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  1. This whole discussion is very tabu, nuff said. So in essence, yes, it's a closed discussion. Because anyone who offers another perspective will be looked down at as a female "hater". Or atleast that's how the thread is comming of as. This. I'm a female, and I have been a victim of assault (from an ex-boyfriend) and multiple instances of verbal abuse. The only instances where I can see violence against women in media being an issue is in children's programming or for mentally retarded people. Media is entertainment meant to reflect life-both good and bad-and for the functioning adult, this doesn't create any stigma or impression that those bad things are okay. The idea of stifling violence against women in media is what is offensive, more than anything else. There are issues that exist and ignoring that is offensive to those of us who actually lived through such an ordeal and understand that there are many dark corners of the world.
  2. Having met and shared a meal with Maria, Alan, and Harriet at Harriet and Jim's table, I can say that your bit on their dedication and heart for the series rings so true. They poured a lot of themselves into making this ending a reality, and I couldn't be more thankful for their hardwork. RJ left a true legacy that will live on. Rest in peace, good Sir.
  3. Back surgery on Friday. Eeek! But then I'll be on the road to recovery and hopefully back on the pitch soon!

  4. This semester is flying by...so ready for it to be over!!

  5. YOU TAKE THAT BACK, YOU WOOLY-HEADED TROLLOC SPAWN! 184. When you call someone wooly-headed trolloc spawn for wishing your child to be a ginger.
  6. 176. When you want to have a natural birth cos they probably weren't able to "cut it out" via Cesarean in Randland.
  7. >.> If she is who I think she is, I totally led you to her blog. :takescredit: Welcome to DM!
  8. Terribly sad. :/ RIP Mr. Sweet. I love the WoT covers. I've spent a decent amount of time just staring at them and examining each little detail. To me, they were just a part of the story. Also, to those asking about the aMoL cover, the article linked above says: So, that's the only word on it I've heard so far.
  9. *bounces around DM*

  10. I'm so ready for the semester to end so I can get some good, quality time in with my Nook. I haven't had the time to read in forever! >.<

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      Heya Kate!!!

  11. Hello there, Ebony! I am Kate and you have definitely found the right place if you are looking to get to know other fanatics of the Wheel of Time. Around DM, you'll find there are discussion boards for WoT and non-WoT related things. If you have read the whole series, you should be fine to venture freely. If not, I would tread lightly so as to avoid any spoilers. DM also has two other major components: Roleplaying and Social Groups. I am not personally involved with the RP side of DM, although I am sure someone from over there will be along shortly. On the other hand, I am in a couple of DM's social groups. The social groups are mainly just different themed places designed for you to meet new members. Feel free to explore DM and jump in here and there to find where you feel most comfortable. There's something for everyone around here. If you have any questions or want to chat, feel free to PM me! --Kate p.s. I LOVE the name Aviendha. It is my favorite name out of the books, I think.
  12. Hey thar, better looking. ;)


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    *pokes and runs*

  14. Spam me? This is a declaration of war. *nods* ;)

  15. As of 0117, DM has officially replaced facebook as the number one way to avoid reading for class. :winning:

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  16. survived my first real day of the semester! And, as a plus, I managed to be a whole 30 seconds early to class! :hadtodriveatleast80mph:

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      I ain't mad. ;)

  17. Hope you didn't forget anything! :P


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    Of course I can...

  19. Woot! .. wait...a map? You mean I have to work for it? >.<


  20. Mmmmmm. I can haz chocolate amazingness?

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