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  1. I want everyone to die. The Dark One to win. And then, at the end: I win again, Lewis Therin. *flicker*
  2. I win again Lewis Therin. *flicker* That's the real ending. /itisknown
  3. I know...but I still think it would've been epic. I suppose I could be satisfied with the GLotD winning, but I don't see that happening either. *sigh* My perfect endings rarely come true.
  4. iirc, this site is still PG13. I believe that DM rules specifically say no language not used in the WoT. So stop repeatedly cursing. Thank you, and have a grand bloody day. Back on topic, the whole 'what no one expects' gives hope to my theory that it ends I win again Lewis Therin. *flicker* Okay, unlikely, but it'd be awesome.
  5. As per before spoilers, I'd say about what's been said. However, Chapter 1 does hint at something else. But no spoilers allowed here
  6. Well, in theory that could've happened to him. Extremely unlikely, but possible.
  7. What would happen if you touched the source and were shielded with it tied off soon after?
  8. He knows the Old Tongue. You don't learn that by being a rebellion leader, or some dude from Tarabon. Something more is up with him, imo.
  9. Speaking of Nakomi, did she remind anyone else of the guise Lanfear put on when she visited Mat? Not to mention the way her stuff 'suddenly' disappeared
  10. Seeing as at least half of Slayer IS of Rand's blood this could also fulfill the prophecy if Slayer is killed by Rand or somebody else near/at Shayol Ghul. I think I might literally be ill if the Dragon's blood on Shayol Ghul turns out to be anything other than Rand al'Thor bleeding out. Technically, it's the rocks of Shayol Ghul, which aren't only at SG But that won't matter in all likelyhood
  11. According to the books or RJ/BS interview?
  12. Iirc he would need to be in a circle with at least 2 women for them to lead
  13. Iirc, no, as per Rand's comment to Casuande and Nynavene right before he loses his hand about them embracing the source. Sorry, don't have relevant quotes on hand
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