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  1. Cadsuane judgemental ? I would like to discuss it with you , to understand how you can think that of a woman who sacrificed everything for more than an hundred years , if not all her life , in the pursuit and the safeguard of the Dragon Reborn , been quite litteraly the embodiment of a true Aes'Sedai of the third age , in order to save the world , is judgemental when she aproach Rand int he only proper manner. But before that I would like you to explain to me why do you think she was not the right person for the job, and who could have been better at it ?
  2. You mean how Ishmael hasn't corrupted everybody ? If you need example . The Black Ajah . There is no stable governement in Randland ,outside of tiny kindgom , as Ishmael as worked against each and everyone of those that rised . More than Half of the nobility In Randland is either a darkfriend or a greedy and corrupt bunch. Remember the first book and Ingtar word at the end of the second book : Of course when you are not the focus of a crazed forsaken backed up by the enbodiment of chaos and destruction , you tend to have a rather pleasant time .
  3. Most of what she said is usefull to Rand , and you forget easely how Moraine treated him , her approche his actually a good one , she don't try to cajole him or threathen him into doing what she want . In a way she is like Min, while she do what she does because he his the dragon reborn she don't treat him as the mythic figure he his . She keep him grounded , amongs other thing he needed to be reminded he was not the "Creator "; Yes, but I don't just think in terms of "merit" and "the right thing to do". A character's personality has to be likeable on top of that. and again, the fact that she's so often doing the correct thing is annoying, because the story is then expecting me to side with a catastrophically condescending jerk. Just like Sorilea , Cadsuane as experience , she is quite likeable when you come to understand her motive and a part of her past . Good friends are not often the one who keep being nice to you , they are the one tell it rough to you when you need it . You are right to be annoyed with her off course , I am just telling you the way I see it .
  4. Cadsuane is a Meta Aes Sedai , she was anoying at first but I saw the merit of what she did .
  5. Actually I must say I made a mistake , after rereading this passage I though she said she would enjoy it , I must have mixed her speaking about Myleen and that one . But anyway , I can't shake the feeling Tuon would enjoy the process of getting her hand arround Egwene , just like she enjoyed puting Joslyne ,Teslyn and Edesina , and that would put her on the same kind of woman as Semirhage . A woman who enjoy breaking other , subservienting their will to her own through a pain or a pleasure process . I speak about Tuon because even if she lie to Matt and probably to herself she know the truth of it , she can't hide behind the Seanchan view of Damane . She either do it because it is too confortable or because she fear for herself and her empire . As to other Seanchan , you canno't make a general assumption about them all , as Ares said the vast majority doe's it because they really believe the lie , and in that majority there is some sadist . In our own world there are trainer who are violent and sadic towards the animal they train , it generaly yield poor result . Where I see a problem , is that in a thousand year none in The Seanchan Empire questioned the fact Damane are little more than beast or than Sul'dam are so different . The best we have toward the Damane is Tuon before she learn about the truth . I know you can't fit everything into a book , but I would have love to see and underground movement to free the damane , probably in how it was crushed .
  6. To be clear I am not condoning the practice, it's abhorrent. Nevertheless think its time for a reread on how they go about things because you seem a bit confused. Further it comes downto perspective. They are training something that is sub human and the vast majority take no pleasure on inflcting damage. The Semi comparisons do not fit. Semi think she is above human , and enjoy experimenting on other , through suffering or pleasure , she enjoy breaking them too . Tuon claim something simillar , can quote on this section of the forum tho .
  7. Sparker have the inate abilie , meaning at the age of 16 or 18 , depends if you are male or female , they start channeling without meaning or even being conscious about it . Many of those sparkers die because they can't control the side effect , the greatest strength of the seanchean is precisely that through the collar none of their sparker die . "learners" on the other hand cannot channel without being thaught , those are the Sul'dam . Eventually the Sul'dam learn to channel through their damane . As to your second question Tuon isn't arguing from a theorical point of view, she is arguing for the benefit of her empire , even if her own little logic is a nonsense , she doesn't want to acknowledge Egwene point because it would weaken both her claim to the captured channeller and her empire .
  8. They have no intention of doing that , what they want is to conquer the land , Tuon doesn't believe in Trolloc or Myrdraal until she see one , and then it's more about pest control than anything else , she doesn't even apologise for Semirhage . Thanks to her prophecies perhaps , the Dragon must bow to her and then go on with a duel with the Do , that's what the fight against the shadow is to her .
  9. Rand only had LTTs memories aside from that brief moment on DM. Haven't done a reread on AMoL yet. Did that change at SG? As I understood is last Pov he don't even have those memory anymore .
  10. If I may comment , the "electricity" that weaves the pattern is Saidin and Saidar , nothing else . The Do and the Creator are the conscious manifestation of forces that represent either evil or goodness but they do not drive in any way the pattern , they are part of it , not as conscious being but as the raw elementary force ,chaos , corruption and destruction for the Do and Order , virtue , creation and preservation for The Creator . I don't think the Do can touch or influence the world without bore , it is simply that the force he embodies are part of the wheel . You are right though, Rand seal the Do because when he is not sealed is nature compel him to seek the destruction or corruption of the Wheel . As immensely powerful as it his he can't choose, he can't escape his nature , the Do as no free will , in a way he is inferior to the simplest human being . The way I understand it , Rand could have killed the Do , using it's own essence to destroy him , that would have eliminated the darkness in the pattern , not the result of the Do touch but all that we consider as bad in existence , taking away the possibility of evil from humanity , from the pattern itself , basically was the same thing as what the Do wanted to do , instead of creating a nightmare Rand would have created a Paradise , filled with puppet . It is not that Humanity , and other lifeforms , need the Do they need free-will , they need the possibility of both good and evil to not only perceive creation but live in it the best way . Edit : I might have been a bit sybillin there
  11. Why do you deny Egwene authority or status ? As much as Rand his the Savior , he is neither the only hero nor omniscient . Egwene treat him as is equal and he doe's the same they respect and value each other and Rand needed her as much as she needed him , in the end it is her who freed him from himself and in a way win the last battle . You have an argument when you speak about her tendency to demand allegiance from her subaltern , this is in a way above and beyond her station of Amyrlin , but in a time where the tower is split the last battle at your doorstep , with a madwoman in control of the tower , Black Ajah and forsaken roaming around , I don't see why she shouldn't be allowed to have a strong base of support . I don't think the issue is critics about Egwene , as much as it is with critics that make no sense.
  12. I really can't understand this vision of Egwene , it strike me as misogynistic in essence . Your interpretation of her opposition of Rand is based on you negating her title , position , knowledge , her many harsh trial and overall accomplishment . I dont understand that you dont understand. Even if I do like Egwene because I think all her flaws are a result of her life and, though they have no excuse, I have to forgive her, I agree with synchxts 100%. Egwene literally tells Lews Therin "she's been researching, reading old books kept in the Tower". WTF? Dude, you are speaking to the man that actually sealed the bore. He is telling you that shit isnt gonna work anymore. You have no experience, no knowledge of the matter whatsoever. You can discuss it, but you definitely cant believe you are in possession of the truth and of course you cant doom the world because of that. She is, as a matter of fact, a brat, at least in that scene. A scene that by the way I believe was one of the worst of the book. I was eager to witness the "Rand meets Moiraine" moment, and it felt as rushed as ridiculous was the previous: the end of the world, with a pregnant teen as commander, decided in a few pages? Dude... Also dialogues felt so unnatural... I don't think this thread is the right place to have this debate . To me in this scene Egwene needs to put a strong front in face of Rand , because of his nature and his demand, she can't risk to be seen to favorable as is argument as this is a political discussion in an important meeting . Egwene as other see the flaw of Rand plans and point them out to him , mainly point she make are rational and good . He cannot be the leader of the war , the dragon peace is a bit flawed as for the seal her point as some merit and I don't think she was ruling out the possibility of breaking them . Our Pov as reader is not the same as the character , Egwene had good reason to doubt Rand sanity and, and her duty as Amyrlin put her in a difficult position , and Her opposition was mighty necessary for Rand plan to improve . Imagine for a second she had comply to his demand , not questioning his plan for a second , The dragon peace would perhaps had had the necessary improvement due to Aviendha and Elayne , but for the other demand ? Him being the leader of the war would have led to disaster , he could have been drawn out by Demandred or simply overwhelmed by the military concern , Egwene herself learned how demanding those where . Him breaking the fake seal lead also to possible disaster . While their might have been a better way to place and writes the scene . Egwene is in her role and is good at it , someone compare their interaction with the way Saidin and Saidar work , and I think he was right .
  13. I really can't understand this vision of Egwene , it strike me as misogynistic in essence . Your interpretation of her opposition of Rand is based on you negating her title , position , knowledge , her many harsh trial and overall accomplishment .
  14. what of Shemirhage? was´t she trying to get hold of Seanchan or did she just loll around as truthspeaker for the fun of it. And not Demandred unleash balefire ? a) we don´t know what he did in Shara , he maby killed several armies with it and second what did he do in the last battle , yes shouting balefire . and the last question : yes if you read the dark one wanted the pattern destroyed so he could remake it in his image - and the forsaken at least Demandred and Moridin was fine with it , and they were two of very few forsaken left . So you arguments dear sir is null and void. On another note , Something have been bothering me with Graendal , how did she compelled the great captain exactly ? She Use Tel'aran'rhiod to get to them, but did she simply use it a medium for transport or did she wen't into their dream , strongly suggested by Ituralde Pov . It was through their dreams, I believe. She accessed them by going to that sliver between T'A'R and the waking world where Egwene can go, the dark place where she can see everyone's dreams as lights. You may be onto something with how this would have worked on Bryne. Perhaps those wards weren't enough. Or maybe she went to him for real. lanfear told rand she could break through his wards, i'll go out on a limb and say graendal was able to pass bryne's warder bond protection. She also told he wouldn't like that ( meaning that would hurt him ?) witch would alarm both him and Suan , endangering her masterplan no ? Glad I could make you laugh .
  15. I just knew I should have use subjugated , pardon me Great Suttree .
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