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  1. Ah, that makes a bit more sense to me. I was thinking her main goal was to conquer the world, and she just had this odd fixation about having a man at her side for it. But Perrin's real purpose is that she wants to make LTT jealous before she kills him.
  2. She may have just been insane, comparable to Demandred. Demandred wanted to win only in a very specific way, by beating Lews Therin in a duel. Perhaps Lanfear wanted to win only in a very specific way, of possessing a powerful man who loved her and served as her sidekick. I find Lanfear's possessiveness hard to understand honesty. I know a lot of people have unhealthy approaches to relationships, and sure, a woman can be jealous and possessive. But the way Lanfear combines this with her professional ambitions, of wanting to rule the world, doesn't work for me. Why does she have to conquer the world by having this sick sort of personal relationship with a powerful man? I can see it compartmentalized, with her having these two goals, one public one private. But combining them is just odd.
  3. I suggest that the issue isn't Egwene being a narcissist, but RJ not understanding what's wrong with narcissism. He unrealistically gives Egwene traits of narcissism, without following through and making her a menace. Likewise, he unrealistically gives the Aes Sedai and Wise Ones horrible initiation rituals where they strip young women naked and subject them to severe physical and emotional trauma -- and doesn't follow through on the consequences there either. Egwene is tortured by Silviana remember, and they become bffs after. Cadsuane had an Amyrlyn kidnapped and abused in order to make her "stronger" -- and it worked! It's unfair to blame the characters for this. This is a universe where torturing people is good for them, and narcissism isn't a severe personality disorder that destroys families. If you're desperate for an in-world explanation, blame it on the Bore, and the Dark One having more influence over people's emotions. I think it's just author bias though.
  4. I'd forgotten about Egwene's wedding until this little discussion popped up. I'm normally for blaming author bias when Egwene is unsympathetic. RJ had a massive blind spot on bullying and hazing, and doesn't realize when he makes a character unsympathetic by participating in them. He's not making characters bullies on purpose; he just has really weird standards where if you aren't as bad as Elaida or Semirhage, you're fine. But Silviana presiding over Egwene and Gawyn's marriage... That's just creepy. Who has a Red Sister perform a marriage? Maybe Egwene and Brandon collectively had a brain fart on it. Egwene can be callous when she has a goal in mind, but she isn't plain mean like that, especially not to Gawyn.
  5. Let's not forget the queen of all "shows up out of nowhere, takes over the story, and obsoletes existing characters" characters. Come to think of it, Androl's Talent parallels her hair ter'angreal. Maybe it's a secret writer's trick with these instantly-important characters that they need a special power. WoT is no stranger to this kind of thing. It goes back at least to Sorilea replacing Amys.
  6. I thought someone asked him about Portal and he said no? Besides, most of the things he did with gateways are things fans though of over a decade ago.
  7. Regarding "You're going to insult Jim's legacy and the final piece of his masterwork by giving it a one star rating just because you're not satisfied with the release date? Are you serious?" Yes, I 1-starred it and I was completely serious. Methods of protest are always going to be upsetting and less than perfect. The alternative is not to protest at all, which is unacceptable. Your attempt to explain things to different sides is too late. Harriet had her chance to release the ebook. She was asked nicely, and still said no. Trying to "explain" how ebooks are good, are at least non-harmful is ignorance of the fact that this was already explained, and Harriet chose to ignore it.
  8. That mace was suppose to be just a little less powerful then the statue Rand melted. Logain sensed more power from Rand at Shayol Ghul than at the Cleansing. So overdrawing must be pretty insanely overpowered, even if Rand was overdrawing through Callandor, but I don't think he was using that even.
  9. If Alanna is Black Ajah, it explains why she only releases Rand at the end, with a dagger in her heart. She had to be 100% certain she'd die within the hour, in order to betray the DO. Verin's letter could've been just a reminder of this fact, that betraying the DO is possible, in case Alanna had wanted a way out but had given up hope.
  10. I share the disappointment that Egwene is just innately a perfect leader, while Rand is a disaster and needs to learn so much before he can do it right. But Egwene did have much better teachers than Rand, and a powerful example of what not to be, in Elaida. I don't think she was 3 months behind Rand. She had more to learn surely, in being nicer to her friends. But she just doesn't have the same issues with leadership that Rand did; it's different for her.
  11. Hi sorry to bother but I really dont get why people hate female characters to much ??:-( For me they was pretty good in most of books A lot of people don't like Elayne's plotline in the middle books, taking over Andor. They think it was boring and took too long. It's not a "female character" thing. Perrin's plotline is even more hated than Elayne's. Some people do hate the female characters, but that's not the same as not wanting Elayne to get screen time.
  12. So, Slayer revealed that Perrin also has 2 souls, and this is all it takes to gain his abilities to enter TAR. Does this mean Perrin can leave TAR as Young Bull, and be a wolf in the real world? Just like Slayer can be either Luc or Isam. Also I wonder if Perrin was born with 2 souls, or if a Wolfbrother is just born with the potential to bond with a wolf soul, and Perrin picked one up after meeting Elyas.
  13. Remember Androl's first PoV in ToM? He mentions something about a horrible-tasting drink, I think something with hard liquor and goat's milk. Because of that, I always imagine that Androl smells terrible, has greasy hair, and never showers. The drink was so gross that I always picture Androl as gross.
  14. Omg. This would explain why Nakomi is there at the end, telling Rand "Yes, that's good. That is what you need to do," about the body swap. If Verin is Nakomi, and Verin is the one who suggested it to him. But how would Verin have learned it? Just something in T'A'R when she used to play with the dream ter'angreal?
  15. Lol. The whole "omg killing women" thing should have hit its climax in TFoH, with Lanfear at the docks. Or stuck with Rand only, and been explained as part of his madness at killing Ilyena. Dragging it on like this to the bitter end is just eye-rolling. ... but! If Perrin had killed Graendel there, Aviehdna wouldn't've unwoven the gateway, and wouldn't get magic babies. At least, I think that's why she gets magic babies.
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