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  1. I know it is a bit cliché because of the numerous fan references to Bela being the Creator but I would very much like to hear a kind mention of that Pony. A selfish request but when I was growing up we had a Pony named Molly and that horse reminded me of her. I would appreciate a tactful mention of the horse that carried the dragon and two of the most influential Aes sedai in the series. Even if it was a simple. "and after all was said and done the horse was put to pasture spending her days grazing" But I am a sucker for those moments
  2. Well it just struck me as odd. Perrin had Slayer. Egewene had Aran gar and Messana Nyevene had Moggy. And rand had Everyone. ...and Matt gets darkfriends and a ghoul. He either has an epic showdown or he is doing exactly what the shadow wants him to do.
  3. Doesn't it seem odd that none of the foresaken have ACTIVELY pursued Matt? Maybe they know something we don't?
  4. Oh I was just being cheeky. It appeared to me that there was a lot of creation on RJs part when questions arose about whether or not the DO did that gender swap on purpose. It is perfectly plausable that it happened, because it is his world his rules.
  5. Right but "suitable" doesn't explain the fact that a woman can channel like a man. And the DO said "yes this will suit my male chosen well! Except for the plumbing and the fixtures and that women can't channel like him... its essentially a suitable match" it didn't matter at all? me thinks the author protests too much. Sometimes a clever joke is ruined if everyone calls you on it. Blam! The foot
  6. Hahaha this thread REALLY makes me want to buy a premium accounts!!! *insert sarcasm* Maybe if you lowered the price or donated the proceeds to charity there would be more motivation? Everyone loves a good cause to get behind. Foot
  7. I don't know about anyone else but I sorta took it that at the beginning of TOM that Zen Rand was actually doing what the "song" might do with Almen Bunts Apple Orchard. and then again in Tarabon. The "song" may be a mood or presence that is often brought out through song. But then the book would have one of those "Ah-ha!" moments for the Tinkers and they realise that it is just some cheesy lame thrown together mission and it took them hundreds of years to realise they had it all along. Maybe it is as one poster put it, " the song that never ends" and the world slowly began killing ANY
  8. Going to the UK in September!!!!!!

  9. This seems like one of those obvious answers to me like "why does a flower grow in a garden". Simple really, because it has been planted there nurtured and given time to form. Just because the city cannot channel doesn't mean it recieves no Aes Sedai meddling. For all we know the council could be all female channelers that never made it past accepted but have a strong sense for politics. Of course that was a wild example but with RJs theme perhaps the fact that women and men do not work well with one another could cause some political leaders to resign to a female run state to make negotiation
  10. I saw in another thread the mention that the Nym is a very old soul. Could one of the mains become the new nym? My thought is maybe this will be perrin? After all he is, as some have interpreted by some from the foresaken prochecies, supposed to die. Any thoughts on this? I would throw up a quote but I am having trouble with no books until my moving boxes arrive.
  11. Was it just me or was jains death really poorly done? I mean yes, we all knew Noal was jain and he did not have a great deal of Face time or POVs but the building of the legend and every character reading his book and the many references. I would have liked at the very least a battle death scene instead of mat seeing the bloody sword and saying "well he's dead". ...unless he isn't dead?
  12. I heard a rumor from a prophecy that rands going to die!!! Honestly the one who is most likely, the one who can see visions of everyone else but not herself and will likely have the most tragic death. Oh min your hidden daggers may not be enough... But seriously learn to use a short sword at least!
  13. Ill throw out a few random suggestions: There is a space ship in the blight. There is a home depot in the blight. There is a well in the blight? That maybe is the source of the TP (true power not toilet paper though that may be the key to defeating the shadow) Maybe it is something like a green man? Of course all of my ideas are nuts but I feel it is something bigger than a city. In meaning not actual size. Two cents given. Foot
  14. Uh... Matt! Wait scratch that, Thom when speaking to Matt
  15. Something has my head a buzz. When did the whole Thom moraine relationship become a love interest? Is it something subtle? Haha I felt like Matt all confused. I mean sure it was likely but also seemed a bit rushed.
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