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  1. As others have said, i'm for the oath rod changing the channellers in the Seanchan Empire At the moment the civil war in Seanchan is the suldam using damane in service of their Lords. Tuon, if she learns how effective the oath rods are, could change this to damane serving the Empress and her heir only, after of course Mat's kids finish killing eah other :(
  2. way back in EOTW Rand thought Moiraine and Lan actually knew Logain, not just knew of him. I thought with the planned prequel novels we may have seen Moiraine encouraging Logain to be a false-dragon so she could sneak Rand in the back door so to speak. It was disappointing just to learn that Logain thought he was the Dragon and gathered an army for Tear.and causing such destruction in Ghealden.
  3. I'm still holding out for a Mat outrigger trilogy. I predict in 5 years time after years of Harriet being badgered by 'any chance of a Mat retakes Seanchan novel? by fans Harriet may give in :) Imagine an author like Joe Abercrombie or the like doing a series where there are no limits to what will happen because there is little fortelling, (except maybe Min's viewing for Tuon of some guy with wolf's teeth). Tuon is going to bring up her children to try and kill each other to be named her successor, Mat will fight this every step of the way, (seriously this is such a bad marraige, anybody who has been divorced can see this i think) battles, new seanchan bad guys. Then we could have a Perrin trilogy as he leads a 'peace campaign' into Shara - yeah i'm raving i know, but i can still hold out hope :)
  4. I felt a bit sorry for Mat being married to Tuon though. He asks her whether she loves him and she says 'an empress cannot afford to love' or something like that. He's going through a honeymoon period at the moment with rose coloured glasses, so he'll put up with her cold nature with the occasional flashes of passion, but after a few years he'll start to get annoyed and give up, Can you imagine being married to someone who never says they love you when you love them?? He is finding friends in Galgan, but to show him some respect he is going to send low level assasins after him?? He has a few years peace, then he will be off again to wage a protracted war And on top of this the kids he has, whom he will love and Tuon probably wont (like her mother's realtionship with her), will be encouraged to kill each other!!! Dont get me wrong Tuon is following a long line of Empress's who acted just like that, but poor old Mat is soon going to become miserable. The cultural differences are way to big. It would be a good trilogy I think :D
  5. Legion of the Dragon?? are they put to use at all? does their sword and shield Roman type fighting help?
  6. Taim, Logain, Rand then Narishma were the male channelers born with the spark. I just thought the 'he who follows' or whatever it was just referred that.
  7. Bathalmel?? sorry, the Forsaken in the first book, he was so decrepid that he had a laughing face mask on - i think :P
  8. Oh she goes to Ebou Dar . . . but I doubt she'll be in any novels, outrigger or not. She'll be keeping company with good old Suffa more likely than not. ;) haha thats awesome :) speaking of which, whatever happened to good old Liandrin
  9. so Taim, Demi, Cyndane, Moridin are toast. does Moggy do her spider thing and disappear when the going gets tough? To Seanchan perhaps? To the outrigger novel which is never going to happen :P
  10. So Demandred was in Shara which means: Graendal, who had been there before, wasnt really that smart for not knowing where he was, and Sammael who thought Demandred was up to something to the south was way off the mark. I'm glad Roedran was just himself though
  11. are the people who are 13x13 turned to the shadow stuck like that, or are they healed in any way? and is the black tower 'rent by blood and fire' or do the factions just go their seperate ways?
  12. just wondering why demandred doesnt just take lan out with the one power? was it an honour thing? It was a "Lan wearing a copy of the foxhead medallion" thing. that is cool, speaking of foxheads, i hope Daved Hanlon gets whats coming to him?
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