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AMOL: who will die?

Jason Denzel


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  1. 1. Which major character(s) do you think will die (and not come back) in the final WoT novel?

    • Rand
    • Mat
    • Perrin
    • Egwene
    • Elayne
    • Min
    • Aviendha
    • Lan
    • Moiraine
    • Thom
    • Olver
    • Cadsuane
    • Faile
    • Tuon
    • Suian
    • Galad
    • Gawyn
    • Nynaeve

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Hi everyone! Brandon asked me to collect names of people we wanted to die in the final novel. Haha, just kidding.


I'm just curious which of the major "good" (ie, non-darkfriend) characters you think will die -- and not come back-- in the final WoT novel. Vote and discuss!



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I heard a rumor from a prophecy that rands going to die!!!


Honestly the one who is most likely, the one who can see visions of everyone else but not herself and will likely have the most tragic death. Oh min your hidden daggers may not be enough... But seriously learn to use a short sword at least!

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Cadsuane is a goner. Rand will die (though I doubt he'll stay dead). Min will probably die. Of unlisted characters, I think Davram Bashere will also die. I can see Tenobia surviving (I think she's a less likely death than Bashere for a few reasons), but she'll probably die to clear the way for Perrin and Faile.

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Hmm..who will die? Or whom we'd like to see die? Because I'd love to see Cadsuane die...painfully and slowly, if possible...roasting on some Trolloc spit...with a salad of Egwene and Elayne to accompany her as the main course.


Enough of daydreaming, I guess. For the sake of the story, I guess the ones that make the most sense are Rand (foreshadowed like forever and IMO Jordan has already used up his "bring character back from the grave" with Moiraine). He saves the day and is gone in a blaze of glory.


Lan. Not because his death could spring the Light-siders into action (personally, I don't see him as influential as that, not with all of the people of the Randland) but because his death could be a great sacrifice that helps the good guys, if he goes down in a big battle, where he strikes a painful blow to the Shadow.


Perrin. I think he goes down as the hero he is, possibly saving Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod or something along those lines, as it's been rumored.


Egwene. Well, aside from this being satisfying to many (myself included) I would think, I believe that the White Tower is in dire need of a major shake up, just like the girl herself is in dire need of humbling. Too drastic? Perhaps, but necessary so that all rally around the Dragon Reborn.

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I think nearly everyone will survive. It's been 13 books and nobody important on the Light side had died, so it will be a massive change if many died in the last book.


All 6 main PoV characters will most probably survive. Rand will die and then come back somehow, I am 99% sure of it. Mat survives for sure - RJ had an outrigger novel with him planned which was supposed to be set several years after the last battle. I highly doubt he changed his planned conclusion of the series in the last moment. There's a small chance Perrin will die, but he will probably make it too.


The Supergirls will survive too. I feel that RJ liked them too much to kill them off, for the chagrin of so many readers. Though I still hope for Egwene to die, of course, but it's unlikely.


A few second tier characters will die, but not many. Cadsuane, Gawyn, Min seem probable candidates among those listed in the poll. Though I still feel Rand and all of his girls will survive somehow due to Nicola's Foretelling of them all on a boat with "the great battle done", so Min will probably make it too.

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Voted Cadsuane. She's the only one I think is certain, simply cos she's so old even for an Aes Sedai.


Can I ask why people think Min will die? I mean I know she's been in the line of fire for most of the books, but come AMoL TG will start properly, and seeing as she can neither channel nor fight effectively, she will not be on the front line so I would expect her to be relatively safe compared to most of the characters.

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Is there a reason that Nynaeve isn't listed?


Wow. I'm ashamed that I simply missed her on the list. She's going to yell at me, huh? I've added her to the list.


Don't worry :nynaeve: ... I still love you.

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Tuon dies at least within a couple years of Tarmon Gai'din according to Aviendha's vision making her a reasonable person to not survived aMoL. Although, according to those visions, it doesn't sound like the people mentioned survived long and the people not mentioned could be dead as well. There were not major characters mentioned still alive....

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Tuon dies at least within a couple years of Tarmon Gai'din according to Aviendha's vision making her a reasonable person to not survived aMoL. Although, according to those visions, it doesn't sound like the people mentioned survived long and the people not mentioned could be dead as well. There were not major characters mentioned still alive....


RJ was planning an outrigger trilogy set after the Last Battle starring Mat and Tuon so I think she is likely to survive. I voted Cadsuane and Lan, although Cadsuane is the only one I am fairly sure is going to die.


Everyone else either has visions suggesting they might live (Rand and his 3 women), have had a lot of time coupling them up to have them die so soon (Moiraine and Thom, Suian and Gareth, Egwene and Gawyn, Galad and Berelain), have had too much time spent on them establishing themselves and their future importance to have them die so soon (Egwene, Elayne, Perrin and Faile), or other reasons for me to think that almost none of these guys are going to die.

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I always just get the bad feeling it's gonna be a bloodbath (didn't BS say something to that effect?). I think...Cadsuane, Bashere, possibly Periin and Faile, and Rand. Although I really hope the epilogue RJ had written for ages will be Rand reincarnated in a thousand years or so. With Ilyena.

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Cadsuane and Lan are my safe bets. I think Rand will be resurrected, to fulfill mythological parallels never mind all the prophecies, so he doesn't count.


I also bet on Perrin and Faile just by process of elimination. Almost no one else can die without breaking prophecies, and someone has to die, no?

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Nobody major has died yet. Just the 2nd levels of characters so it is hard after 13 books to come to terms that someone major may die.


If I was to guess - Mat's Hall of Mourning is about Olver. If Talmanes dies Mat would be upset but Olver's death may mess him up

Then again he may be mourning the thousands of Caemlyn citizens that will die - shrugs.


It won't happen but I agree with the above comment about Min seeing everyone's future but her own. Perhaps AMOL starts with

marraiges, especially when Rand sees Elayne's baby-belly, so Min may die.......who knows

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Well, we know Rand will live after dying. And that there will be “three on the boat”, his three lovers. We know that Mat and Tuon will be alive courtesy of the outrigger plans. There is very good reason to believe that Nynaeve will be involved in resurrecting Rand.


So of the listed we’re left with Perrin and Faile, Moiraine and Thom, Egwene and Gawyn, Lan, Olver, Siuan, and Galad. Of those, I think Cadsuane and Lan are by far the most likely to die, but I have a suspicion that Lan will be rescued from certain death at Tarwin’s Gap. Terez is right that there are good reasons to suspect that Gawyn will die, but now that he’s been bonded to Egwene I find it unlikely. Olver would be a nice choice, but I guess I'm going to limit myself to Cadsuane.


Of course there are a lot of third-tier characters who are toast–Tenobia, Davram Bashere, etc.

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Only possibly Cadsuane and Olver. They are the only characters not really connected to anyone. The series is too friendly. Rand will 'die' but will live, Mat has Tuon to enjoy after the LB, Perrin and Faile are going to live due to the agreement they make with Elayne. No way those two will die after all that. It's too late in the series for any good bonded character to die, so that covers everyone but Galad, Thom, and Moiraine. And considering those three are all happily in love...


I'd put money on none of them dying.

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The two major characters I'm almost sure will die are Lan and Gawyn. I've been thinking Lan might die for quite some time and I never really had an opinion on Gawyn but ToM kinda confirmed both of these for me.


Lan is seen in the last scene of the book charging into a force of trollocs that hugely outnumbers his own force. I know everybody is sure someone will gateway to the rescue here and Rand will fly in wearing a big red cape and give Lan a hug and everybody will be happy. I think its pretty clear that someone will come to his aid but I'd be willing to bet they don't arrive in time to save Lan himself. I can see Nynaeve sobbing uncontrollably while trying to heal a mortally wounded Lan but being moments too late and holding him as he dies.


As for Gawyn... C'mon. He's got three blood knife rings. He knows what they're for. He knows the consequences of using them and he still kept them. Major foreshadowing here. Someone theorized that maybe the Warder bond would allow him to survive the use of the rings but I seriously doubt it. He's going to use them to protect Egwene from Seanchan or darkfriends or something. I think it would be seriously cool for him to die taking down one of the Forsaken. Maybe this will be how Demandred eats it. But I doubt it since they pretty much have to be balefired. Does anyone know if the blood knives' rings are from from the AoL or a creation of the Seanchan? Can't remember if this was confirmed one way or the other in tGS.


Rand, I've gone back and forth on. I'm pretty sure he will die. But I don't know if it will be irreversible or not. I would bet something like Fain misting him right as he defeats the DO and Aviendha and/or Elayne going batshit and balefiring him, then poof. Rand is back. Or conversely he could use Fain to seal the DO's prison like many have suggested and Fain whips the dagger at him at the last instant killing him and being shut away with the DO before he can be balefired. Then Rand smiles and whispers that it's okay to Min/Aviendha/Elayne/Mat/Perrin/Whoever-is-there-to-listen with his last breath as he smiles and dies. Either way I think he'll die and Fain will have something to do with it.

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Guest sushant

Elayne -> In Min's viewing Elayne will give birth to babies but she never said anything about Elayne being alive after that. I have a feeling that she will die and Rand will take up the thrown giving Andor its 1st legitimate King.


Min -> Nobody ever said that Min will not die. She'll discover how to seal the prison and will get killed by the forsaken.


Lan -> Min had a viewing of Nyneave sobbing near a pier. Most probably that Lan dies and she becomes the Queen of the New Malkier.


Cadsuane -> Cadsuane will probably die or burnout leading with Rand in his plan to seal the Bore.


Fortuna aka Tuon -> She will die in the last battle making Mat the King of the Seanchan. Seems unlikely but a definite possibility. Either that or Mat will leave with Fortuna to reclaim the Seanchan kingdom across the Aryth Ocean.

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