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You know you've read the Wheel of Time too much if...


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1.) In a fit of exasperation you've shouted Blood and ashes or By the Light.


2.) When someone wrongs you you think about the toh he has incurred.


3a.) You've put yourself through novices exercises and tried to touch Saidar.

3b.) You've sought the Oneness and tried to touch Saidin


4a.) You've looked at an attractive male and thought he'd be a nice warder.


5.) You've tried to learn the sword forms based of what you've read


6.) You watch C-Span and all you can think of is Daes Dae'mar


7.) Instead of C'est le vie you have said the Wheel Weaves as it wills


8.) You fear to name the dark one.


9.) You have "sniffed" at someone.


Thats all i can think off right now feel free to add more

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* If you discuss WoT characters breast sizes on forums.

* If you uncontrollably make the motion of the Dragon's fang in the air with a hand while crying "Glory to mein Grossen Fuehrer" and then trying to strangle yourself with same hand. You also start to call yourself Dr. Darklove.

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when u think that ur teacher or boss might be a darkfriend :)


when u do something that u never thought u may do .. or do something contradicts the usual u, then begin thinking that a ta'veren must have passed u and try to think why the battern waved it that way :D


and by the light! i do say all the time say "the wheel weaves as the wheel wills" more of convenience than of habit :)  ..

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When you say “You have toh to me” when someone does something wrong to you...


When you start to have creepy dreams about you are an Aes Sedai...


When you think about your finals as Arches...


When you think you can get something by channeling as you are too tired...


And else :P


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If you've ever sat in your back yard keeping an eye on the field behind you just in case a bunch of trollocs decide to attack...     :-\




I do that all the time. Never know when a relic from a previous turning of the Wheel may pop up o.O


You know you've read too much Wheel of Time when you scream "Kill them! Kill them all! They're tainted!" every time you see men wearing black.

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when you start talking a lot with 'do be'


when you watch the news and yank your braid or hair, hands itching to box the politicians ears


when you practice 'gliding' on a cobblestone street (carrying schnaps)


when you give the Aes Sedai stare at strangers standing in your way and they actually move to let you pass


when you watch the young men today and desperately hope to find one that has at least a hint of Mat Cauthon in them


when you say 'time to roll the dice' when you're about to confront a difficult/risky situation

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1) You consistantly try to mentally communicate with your neighbours dogs.

2) They talk back.

3) You judge the attractiveness of a person totally on "the turn of their calf".

4) When deciding on the quickest way to commmunicate with some one long distance, you immediately think of pigeons.

5) You go to a pottery class, make 7 seals, paint them black and white, then break each one while laughing manically.

6) You know the geography of randland better than that of your own country.

7) Your friends and family can describe all of the important events in the books despite the fact that none of them have read tWoT.

8) When being told a joke, you immediately listen out for the part concerning water.


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1. You look at anyone that looks shady and start wondering if they killed Asmodean.


2. The same as above, wondering whether they are actaully Demandred in disguise


3. If you say something and people dont understand or ask you to sayit again, you worry that you have accidently blurted out sentances in the Old Tounge unconciously.


4. Anything weird is automatically a result of the Dark One's touch and you fear the seals are weakening again

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