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  1. Indefinite LoA while I finish school. Shouldn't be back before December 14 at least.
  2. Oh Chael! You don't go around mind-wiping every new person you can find! You have enough minions as it is!
  3. Lol indeed... Welcome, Harry Potter, to heaven DM! >.> I hope you'll have lot of fun, with your humor you'll fit right in ^ I 'spose I should do some recruiting as well then If you happen to like weapons, armies, battles, Archery... >.> then I suggest you take a peek into the Band of the Red Hand SG, we have a pretty awesome RP styled dice-based battle game Do you do any RPGing, tabletop or computer?
  4. O.o could u start it? thanks! bummer starting new threads from mobile :)
  5. Muhaha, if I beat you I'll beat DJ on the rankings again! btw, do you want to fight in the arena or maybe some other setting, like a forest, meadow, desert landscape?
  6. What about these things... that really aren't? Do you have any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?

  7. I was never really a fan of comics... liked the first spiderman movies tho...
  8. Ooh, shiny new blog... *knocks on wall and hears empty echoing-sound* Fill it up then shall we? *sits down to homework* The power of a motor lifting 1000kg for a height of 6m in 15 seconds... hmmm I'll use the formula for Power, P = W/t, t = obviously 15s, W = in joules(J) which is Nm. And as N = mg, P = mgd/t (where m = mass in kg and g = gravity (9.8ms-2) That settled... P = (1000kg x 9.8ms-2 x 6m)/15s = 3920Nms-1 = 3920W = 3.9kW (2 s.f.) ... Nice, although quite easy still... I must say homework is a lot more fun this way, but it doesn't get done a lot faster
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