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  1. Becuase they are worried that media reports would taint the jury
  2. Mid-terms 2018

  3. So create a Gitmo-like buffer along the border? Even if it was possible, they'd still be in the US, therefore US laws (and protections) would apply to them. It would be the "can we torture/hold people indefinetly in gitmo" debate all over again.
  4. Did some quick googling, and it looks like, imo, he was trolling the courts which sounds to me like not-a-good-idea. So, actually, my TL:DR was correct. The court had placed a gag order/press blackout on the trail to avoid tainting jury selection. Mr. Yaxley-Lennon intentionally went to the court and filmed defendants entiring it. He streamed this video live. This was in violation of the gag order, he was arrested. He wasn't jailed; he was put on suspended probation. He has 18 months to not troll the courts anymore. The independant reporting: He knew what he was doing, had been warned, did it anyway, and was punished. Also he'd clearly an Islamaphobe, so I have minimal sympathy for him.
  5. Mid-terms 2018

    Personally, I don't like any of the democrats who are currently ... sending out feelers.
  6. ^^ You said he was arrested for taking pictures of the defendants.
  7. Mid-terms 2018

    In generally, I agree that most presidencies are/should be assumed to be 8 year terms. That being said, Carter and Ford were both 4, as was 41. I'd that say Trump is much more likely to follow a Carter/Fordian path than a 41ian path. Trump is at unusually low approval ratings with the economy doing well; if it turns, his numbers will take a hit, and things that people have been overlooking - anti-progressive tax cuts, hikes in insurance premiums, unprecidented open corruption - will begin to gain traction. Anyway, 2020 is far away, and at this point in 2010 I was not expecting that Obama would win a second term (and neither was he). I'd still chalk 2012 up to 20% uninspiring candidate opposing Obama - similar to what happened in 2016. I doubt that'll happen again in either 2018 or 2020.
  8. So the TL:DR of this is: The British courts implemented a gag order on reporting on trails of a gang of child rapists. A reporter violates that gag order. Pepe-trolls lose their minds? Okay. Forgive me if I don't care.
  9. North Korean Summit

    But, I doubt this is very likely at all. My issues with the current strategy of will-they-won't-they head of state level meetings is that if the head of state level meeting break down, then the rest of the dipolmatic effort is set adrift, since, in the end, no one will know what the leaders of the two countries involved will do.
  10. North Korean Summit

    I swapped bullet point numbers.
  11. North Korean Summit

    1.) Yes, the most likely end game for the entire North Korean regime is that it will collapse and will become a vassal state of China. This is not an outcome which the current regime wants, indeed, their motivation, like the Iranians, in obtaining nuclear weapons is not to use them but to use possession of them to ensure regime surival. 2.) The problem with a US vs North Korea conflict is that, like Iraq in 1990, they will attempt to last out at regional allies of the US to punish them for US actions. However, unlike the relatively ineffective scud missile lauches against isreal, the North has the ability, by both old fashion artillery and sheer number of rockets to attack and overwhelm US/Korean/Japanese anti-missile defenses; ie, it is impossible to attack the North without incuring significant - hundreds of thousands at least - civilian deaths in allied countries.
  12. North Korean Summit

    Simply pointing out that if you assume to most likely scenerios - ie, take stated positions as fact - and play them out, you don't end up anywhere without millions of causalties on all sides. b.) The whole point of the post-WWII global political structure is that given how high enemy casualties would be, primary vs primary wars are not acceptable.