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    Well, obviously WoT. It's the only book series I've consistently read and re-read since introduced to it at the ripe ol' age of 11, 18 years ago now.
    I used to be a prominent member of this fantastic community, one that I sacrificed when I went through a lot of personal chaos for a few years, but I very much miss the old friends and would like to make new ones.

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  1. For me, Nyneave was irritating right up until her "i give in" moment vs. Moghedien, when everything clicks into place and she accepts her life (while maintaining strength of character afterwards). I got most irritated mostly with any top Aes Sedai in the Salidar camp. Elaida was obviously bad and I agreed with the split, but their pettiness and squabling just really brought such a strong society and characters to a screeching halt. Suddenly Egwene was a Mary Jane instead of a strong young woman, and I don't think she ever needed THAT, although I loved her as Amyrlin. The group of irritants include: Suin Sanche, Leane, Romanda, Lelaine, et al.
  2. In my opinion, this is one of the best debates / discussions left to have in the series, nice job! My personal beliefs are: Yes, he swapped bodies and can't channel anymore, which is somewhat irrelevant. He was always talked about as basically being the Creator's avatar for good against the Shadow, and many passages including the prophecies of the Dragon and interpretations of such include bits about the Dragon being one with the land. I think this was a "power" granted after he accepted his fate and fought for the Light as needed. There are mentions of abilities from ages long past that people barely remember / know of (including Wolf Brothers, Min's viewings, etc) that could set a precedent for this being an old / new ability all together. The final possibility in my opinion, is that this is something to do with his experiences through the doorway. Like Mat's memories, perhaps this was part of a bargain he struck with them costing his life. Unsure. I like how open-ended it leaves it though, and I've taken it as a gift from the Creator for being his champion in the last battle, a way to still have power without The One Power, to enjoy his life and the land he saved.
  3. Well, for one thing, we have no direct scale of a WoT year to our years, which could account for a difference in relative time. The major events don't strike me as what seems to inflate the time in the books - many of the large battles are described as taking place within roughly a 24 hour period, with other larger ones being a few weeks, maybe a month or two for the borderland fights during the Last Battle. For me, it's the travel over those distances at first that really would've taken time, prior to Traveling being rediscovered. Still, think about 2 years: What were you doing in October, 2014? I was living in a different state in the US, working at a different job, I had a girlfriend I no longer have, and SO much has happened since then. When your entire life is lived in those pages, traveling, meeting people, battling evil, consolidating power, etc, you get a lot out of your time. I could definitely see this much happening in 2 years. Finally, all that aside, remember how much of what's written is actually happening during other events. Things you're reading that follow one character in one chapter could be taking place during something you read about another character 3 chapters later. It's the only way to tell the story he wanted to tell, but it can make things seem like they're taking longer than they do.
  4. Welcome! Dragonmount is the home not only for amazing WoT discussions, it also acts as a fantastic theme by which you can discuss everything else in life, socialize, or play games and share things with people who you KNOW like at LEAST one thing you do too. The social groups (Aiel Waste, Shayol Ghul, The Black Tower, etc) are also great sub-communities with focusses on different things. The BT for example, my first home here, focuses on playing games, funny and crazy long threads, and general dealing with the voices in your head. The other groups all have their own flavor, but each one at it's core is just a place for people to hang out, connect and have fun. That's what it's all about. Feel free to ask any questions, or drop a "hello" wherever you'd like! There's many people here ready and glad to help you out and welcome you to DM.
  5. I think Mat will end up playing more General-style rolls. Although he's a very accomplished fighter by this point, he's lost an eye, still has deep connections to the Seanchan, and Bashere and other generals take his advice and strategy to heart. He's got to play that part at some point. Perrin is an ok lord, but he's no field commander compared to Mat, and Rand needs him to lead the main armies. If Shadar Harran is the DO's avatar in the world, we must assume this has happened before, and a regular person will battle it. We know that Fain is an enigma, something completely new in the Wheel, and I don't believe he'll be the one to fight this evil either. I see SH maybe killing a couple of minor characters, and then maybe squaring off against a non-channleler (Lan, perhaps?) Fain to me seems like he'll make trouble for both sides equally, though if it wasn't for his hatred towards Rand, I'd say moreso towards the shadow. We know Mordeth had good intentions in Aridhol, and it consumed itself in it's attempt to fight the shadow. This could still come into play. (In my opinion) I'd have to say either Rand with his old sword in a duel, or Lan personally.
  6. I seriously doubt this. I don't think cover art itself tells us anything really. (Look at art for tDR. Perrin was in the Wolf Dream saving Faile while Rand took Callandor, yet Perrin's on the cover, etc.) Most theories place Alivia and Nyneave in Shayol Ghul with Rand. But I'd say it's all in the air, and am for one VERY excited even just to read what happens in Merilor. This book can't come fast enough!
  7. On one level, I agree (and have already previously mentioned) thisguy's theory in other threads. It seems being tied to the Horn and ripped out of TAR would be one of the most logical ways to satisfy his death/life. I have another thought though, especially focusing on that quote from the Finn's. They talk about the East and West being as one, etc. Early in the series, when discussing the Dragon, they mention him being one with the land and all that too. Perhaps their answer deals with the Dragon's oneness and link to Randland in general. Unsure. Good theories though guys
  8. I'm guessing we're not going to see Morgase/Rand/Galad put their heads together and figure out everyone's relations. (Tigraine) I would've liked to have seen them kinda go "Oh, wow, small world!" but I have a feeling we won't.
  9. Welcome to DM, Scribbler and Mazrim! There's some seriously awesome thigns going on around here. Great threads for general WoT discussion, theories (AMoL Spoilers discussion) and some awesome social communities. Always glad to welcome newcomers!
  10. I must disagree on both of these points. First off, when the horn is sounded in tGH, they recognize many right off the bat. Rogosh Eagle Eye, Gaidal Cain, Birgitte (though she's been removed through TAR for now), Hawkwing, and at least one or two more. Numbering barely over a hundred. Second, it's very important because A: it's in the Karaethon Cycle linked to the LB, the heroes are basically invincible (at least to OP and physical attacks), and will probably serve as generals/battle leaders as well. The thing is, it's been in the White Tower since Mat brought it back with Verin, and they haven't needed it or bothered to use it, but i imagine it'll play a big roll in AMoL. Lastly, I think Jain is definitely in as a hero, as well as a few others. Hawkwing even says in tGH there's a chance Hurin could end up as one, so we just don't know what the criteria are exactly.
  11. I'm pretty sure this isn't going to happen (at least about Loial), as we've already read narratives from his impending book about all the events. We know he hasn't finished the book yet, so I think it's safe to assume these quotes mean Loial at least will live through it.
  12. I love Loial and I hope he does. I truly think he will. I think the Ogier will most certainly make an appearance at the last battle. Then i guess the question is....who's he going to get in the matchup? :) I don't think he'll get anybody specifically. He'll probably rough up some trollocs. Maybe, have a one on one with a fade. :) I'd also have to cite Dumai's Wells for a preview of the awesomeness of the Ogier fighting. Not to mention the Deathwatch Guard Ogier of the Seanchan who are pretty formiddible. I think Loial will end up doing more to save someone specific rather than face off against someone specific. Saving Perrin or something, while in extreme peril himself, that kinda heroics. I do believe Ogier will be fighting in TG with the best of 'em though! Perhaps Loial as a general?
  13. The domination band is definitely different, but there's also the strong likelyhood (though not confirmed) that a'dams and the Domination band only work against the OP, not the TP. Semmy couldn't have possibly known Rand would be given access to the TP. However, there are instances where the Forsaken can sense the TP being channeled by others early on, until Moridin was named Nae'blis and given exclusive rights. (except Rand) As far as using the TP requiring being able to channel the OP, I'd say that's probably accurate. RJ never specifies that I know of, but I don't really think he'd have felt he needed to. Only select few are granted that ability from the DO, and the highest among his servants being The Chosen, all channelers. I personally believe the ability of a person to connect to the True Source and channel the OP is the same faucet the TP requires to work. (i.e., if you burn out your ability to channel the OP, I believe you'd lose ability to use the TP as well)
  14. I've been reading since I was in 6th grade, roughly 1995, and this has been quite a journey. I haven't even been able to commit to a new series, knowing I haven't seen this through yet. January brings not only the Last Battle, but the conclusion to something that's been in my life longer than anything other than family and some select friends. Rand notwithstanding, I'll probably tear up just reading the last page. That being said, there were a few parts that have already caused the misty eyes... the Veins of Gold sequence, Rand reuniting with his father in ToM, when he starts to cry I lost it... Rereading the series now to prepare for the last book, I'm connecting with him all over again, and it's going to be rough. The last book, as well as whatever happens to Rand, will no doubt be epic as well as tragic, yet I imagine it ending on a good note somehow. Still, it won't hurt to have some Kleenex nearby...
  15. Agreed. I love re-reading the first couple books because Perrin's narratives focus more on him being a delliberate person, thinking things through, and sometimes coming up with the best plans, juxtaposed with his huge body, it's a refreshing character line. Unfortunately we lose all that once Faile comes into play. Mat however is the same Mat, his thoughts to himself and comments are hilarious, even when he's bedridden or whatnot. Love it.
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