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  1. I watched the first ... 3 seasons, I think, of game of thrones. I read the first few books as well. I think perverts of all kinds are a little (hopefully a whole lot, but maybe I'm too kind) over-represented in the show and in the books. They seem to enjoy causing suffering to others and a decadent life for themselves. Morality and good intentions, even some degree of it, causes them to die horrible deaths in that story. In any case, it doesn't make me enjoy the story as much as if there'd been some little hope for humanity, or for the reader to have something decent to cling to when reading.
  2. Humans can increase their population number by a factor of 5 (easily) every 30 earth years.
  3. I don't think they usually say how many seasons they'll make. I think they renew one season at a time. If they don't make a profit during the first 1 or 2 seasons, they'll probably cancel it. Or close to a profit, at least. They might reckon they'll sell enough DVDs and blue-rays in the long run if they just miss the revenues required for a profit. Or maybe they'll cancel it anyway if the reviews aren't great, so they can concentrate on introducing a new series. They seem to cancel a whole lot of shows nowadays after just 1 or 2 season. They are probably looking for the next big hit series, an
  4. I'm waiting more or less impatiently too, but I expect they won't go public until they have something else to go public with as well. Such as someone who's been cast, or something like that. So it could probably take a while. They might be in negotiations with how many episodes there'll be, what the budget will be in exact terms, and similar. That's what I would guess, but I know very little of such a process. I don't know about standard procedures for such things, and if you don't know about that, then it's probably unlikely you can guess what to expect.
  5. Semirhage would be around 1.87 meters in height (even taller than Lanfear), dark in skin, wavy hair and quite beautiful. Also sadistic in nature - more evil than Lanfear, if that's possible. Descriptions will probably break down at that point. They will probably have to change that when they're adapting it to screen. Artistic freedom or whatever.
  6. Jessica Lange played in American horror story. I didn't see all the episodes, and most of what I saw was from one of the seasons. She made a pretty evil impression there. She's been known and well received by critics for a long time, so she might never have come with a small pay-check. Not the most beautiful woman in the world even when she was young, I think.
  7. Yeah, I don't know. Seems awfully bothersome to make someone look tall if they're to appear in full view in lots of scenes. Although Lanfear may not appear as much as Rand, for instance, so it might work out well anyway in her case.
  8. But Dormer is only 1.68 meters in height. I think Lanfear is about 6 feet tall (1.83 meters). If they stay true to that description, the actress they choose should be at least 1.80 meters in height. Of course, they usually don't stay true to physical descriptions when adaptations are done. They often disregard such things as eye color, height and so on. I guess acting ability has the most weight when making compromises. Dormer is probably so well known that she wouldn't come cheap.
  9. She's beautiful and tall (1.80 meters in height). I haven't watched vikings, but Alyssa Sutherland seems to fit the bill very well.
  10. Well, if the body doesn't have to belong to an actress, and we disregard the height, then I'd say Jessica Lange's mind into the body of Linda Evangelista could possibly make the ideal Lanfear. Gisele Bundchen and Elle McPherson have acted on screen (and I don't know if they could have acted well enough to convince anyone they had Lanfear's mind), but I don't know if Evangelista has ever done that. Linda Evangelista is "only" 1.75 meters tall. Jessica Lange could probably act evil enough, had she had the right appearence. (Younger versions of them all. Now they're too old.)
  11. Gisele Bundchen and Elle Mcpherson would probably have been tall enough and beautiful enough. I don't know if they would have fit in otherwise.
  12. Seems criteria should be beauty, ability to act and not very well known already (unless it's extremely high budget). Must be extremely difficult. I don't know of anyone that I'm sure would be a good choice. Maybe another criteria should be that she doesn't have a commitment to act in something else at the same time... I think a compromise may be in the cards? Maybe she won't be the most beautiful woman in the world, if such exists.
  13. Well, in the real world the worst evildoers of them all don't usually (if ever) do anything magnificiently good the next day or the next decade. I don't recall right now any instance from GoT where that happened, but that would be very unrealistic. Yeah, I know it's fantasy, but it's still humans in the story, so. I think avengers had the scarlet witch do some things where we saw some special effects that were scarlet in appearence. I'm thinking similar for depicting a weave, but with a weave of different colors. If viewed from a non-channelers perspective, we wouldn't see the weave, but
  14. I think most characters in GoT are very black, not gray at all, so we disagree on that. Evil and/or self-serving in most cases. Maybe there are a few examples that aren't black, but still. There's also a lot of rape, murder, torture, and what have you. There's whore-houses and whores and incest and depravity of all kinds. WoT does have some nudity, but mostly not too depraved. I think they must step very carefully on how they handle nudity, so they don't make it all about entertainment value. Cultural differences do exist in some regards - multiple wifes (as it is for Rand), decent clothin
  15. Well, he's 67-68 or something like that, I think, he has taken 6-7 years to finish a book (doesn't help much that he never gets any younger and fresher), he weighs maybe 50 percent more than he should, and most people have retired by 70. If his weight is any indicator, then he probably won't be as healthy as most 75 year olds when he's 75. He probably doesn't need to earn any more money than he already has. And GoT has been subject to criticism for the way they expose women as flesh items. They probably should have more of it, though.
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