in coverty ways.
  12. Tyzack

    Who should/will the Dems run in 2020?

    Some people who are anti-palestinian accuse the BDS movement of not being entirely non-violent and not supporting a two-state solution; therefore they label BDS as anti-isreal/anti-semitic. Comparing supporting BDS to Steve King supporting white nationalism/racism is quiet a strech, IMO.
  13. Tyzack

    Trump FP

    The threat of weaponized miniature nukes is unrealistic from players such as NK. Their program has always been about regime survival.