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  1. *throws snowball in air* REDUCTO!
  2. Kronos! *throws him a snowball*
  3. No... it's just summer here right now. So I have a bubble around me that changes everything within a 3m radius to summer! *is soaked by Ithi's water blanket... hides the mini-terraformer behind his back*
  4. *spreads a towel on the beach and lies down to sunbathe*
  5. *pats Mellon on the back* you'll be fine! Say it with me: Goooosefraaaba... fooosalooosa...
  6. Lol, I like your style Jmm! Buuuuut... *glances at Ithi and bolts* *runs into Mills, noogies, and is hit by a snowball of unknown origin* *covers head and runs around madly*
  7. Chopping up the frogs I think...
  8. Lol, hi Mellon how are you!? *hides snowball behind back*
  9. Lol yep it would. Man the fort! *scales a wall and bunks down beind the ramparts starting to making a pile of snowballs*
  10. Yep, I'm planning on heading to Europe next year :party:
  11. yEp *comes over shivering* D'you want to go Ice-skating? *pulls two pairs of skates out of his Hat*
  12. *voice is muffled due to restriction of jaw* Sankyoo!
  13. *is lying on his back in the ice with his face and feet sticking out...* ... help?...
  14. Very wet, but very plesantly warm. A nice spring really Last time I'm gonna be having a warm christmas for a while :P
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