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  1. book started off kind of meh. But kept getting better and ended strong. Even if it does feel like there is a whole epilogue chapter missing. That can probably be attributed to RJ wanting to leave room for outrigger novels that will sadly never happen.
  2. I am a Man and I was horrified at that moment . This. I literally stood up, put the book down and walked around going, "No, no, no, no, no!!!" for a bit before I was able to pick it back up and keep reading. J I wish it had happened. Not sure why. Too few meaningful losses among the protagonists? Wanted something shocking? Felt it would somehow be a better book if she (or perhaps some other main character) had been killed in an overly brutal manner? I just know it was certainly one of the most intense scenes of the book and then it just sort of worked out and was meh Was t
  3. Too many awesome things to list. Even some Faile bits which i was very surprised by. but two stood out for me. Somewhat similar but also different. Lan vs Demandred. Loved the buildup. You knew it was going to be glorious no matter how it turne out. Riding down a corridor cleared by longbows, facing a dude that already beat Galad and Gawyn. I almost said taishar Malkier out loud. Perrin and Lanfear in the cave. The whole book i was wondering what was up with Lanfear helping Perrin. That healing gave me real bad vibe. When Lanfear leaves Perrin to later and he feels so sad about tha
  4. She was "turned" in the other direction by the DO not existing. And that's just as bad. According to Rand (well Sanderson/Jordan).
  5. DIdn't like Egwene much in the beginning of the book. Circlejerky and arrogant. Fell in love with her when she met Tuon. Most of the conversation was boring "lets be logical" stuff, but she let her feelings show and that was awesome. Even if the "i intend to live for centuries" did make me certain that she would die soon. She kept getting better from there. And then she died. Sad. Not super sad, but sad. Sorry to see her go. At least she went out swinging. But what would become of her legacy? Would the channelers ever achieve any kind of unity/cooperation without her? And then the epilogue. C
  6. Sorry about that. It was unintentional, i swear. I hope time gets linear and the OP gets nerfed to a level where Travelling is no longer possible. But i don't think that is going to happen. Because quotes and stuff..So i didn't vote.
  7. Lini explaining the logistics of a foursome.
  8. Most of these titles work if you remove one word from each of them. That is scary.
  9. Cadsuane is informed that the last battle was won while she was doing something else.
  10. i don't remember making an alt account. Get out of my head!
  11. They would buy the ebook. If they are not the sort of people who are willing to buy the eBook, they aren´t going to buy it anyway.
  12. Demandred trips over his own feet and falls down a flight of stairs. Hits his head. Amnesia. Doesn´t remember who he is or where he was supposed to go. We will also never know. Wanders onto the street. Gets run over by an ox cart. Moridin is eating when he hears of Demnadreds unfortunate fate. Starts laughing. Chokes on a piece of bread. M´hael is enjoying some Two Rivers tabac and a few bottles of wine after becoming the new nae´blis. Falls asleep. Bed catches fire from the pipe. Hessalam offs herself. Nobody cares. Moghedien dies on the battlefield due a stray trolloc spear.
  13. Well, Rand is still RJ-s character. And he set the whole thing up. So that´s a pretty shaky claim. Rand plotline spans the entire series. All of their plotlines do. To be honest i see it quite the other way around. Sure, some storylines were a bit excessive. Not that i think they shouldn´t have been there, Just that they could have been resolved slightly faster. But those little slices of life and the stretched out storylines really gave you a chance to see through the characters eyes. They gave the world depth. They made the people feel like people. Well, i didn´t like Perrins exten
  14. Guess which part of the bolded selections could be considered T.M.I. !!!!!!!!????? LOL!!! Fish you´ll think otherwise when you happen to get constipated in the desert. While stressed.
  15. oh this thread is about the actual hammer i thought it was about... something else
  16. Sandersons strength is building great worlds. He is not so great at writing dialogue/inner monologue and creating characters that are as interesting as his worlds. He does have some successes in that department. From his new Way of Kings series i thought the bits with Dalinar Kholin and the white robed assassin were pretty damn good. Sometimes, in their chapters, i felt like i was actually in their head, not watching some sort of bad opera with people orating their emotions and thoughts more towards the listeners than other characters/themselves as it happened in most of the other POV-s. And t
  17. Heh. How Asmodeanic. I wish I could say yes :(
  18. He doesn't open it, but he should.Ah. Hindsight. Good argument.But not mine. Mine is based on foresight: he was told this was important, and he failed to act on it. If you fail to do something that needs to be done, something bad could happen. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Mat didn't do something that needed to be done. What negative consequences might arise couldn't be realiably guessed at, but the fact that there might be some was quite probable. As far as he knew, what was in the letter was important to VERIN. Not to the world. Not to him. He had important things to do as we
  19. It has also been mentioned that Rand killed Morgase, that the taint can not be healed and that Rand is a false dragon. But the numerous instances that I have already mentioned are NOT rumours, are they? We already know that Morgase had already said that TR is part of Andor. Umm. I don´t quite understand what you´re trying to get at. So what if Morgase said it? if she pipes up and says Bela is the Dark one, will you take that as fact? If i say some other country is a part of my country, does that make it true? The only in-book authority i´ll accept is the TR people saying: "Yeah,
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