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  1. Happy birthday, Dragonmount! I, too, have met some remarkable people here and have enjoyed getting into all sorts of mischief within these boards.
  2. Having met and shared a meal with Maria, Alan, and Harriet at Harriet and Jim's table, I can say that your bit on their dedication and heart for the series rings so true. They poured a lot of themselves into making this ending a reality, and I couldn't be more thankful for their hardwork. RJ left a true legacy that will live on. Rest in peace, good Sir.
  3. Back surgery on Friday. Eeek! But then I'll be on the road to recovery and hopefully back on the pitch soon!

  4. Congrats, Christine!! Elgs, does she not already have access to the boards? O.o
  5. *nips Ed* Sisterhoodlum, eh? I'll gladly accept the title. Life's too boring if you don't cause some trouble. Dar, personally I think we should adopt the title for all the Blue sisters. What do you think, Ithi? Could we requisition some Blue Sisterhoodlum siggies? XD
  6. *grins, slightly embarrassed, as she listened to Ed's speech* I don't even know what to say to that, Eddie. Well, I lie...there are a million things I could say... but that would take so long to write out and I doubt anyone here cares to listen. Though, I would like to set the record straight for everyone... I do keep myself busy to a fault. If I don't have at least 2 places to be at any given moment, I start to feel unneeded. But, really, I couldn't do half of it, half as well, if I didn't have Eddie around. He keeps me sane, relatively stress-free, and most of all, happy. And he also neglected to inform you that he wrote almost two pages of that 8-page paper - I asked him the minute he got off work if he would stay in and write the last section of the paper for me instead of going out on his Friday night. His response was along the lines of, "Sure, just send me what I need to be writing about." And he got to work, no questions asked. *makes the rounds thanking the many people who showed up to see her ceremony* Thank you, everyone. You all are the reason I love hanging around DM - there's no other place quite like it where you can get congratulations and support from the most random assortment of people, and know that each one means it. And a special thanks to my new Blue sisters. I'm honored to have been accepted into the Blue Ajah and feel especially at home with you.
  7. Hahahaha. But who will set it up if you're otherwise preoccupied. And where shall you be? Amongst the firey ruins? *nips* And I'm pretty sure it's a trolloc devil. The Light knows you don't have an angel whispering into your ear.
  8. Charleston* And, didn't I tell you that I am uninviting you both to my wedding? ...why am I talking to you anyway? *turns to Eddie* You made a great Master at Arms, love. I know you were kept busy a lot by RL stuff (:totallynotmyfault:), but you still put a ton of work in to make this social group better and I'm not sure I ever complimented you enough for that.
  9. *listens to her sponsors with pride as each one of them had touched her heart in one way or another* *knowing it's her turn, she takes a deep breath--finally noticing her monkey man hanging out in the rafters--and begins* I swear to respect all members of the WT Community, despite any differences we might have in background or opinion. As Aes Sedai are sisters, this Org is my online family and I will treat them as such. *glances back up to the rafters and grins before continuing* I swear to always remain a member of this Community at heart, even if life might take me away from it for a time, and always strive to return to it. Once an Aes Sedai, always an Aes Sedai. *with the fullest confidence, speaks her last oath* I swear to be a true and faithful member of the Blue Ajah and to uphold the dignity and ideals of my Ajah and the White Tower. I am a true member of the Blue Ajah.
  10. *waits quietly and listens as her first bestest friend speaks* >.> *at one point, wonders how much oosquai Ithi's had as she's being far too nice* *listens to the conclusion of Ithi's speech and resists the urge to hug her. Instead, continues to stand quietly, waiting to see who else steps forward to speak*
  11. Kate, Blue Accepted I use facebook. G+ and/or skype for chatting. I prefer to get DM news from DM.
  12. Kate, Blue Accepted. It was hard for me to decide between Fall and Winter. I really like November-January the best because of all the holidays and such.
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