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  1. Honestly...I kind of wish now that I hadn't read the last book, that I'd just left the series open-ended for myself. In my heart, WoT will always remain unfinished for me. I will probably continue rereading the series every few years for the rest of my life, but I think I'll leave out the last book for most of those rereads.
  2. I agree it was disappointing, although I'd kind of forgotten about this as there were other issues I found more annoying. I was left wondering what the point of Shaidar Haren was really, but then there were lot of things in the book that made me think "what was the point?". It would have been nice to see him go up against one of the Light characters, or at least do something useful for the DO. Instead the DO reabsorbs one of his most useful tools because...why? Would he really have been too weak to face Rand otherwise? Seems a bit unlikely.
  3. The Aelfinn's prophecy was that Mat must 'give up half the light of the world to save the world'. Yup, that's the quote I was referring to. Yet I don't remember her actually doing anything really vital that another person wouldn't have been able to do. Am I wrong?
  4. Feral

    Gray man

    Could you be confusing Grey Men with the gholam(sp)? As far as I remember Grey Men die the same as anyone. It could be me getting confused though.
  5. I don't think Rand ever rode Bela "on screen", but it is mentioned that he rode her now and then on the farm, I believe. And yes, I was really hoping Hopper would appear with the spirit wolves or whatever they were!
  6. I never really expected much from Loial. I don't think he was ever in the same "tier" as Nynaeve and Moiraine. Those two women though... I thought Moiraine was supposed to save the world? Yes, she helped out at Field of Merrilor(sp), but it was hardly an epic moment or anything. And Nynaeve...she's one of the most innovative and powerful channelers the Light has, with probably the most experience at dealing with Forsaken. She should have been on the battle field, kicking ass. But what does she spend the book doing? Basically being a power socket for Rand. Yes, she brings Alanna round to let go of the bond, but that whole part of the story was crappy writing as far as I'm concerned, and it was hardly the epic moment Nyn deserved. I mean, we had a load of Adrol scenes in the book. I know that the Black Tower arc was important and everything, but the fact is he's only been introduced in the last couple of books. Compared to the original cast of characters we met in the first book, I really don't give a toss about him.
  7. Well thanks. Now I'm even more depressed about it!
  8. I couldn't believe it when Bela died. Seriously...WHY! Would have been so nice if she'd survived. I blame Sanderson. I get the idea from his Mistborn books that he doesn't really like horses, whereas RJ named pretty much every single mount and mentioned that his characters felt sorry for horses involved in battles.
  9. Wow, I feel like I could have written this post myself. I agree with you on every point. To me, Fain's death felt like "Oops, here we are at the end of the book and we forgot to do anything with Fain -- I guess we'll have him appear at Shayol Ghul and then spend a short paragraph on Mat killing him." Having said that, I am very grateful to Harriet, Brandon, Maria, and Alan for getting the series finished (and to Robert Jordan for leaving them the necessary notes and for giving them permission to finish it). While I am not completely happy with the ending, the fact is that I probably wouldn't have been completely happy with the ending even if RJ had lived to finish the series. But I am very grateful to have the ending, rather than leaving the series unfinished. Yeah, I knew that no matter how awesome the last book was, I would still find a few things disappointing because I've just invested so much time and love in the series. And ANY ending would have been better than none, so I'm also really grateful that the final three books happened. But I'm actually kind of wishing that AMOL was split up into multiple books again, just so some parts of the story could have been written in more detail.
  10. Finished AMOL last week. VERY mixed feelings about the book. Some bits were great, some bits were meh, some were disappointing. Other bits were just plain bad writing as far as I'm concerned. Some of my issues: The book often crossed the line between mysterious/vague and just plain unfinished/pointless (Nakomi!) Not enough Forsaken! Not enough focus on the deaths of side characters. What was the point of Fain and whatever he turned into? Seriously, he appears with zombie army kills a few things then dies so easily in a very un-epic manner. Rand just goes off by himself, leaving his three "wives" and letting everyone else think he's dead... I'd rather he'd died. This just made him seem like a massive jerk with no idea what love really is. No explanation for body swap?
  11. Mat thinks that a city without fighting would be boring when usually he does everything in his power to avoid fights? Hmm...
  12. I bloody well hope so... On a less personal note, I think this series needs to see one of the main characters die and I think it would add to it if it was one of the ta'veren boys. Rand...well we know he's going to "die" but he'll probably come back. Mat...unlikely due to his relationship with Tuon, pure luck and the planned novels about him. So that leaves Perrin. I've always felt he was kind of the odd one out. Also if you look at the main characters in general, there's not many options there for death. Nynaeve? Maybe, but she's on the path to becoming a legend so that seems to lessen the chance. Egwene...well, after all that fuss about her becoming the Amyrilin it'd seem a waste. We know Aviendha will probably survive due to various glimpses of the future. And Elayne's got to give birth.
  13. Feral


    I just reread the Nakomi part a couple of days ago, and this is something that really stuck out for me. My first thought was that there MUST be Compulsion involved, completely forgot about those incidents you mentioned and the way people just accept things in the Accepted/Aes Sedai trials. Very intriguing...
  14. Unlikely, considering the amount of PoVs we have from her. We'd have gotten a hint at some point I'd have thought.
  15. I agree with you. And personally after Perrin made that comment about Berelain I could forgive her anything.
  16. Feral


    Really like these drawings. I don't think I've ever seen someone try to draw a female ogier before, but I really like your depiction of Erith. My only criticism would be that the ear tufts aren't how I picture them - I've always imagined that the hairs are pretty long and fine. But good job anyway!
  17. Someone might have mentioned this already, but I didn't find it if they did. I was reading this thread the other day and I noticed someone said something about maybe stone being important somehow because of the emphasis on the stone spear head ( I think it was that anyway). Then yesterday during my reread of ToM, I reached the part where a bubble of evil makes the weapons in Perrin's camp go crazy. And they discover that dirt touching the weapons made them go normal again. So maybe there is something important about stone/earth. Very vague I know, but I found it interesting.
  18. Oh yeah completely forgot about Ingtar (a sign I need to do another reread). Him too then.
  19. Every time I see "blast" or "blasted". I think Semirhage uses it at one point? I mean seriously, a Forsaken saying "blasted"? It really annoys me to be honest. I know it sounds silly but it seems sort of disrespectful to me. It's not exactly hard to use bloody or flaming or whatever instead is it? So why not do it?
  20. Editing and revisions, the second "rough" draft hasn't even been turned in yet... Oh right, I wasn't aware of this. I just assumed he'd turned in the final copy for editing back in December. And the second draft is "rough". Great... So I can't ask for it as a birthday present or Christmas present. That's just a pain. And I'm running out of books. Double pain. Reread time again I guess.
  21. What the heck?! Over a year's worth of editing? I was expecting it out this Spring! Gah...
  22. Or she could even say "I want Morgase to think..." and then let the forger write it all out in his own words. And do we know exactly what was in the letters? Because without knowing that, then for all we know the information might just be so vague that it's not actually lies.
  23. Lol, agree with this. I'm one of the very few people who can't stand Moiraine and just wanted to see Nynaeve box her ears...
  24. Completely agree with all of this. But even if you do find some of the books hard going/slow, it's really worth slogging through them anyway to get to KoD where so many plot lines find their conclusion. As for The Gathering Storm and The Towers of Midnight, you probably won't notice a lot of things that annoy some veteran fans on your first read through, so you'll probably enjoy them as much as the early books.
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