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  1. I very much disagree. This level of stupidity is quite common in the series when the plot requires it without either of these things.
  2. Yes, I did. The guy can't stop whining. Tyrion didn't whine about being a dwarf? Really? He only did it about 237 times.
  3. Oh, yes, they will continue. Though in fairness they will have more legitimate reasons for complaining in the future. But none of them reaches Tyrion or Stannis level so I am bit baffled by your claim that there are no characters with "woe that is me" mentality in ASOIF. ;)
  4. The gap in education between Elayne and Nynaeve (and Egwene early on) is shown to be pretty big quite a few times. Egwene is quite annoyed about it a few times in TDR. ;)
  5. WoT isn't really like real 16-17 history in this respect, at least in Two Rivers and other areas. Everyone in Two Rivers is literate and plenty of them has read a lot of books. Books seem to be relatevely cheap due to printing presses. Here is what Jordan said about this when asked: "For Kison, education in this world is a very sometime thing. In the Two Rivers, where literacy is valued, parents teach children, and if, say, old Jondyn is known to be knowledgeable about history, parents send their children to him. This education is not as broad as that they might receive in a school, but then, the education given in many schools as late of the 19th Century would hardly stand up to today's standards. Rhetoric was given as great a weight as mathematics when it wasn't given more. Modern languages were deplored, and not taught even at university level. Parents teaching children is the general model followed. Sometimes a village might hire a sort of schoolmaster, but this is usually thought to be a waste of money since the parents between them have enough knowledge to teach most subjects to the extent necessary."
  6. I don't see the problem. Just because there's no prostitution doesn't mean there aren't cases where men or women sex to achieve their political goals.
  7. Yeah, the whole Perin and the Shaydo subplot is so dumb it's just painful to read. Perin needs an army and has Travelling available it makes zero sense that he didn't ask go to ask for help his close friend, who happened to be the most powerful man in the world and was already an enemy of the Shaido and had a huge army and numerous channellers. No, instead he made a deal with the Seanchan of all people. Completely ridiculous stuff.
  8. It's not subtle, it's an extreme example of "Strangled by the red string trope. It went straight from Thom giving Moiraine admiring looks but not trusting her and them having one actual conversation which wasn't about their feelings at all to "Let's get married right now and get bonded forever" without as much as a date, or a kiss, or a single conversation about their feelings.
  9. When he thought he had raped Min even though she literally tore his clothes off in her rush to get him naked ASAP I really wanted to slap Rand for being a total doofus.
  10. This bugged me while reading. The leaders of the non-Seanchan armies should've objected strongly to this.
  11. None of the ASOIF books is even close to being as slow as CoT. Or even PoD or WH. Doesn't make one better than the other, of course, but it has to eb said.that's just the way it is.
  12. What are these things? Everyone in the books considers Birgitte a Warder, including herself.
  13. They are not supposed to be equals and everyone who applies to become a Warder knows it. The Aes Sedai are the employers and, the ones with real power (magical, political, economical). The Warders are the bodyguards, the muscle. Birgette isn't, but Birgitte certainly is. Is this some elaborate sarcasm or something?
  14. It's a basic self-interest for an Aes Sedai to treat her Warder well. First of all, she can sense his emotions. Given that, it makes sense they'd much rather have the Warder happy than unhappy. Second, the Warders are their bodyguards. It's stupid to piss off your bodyguard, the one who has to guard your back and die for you if necessary. Are there some Aes Sedai who despite this are being stupid about this and are treating their Warders badly? Sure, but it doesn't seem likely that there are that many of these. Yeah, they could kill their Warder at any time. But that would be idiotic since it would hurt them terribly and there's Tower Law against it after all.
  15. I mentioned Elayne and Birgitte because it is the Aes Sedai - Warder relationship we see the most of from their own PoV. Sure, they are an unusual case to a large degree, never claimed otherwise. Nynaeve and Lan aren't exactly master and slave either. None of the pairs which receive significant screentime are. Sure, Merise and Jarishma is revolting, but it's just one example.
  16. So why are there so many candidates for the job and why do most of those who become Warders stay for life even though RJ said that the usual practice is to release them from the bond if they ask for it? Masochism? Not sure where you get the "with the exception of Lan, none of them would ever stand up to their Aes Sedai". Birgitte did it all the time. One of the BA from Liandrin's coven had to run away from her warder because he wanted to kill her because he suspected she was a Darkfriend. Hell, even Gawyn did to a degree.
  17. Hell yeah, he got on my nerves a lot throughout the series. Not being able to ever kill a woman is probably number 1 in the list. Especially when said woman is 1)literally one of the most evil persons who ever lived 2)about to kill him and thus doom the whole world His absolute idiocy in dealing with Elaida's embassy which got him captured is really annoying too. He had thousands of Aiel Wo, why not take a few of them to check who can channel or not among the women who were part of that group? Giving total control of the Black Tower to a guy who he met 5 minutes ago and not supervising him at all after the initial two months was just really dumb. Even after some of Taim's top men tried to murder him, Rand did nothing to deal with Taim. Agree on not letting the Maidens fight. That list of dead women he kept.
  18. Well, Nynaeve had been basically the leader of a sizeable village for years and has had to deal the mayor and the Village Council and with problems within the women circle, so she should've been experienced in negotiating. And Elayne was trained for Queen her whole life, and obviously negotiating is an important skill to have. Obviously they aren't supposed to be top experts on this like the Sea Folk leader, but still being so completely outmanoeuvred was very implausible to me. Especially considering that one of the Sea Folk gave away how precious the Bowl was for them before the negotiations started and that Elayne and Nynaeve had no idea only the Sea Folk had the knowledge to operate it successfully.
  19. Why do you think there would be a huge change? Because I don't see it at all. What has changed? I don't think they were ever slaves or even servants. Out of self-interest very few Aes Sedai would want the guy guarding her back to resent her and to feel mistreated - that's a recipe for a disaster. And with the bond no Aes Sedai would want to feel her Warder's anger or resentment towards her most of the time if they can avoid it. The Warders are junior partners whose opinion matters a lot. The Aes Sedai has the final word, sure, but they are treated well and with respect for the most part.
  20. The Aiel Wise Ones who were in Caemlyn know all about it. Mat, obviously. Thom. Perrin and Faile.
  21. Up to the end of of ToM the situation is that most of the Andoran nobles and Caemlyn residents still believe Doliin Mellar is the most likely candidate to be the father of Elayne's babies. Elayne has not publicly denied the rumours, and most people are not aware of the exact nature of events that happen in the palace in ToM. After he was arrested as Darkfriend and waiting for an execution, and later on almost killed her, I would think the rumour died out quickly, with Elayne's help.
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