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    I used to be a prominent member of this fantastic community, one that I sacrificed when I went through a lot of personal chaos for a few years, but I very much miss the old friends and would like to make new ones.

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  1. Catching up and ready to be present. Some thoughts on my reading from page 46-current (in order as I go through pages): The Shad / DPR stuff seems contrived. I get that DPRdoesnt want to be weighed down by meta, and support that, but his belittling of Shad's points seemed to lack much substance beyond "I'm DPR, you're not, suck it." While I appreciate the devil may care approach, whom does it serve? Not a hugely helpful town move. I think I understand now... when the self-proclaimed Bradys and Mannings of Mafia tell you who the villagers are and how you are supposed to play it, you have to go along with that or they're gonna lynch you. Seems legit. You shitbirds are really something. I can't wait to see what greatness comes next. Again, I appreciate the sentiment, but it almost seems overly antagonistic, which always makes me suspicious. Shad himself is playing rather similar of his last scum game, but I'm not ready to vote or strongly suss on that alone. Nyn is my favorite person to read in mafia, content wise. I have zero meta on her, but she's ridiculously balanced. Null lean right now though. Third game in a row with Darthe - he's playing his D1 game identically. While this in itself isn't enough to firmly label him either way for me, this type of play cost town the game the first time, and masked his wolf game in Hackers. I know he'll say he's not getting lynched D1, but I'm ready to hear how he intends to contribute to a town victory? Sooh, I feel is getting the benefit of the doubt she screamed for in hackers, and I'm getting a town vibe there. I uh.... either I don't understand this, or I do and am both disturbed and somewhat flattered. Calder is on his town game so far IMO. I like this response to DPR, as well as the point about Eldrick. Shouldnt be. He is saying dumb things but not pointedly wolfy Exactly what I mean about Darthe. I don't know Bop, but I get very suspicious when I see someone talking mechanics D1 like this: i don't know about this forum, but on several other sites i've played on, it is not uncommon for wolves to hunt for third parties because in hunting for them they can try to replicate their villager game and get by more. Though how one actually hunts for third parties, beats me. They usually say something about so and so could be a third party and it is a bit of a trigger especially early on in games. so i can see why it may be concerning It comes across like you're already trying to use some type of gambit proposal to set up a future play you'll make, or as away to try and take focus from sniffing out wolves and creating setup WIFOM. "Well, in this setup on most forums, scum would do this." That may not be your conclusion, but it's how that reads to me. DPR says in the post you quoted "Beat me to it. I've never played with Eldrick and don't know a thing about his meta, but whenever anybody posts fluff and then goes back to explain why they posted fluff, it trips me. I also am not a big fan of meta-based cases in general. Anyone can change up a play style and equally, anyone can be having a day where they are distracted and post differently than they would."When reading DPR's quote this would be the anwser to why he's reading DPR as nervous. DPR can chime in and if im mistaken then i concede that i was wrong about this point. You're mistaken - no one is reading me as nervous. We await your concession. I had to pick this post up with a plastic bag and then hold it with my forefinger and thumb before I dropped it n the trash. There's a difference between "developing fast relationships" and systematically putting yourself into the orbit of every discussion so that you can sway opinions. Could be a scum tell, could be townie swagger - we'll know soon enough - but you asking nicely about how bop "feels" and then setting up a forum from which he can spread his gospel is diiiiiirrrrrty. FOS Darther & bop. Guys not gonna lie this post has me panicking, idk how to handle DPRs super strong FoS Darthe and DPR on wolf team together, perhaps? Even jokingly, I don't see Darthe as any type of panicker. For everyone else: I'm seeing a few things that don't mean much on D1 but could be telling depending on D1 lynch, flips etc. I don't see anything other than what I've listed worth voting over yet, so based on that: [v] Darthe[/v]
  2. Yeah, I thought I had pretty thoroughly explained that I'll be barely active until tomorrow evening, but apparently not. I should have a fair amount of time to catch up and play before DL given mod's DL estimate.
  3. It might. i also might end up posting a bit during the wee morning hours of the streak when I'm exhausted, loopy, and there's enough red bull in me to actually grow wings Pics or it didn't happen I might even have video by the time it's all over. So, who are the wolves? Detailed list and ISOs please. That was my Darthe impression
  4. It might. i also might end up posting a bit during the wee morning hours of the streak when I'm exhausted, loopy, and there's enough red bull in me to actually grow wings
  5. I skimmed the first 20 pages or so, standard stuff (though I always love seeing what people I've never played with end up posting during D1 garbage time). Focused a lot closer from page 30-current. First: Sooh, this is your courtesy reminder not to eat dairy. This has been a Random public service announcement. Since I won't really be able to play from tomorrow morning until Saturday night or so, I won't be voting until then. I normally love being super active at first, but I'm rather happy I'll be forced to read more and see what unfolds over the next 1.5 days. Then you'll all get the full hero.
  6. WHAT UP!! Yeah, I was a bit intimidated seeing theresalready 41 pages to catch up on, but I'm getting there
  7. I'm not the random hero for nothing... though reasons can be arbitrary. But they put me up in a pretty suite room (see what I did there?) and I'm enjoying my last bit of freedom before working roughly 30 straight hours. If anyone wants to check it out during the stream, just search Dancember on YouTube. I'll be off camera mostly running the video, but I'm also playing a couple live songs on guitar, and I'll be in the jersey with Random Hero on the back :)
  8. Hey all, checking in. I had to travel to Seattle to engineer a live video steam for charity, so I'm going to be scarce until I'm back Sunday. I'll do my best to keep caught up, but from Friday at 3 through Saturday at 3 (pacific time) I'll be engineering the entire live feed. Can't wait to play with you all!
  9. Holy crap, DPR in this game? *intimidation goes up to 11*
  10. What a game everyone. Glad to be on the winning side! This was a master class in mental fortitude, durability, and watching masters at work. Glad I could at least sniff out one wolf!
  11. Some good ideas in here. I'm relatively new back, but love DM members and mafia, so I'd love to help however I can. In the recent game I was in where two players were removed, unfortunately it seemed like one player perceived accusations as a personal attack. The nature of this game doesn't really allow for that to be easily avoided. However, there's a few lines that can be drawn: - messages outside of the game in any way - direct name-calling in game. (You can play and accuse without ever name calling or labeling someone in any way) - add approved disclaimers in sign-up and game threads to remind people of any conduct rules decided - maybe give mods the option to open mediation QTs, so if say John snow and I got into it in a game, mod could warn us and pull us into a QT to have a quick chat while forcing us to cease gameplay until it's done, clear the air, and let us resolve anything non-game related, or if that can be done then remove from the game. Some of these might sound like a pain, but if it can keep people from making real enemies in this great community, it's worth a shot
  12. Thoughts on Cass??? I like cass. The monstr quotes add some doubt, but I didn't like his "my way or the highway" play anyway, so it's tough to weight what comes from the slot.
  13. So out of curiosity, if svum somehow don't kill me, will you guys give any weight to my view on darthe?
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