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  1. What happened too Jolene? was she in AMOL? And Narishma, what was his final fate? I seemed too have missed them both... Was Vora's sa'angrael also trapped in the chrystal egwene made, like Demandred's sa'angrael? So was Vora's lost too?
  2. was Jolene in the book? I really liked her. Do we know what happened to her?
  3. I like these releases, they are better than nothing, but at the same time I sort of wish they were releasing chapter names instead of these tiny little sentences! They are so frustrating!! But more fun I suppose :)
  4. Gosh I am so pumped for resolution with him. He is my favorite character. Bad ass. He better get resolution.
  5. I am pleased to say I also got a warning point one time. No clue what it was for. But it must have been great. I'm just curious, but why do grammar errors matter to so many people? I mean, who cares? This is a book! A story! Each book is over 1000 pages long, some errors will seep in! Just give the people the benefit of the doubt and stop being so hateful. We all need to just take a step back and realize this is a story. A good one yes, but a story. Just read and enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it stop reading. Pretty simple. But there is no need to fight eachother and be hurtful and say mean things. That is uncalled for.
  6. Well... He only had two. He already lost one. So possibly another. For a grand total of two. Maybe.
  7. Gosh, this was... pretty bad. Like wow. I do not like audiobooks to begin with, and the female who was reading it did a terrible voice job. to be honest I dont care at all about elayne and aviendah catching up. I want some answers. I want some fights. Come on! This was terrible! Talemanes, really? couldnt you just die??? I read a game of thrones this week. One thing that was great about it? People DIED. It was WONDERFUL. Sad yes. But real! This is rediculous!
  8. Okay, so I am going to give my 2 cent on Brandon's work. I really like the guy. RJ's work really was horrible the last few books. I know that is blaspheming around these parts, but I seriously wasnt a fan of the pacing of his last few books. I feel as if Brandon breathed some much needed life into the stories. He is by no means perfect. No means. His prose and words can be a bit childish, and he doesnt do the right voices at times. But seriously? give the guy a break. He is giving us a conclusion to one of the biggest fantasy series ever. Have you ever tried to emulate another author's style and voice? it is near impossible. I think he has done a great job. And honestly? I am glad A memory of light wont be riddled with clothing choices and scenery and other things that have no meaning to the plot. Brandon cut that crap out of the stories. I like that. He has plenty of flaws. But I like what he has done. I think we should take a step back and see the gift Brandon has given us before we start trashing him. He has done a very good thing. Yes he gets paid. But the main reason was he wanted to give us closure. and that is a gift that should make us all incredibly grateful. Look past your entitlement and see what he has done.
  9. I want to see what happens when mat re-blows the horn. It should hopefully be epic.
  10. It is really sad how few are left. The only cool ones are Demandred and... oh wait. none others. Moggy, Moridin, Cyndane, new Graendal... Graendal used to be cool but now she just isnt... I am not really getting my hopes up. RIP Rahvin, Sammael, Ba'lal.... Simerhage. Rahvin did Morgase. He wins. Even though he died, he is still a winner. If BS makes Demandred die in some lame way, I will not be pleased.
  11. I have a very different list than most other people so... dont judge :) 1 TPoD... I know, it is super duper high. But. The Seanchan campaign.... was like one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. I loved it. Great Hunt. was great. Kod....The deathgates, Lan, Simerhage. I love this book. Shadow Rising. Obvious reasons. LoC. Dumais wells. Eye of the World. Green Man was epic. Fires of Heaven... Love Moiraine, and Lanfear. TGS, was pretty good. ToM was also pretty good. CoS wasnt that great. Dragon reborn... I dont remember anything from this book. COT.... not much happened. Didnt like this one.
  12. Hey guys, it has been a while! But great to be back. Some things I am really looking forward too: Perrin's hammer... I love the thing. Want to see it in action again! Slayer... Always been one of my favorite characters. I want to know what his deal is, truly and completely! Egwene... dying... Mat... I am curious if he will be the bridge needed for Rand and Tuon? One of my pet theories is that The Prince of the Ravens is the commander of the Seanchan. That would be cool. Black Tower epic destruction civil war deal. So. Pumped. Logain. That is all that I can think of. But I am sure more will come! Great to be back :)
  13. definately Definitely not! I love these books but I want it to end, damn it! Agreed. I mean i was soooo so pumped after TGS and now... after ToM i just do not care that much what happens. i just want it done.
  14. Honestly I thought for a while she did something to his wound so it wouldnt heal
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