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  1. Nah, you have to read the other POVs. If you don't you miss too much. I understand it is frustrating. Huge amounts of the Wonder Girls' POVs could have been significantly compressed. The whole road trip with the menagerie could have been handled in about 12 pages with no loss of meaning. ANd the same is true of much of Perrin's search for Faile. But you really will miss the 300 important words mixed in amongst those 10,000 words, if you don't read all POVs. (or is it PsOV?)
  2. An excellent question. This was not handled well, IMO. It is seldom satisfying, and may even be offensive, when something horrible happening to a character is treated as noting more than fodder for the character development of another character. An example of this is in Game of Thrones, where the show was criticized, correctly in my opinion, for viewing Sansa's rape primarily through Reek's eyes, and treating it as something that impacts Reek, when obviously the impact on Sansa is far greater. Something of the same happens here. Nothing about Gawyn's death matters, except that
  3. This. Completely worthless guy. Yeah, he's not really a character, though. More like an accessory.
  4. Eventually the series will be in the public domain, and someone will do this. I'll be dead by then myself.
  5. Yeah! Preach it, brother! (sister?) What does Perrin have to complain about? Certainly he has no reason to be 'emo"!!!! I mean, I did find this little thing, that might serve to explain some of his reluctance to become involved in the schemes of the powerful, and also explain his extremely close attachment to the woman he loves. Explain! Not excuse! Never excuse! Anyway... "Dead? No, they can't be ---" Perrin frowned as wetness suddenly slopped over his hand, stared at the crumpled cup as though wondering where it had come from. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to ----" He
  6. I still say that the last word of the last book should have been, "flicker."
  7. “I won’t shout at you,” Nynaeve shouted.
  8. “I will not be angry with you,” she went on in a much milder tone, and that sounded addressed to herself as well…. “If you say so,” Lan said mildly. Nynaeve quivered. “Don’t you take that tone with me!” she shouted. “I tell you, I’m not angry! Do you hear me?”
  9. "Men always seemed to think violence could solve anything. If she had had a stout stick, she would have thumped all three of them about the shoulders until they saw reason."
  10. The most under-rated book is the Eye of the World. No one ever mentions it among the best of the series, but it got us all hooked, didn't it?
  11. Egwene remains dreadful until she gets even worse, Elayne stays about the same, and Nynaeve is fantastic. She's fantastic even in the early books if you take her as the comic relief she was at that point intended to be.
  12. Magicians, witches and lovebirds. Fwaggh! Supernatural beings who shape events and move worlds. Where is the honor, the sacrifice and the emotional power in that? Who can care? The March of the Men of Manetheren. Talmanes, who would charge into Dumai's Wells, but did not think he would come back out. The women of Emond's Field, on half rations. Mat going into the Stone, where even Birgitte would not go for any but Gaidal. Aldragoran, Managan and Gorenellin, who would not have Al'Lan Mandragoran ride to Tarwin's Gap alone. Ingtar sheathing the sword. Keemlin Rai. Especially Keeml
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