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Shadow vs. Light OP tourney - The Winner Is ... John Snow!!!!

Turin Turambar

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Welcome one and all to this years theme week OP tournament. Here is were you signup to blow up your friends with the One Power. BT member or not all are welcome here. If you are not a member then there are several crazy asha'man that will show you how the system works. I only ask that you learn via PM so As to not clutter the main board. The spam must flow.


This year we will be taking heroes and not heroes from books. Some may have been made into movies but that is.not a requirement. So perhaps it will be Elric vs. Melian of Doriath. The possibilities are endless.


All you need do now is say you wish to partake and if you wish to have a Light or Shadowy character. This will he a standard tournament rules format. The only caveat is that winners in each round will get additional elemental levels to spread around. Actually one more rule. Once you pick levels you can not take them away. You can add as you wish but no modular abilities. Pick elements and stick.with them.


As many people as want to can join. If we have an unbalanced field in that there are more of one side then some may battle against like minded people in order to cull the herd of llama clones.


Finally if you have a character that you believe worthy by all means you may nominate. It doesn't mean you will get said character but anything is possible in the realms of magic.




THE BATTLES ARE SET TO COMMENCE: Links will be added as the threads are started.


Here is a link to a google.doc that will track the competition: https://docs.google....eXNYbUdJeDVkSmc


First Round Matches: Each combatant will have a minimum element level of 10. Then they will be allowed to add an additional 20 levels total amongst their various levels. Choose wisely for if you are victorious you will get more levels to add but you may not redistribute what you have already boosted..If questions feel free to ask.


Match 1: Ithi (Galadriel) vs. RandA l'Thor (Sauron) Set under the Mallorn trees in Lothlorien


Match 2: Niel (Paul Atreides) vs. John Snow (Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen) Set in the Emporer's dropship on Arrakis


Match 3: Random (Sturm Brightblade) vs. Lenlo (Riastlin)


Match 4: BG (Sherlock Holmes) vs. Basel (Prof. Moriarty) In turn of the century London


Match 5: Matrim Hat-Rim (Damer Flinn) vs. Smiley (M'Hael) At the attack on the Field of Merrilor


Match 6: TinaHel (Vin) vs Lolguy (Rashek) In a misty place


Match 7: Pankuri (Pevara) vs. Canuckistani (Cyndane) Just outside the BT


Match 8: Tress (Viola) vs. Kate(the Shrew) In shakespearian times


Match 9: Dicetosser (Kalten) vs. Maw (Martel) Set in a bar somewhere...


Math 10: WoT13 (Hermione Granger) vs. Cyan (Belleatrix Lestrange) at Hogwart's Castle


Match 11: Arez (Emperor Jagang) vs. TMD(Elric of Melnibone)


Match 12: Despothera ( Lestat) WALKOVER for defending champion.


Round Two: each winner will be given 10 more levels to increase elemental strengths.


Match 1: Tina (Vin) vs. John Snow (Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen)


Match 2: Lenlo (Raistlin) vs. WoT (Hermione Granger)


Match 3: Dice (Kalten) vs. TMD (Elric of Melnibone)


Match 4: Canuk (Cyndane) vs. Smiley (M'Hael)


Match 5: Rand (Sauron) vs. Basel (Prof. Moriarty)


Still awaiting the result of the Nya vs. Despo and Tress vs. Kate matches


Round Three: Each winner will be given 10 more levels to increase strengths


Match 1: Rand (Sauron) vs. Lenlo (Raistlin)


Match 2: Smiley (M'Hael) vs. TMD (Elric)


Match 3: John Snow (Feyd-Feutha Harkonnen) vs. Tress (Viola)



Finals: Each winner will be given 20 more levels to increase strengths.


Match 1: John Snow (Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen) vs. Smiley (M'Hael)


Match 2: Lenlo (Riastlin) vs. John Snow (Feyd)


Match 3: Smiley (M'Hael) vs. Lenlo (Riastlin)


If all end finalists end up 1-1 then total damage done in final round will determine the winner.


Winner: John Snow

1st Runner up: Smiley

2nd Runner up: Lenlo



Congratulations and thank you all. See you next year :)

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Of course I want to battle. I can fight for the side that has least contestants.


If Light I would like to be (at least suggest) - Toph or Vin.


If Shadow I just have to be Graendal! (Okay, I mean it´s a suggestion...)

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I want to play! Of course, I want to use a real-life shadowy character... her name is Kate. :laugh:


I think she sounds perfect for you! Of course, there is always this to consider:


It doesn't mean you will get said character but anything is possible in the realms of magic.


So if this Kate character is given to someone else, and you find yourself against her, what would you do?

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