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  1. Indefinite LoA while I finish school. Shouldn't be back before December 14 at least.
  2. Oh Chael! You don't go around mind-wiping every new person you can find! You have enough minions as it is!
  3. Lol indeed... Welcome, Harry Potter, to heaven DM! >.> I hope you'll have lot of fun, with your humor you'll fit right in ^ I 'spose I should do some recruiting as well then If you happen to like weapons, armies, battles, Archery... >.> then I suggest you take a peek into the Band of the Red Hand SG, we have a pretty awesome RP styled dice-based battle game Do you do any RPGing, tabletop or computer?
  4. O.o! How did he get to the clutch!? lol Which reminds me... When I was 4 and a half my father took us for a ride in the digger (kinda like this thing: http://www.unimogfreunde.de/News_Ticker/2006/Unimog230806/IAA2006Unimog.jpg) and as we were getting out, parked on a very slight slope, my dad lifted my brother out and must have nudged the handbrake because next thing I knew I was slowly rollin' down the hill behind a steering wheel that was almost twice my size at the time! Luckily there was a strong deer-fence post to stop us...
  5. lol ok here goes... Warning to the mothers out there: if you start feeling queasy that that would be a good time to step away from the computer and convincing yourself that your children are indeed sitting safely front of the telly... 3-4 years of age, I find my fathers razor. Mom remembers I walked up to her with a smug smile and asked her how I looked. My face was bright red... poor moma. 5 years. Some dork at school pushes me off the 5 meter slide. on the head. two stitches. later that year I was experimenting a lot with my thumb. My most notable experience is that apparently you can get bloodpoisoning within 1 week from contact with a hot 50W halogen bulb... With 7 years I managed to get a sizable splinter up under my right big toenail. It took 2 weeks to get the brighter out and when we did it took the toenail with it! Lol it grew back ofcourse thank the light! 11 years and I found my first knife. Not too long after pretty much everything between my starting point and Dad was holey... including the trampoline, the greenhouse and various plants. I gave my parents a blissful naughtiness break. 17 and I decide to take off on a bike trip by myself through the lone bush of the south island of nz with no more supplies than I had set out with... this is currently a work-in-progress and I am happy to announce that this part of the journey has been successful and mom didn't take it all too badly... but now that I am in civilisation once again (and far away), lets see how she'll take the second part. Im meeting my brother (15) and paddling around in the Cook strait in a small 2 man inflatable kayak... *reaches for the phone*
  6. ... This is just plainly sick... Honestly, what has the world come to...
  7. ok cos from what has been discussed so far i noticed only USA has been included really... im not pretending to be a big traveller but ive been around a bit (except the US), and about 95% of the girls/women i know have a passionate hate against Maths or anything techy lol. a quick search in wikipedia will bring many sites that would contradict this fact but if you look a bit it all seems to come out as studies from the US... I repeat that I dont know anything about the situation in North America but I can quite safely say that the OP does not include the european countries such as Norway, German, Spain etc
  8. I want yall to know im definetly not a sexist. Quite the contrary im happy to see women getting the rights that were for so long kept from them Before I elaborate could someone please tell me if this discussion is about the US, or the rest of the 'western' (modern) world included? Or the whole world?
  9. lol.. you do realize that the text you posted in the OP is only halfways true in most cases? its just yet another exploitation of stereotypes... =-)
  10. O.o could u start it? thanks! bummer starting new threads from mobile :)
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