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  1. Cyndane being the most punished probably rests on two things. 1. Her attitude following her first death. I don't find it particularly hard to believe that she's generally been more defiant than Moggy, considering the characterization of each. 2. Rather than simply screwing up horribly like the others, she actively worked to help Rand learn to channel and tried to create an alliance with him to overthrow both the Dark One and the Creator. Even if it had never worked, this is likely a much more significant offense in the Dark One's eyes (or whatever equivalent it may have). Even Asmo and Moggy were forced into their situation--the former by Cyndane herself.
  2. Hah. Great song choice considering the prophecies surrounding Rand's death. My question is if But this is pretty awesome news.
  3. No, it's the extra guy from the first cover of Eye of the World, the one cut in the editing process. The next book is where he makes his grand return as the fourth ta'veren! :D
  4. If I had a spare copy of The Eye of the World, I'd send it to ya. Unfortunately I don't. I see from the other thread that your libraries don't have a copy. Used, like one person suggested, is one good possibility. Try checking around your town for used bookstores and seeing if they have a cheap copy of the first book. Or someone here might end up being really nice.
  5. 1. It wasn't balefire. 2. Balefire doesn't erase from the pattern. It's just that the Dark One has a very small window of time to grab a soul at the time of death. Balefire gets rid of that window, putting the soul back into the normal cycle.
  6. I've always expected a lot of deaths in the last book. I'm thinking Lan dies. Maybe Nynaeve as well, considering her temper and the Warder bond. I can see her going out just like the last Manatheren queen. Perhaps she'll be the one to ultimately destroy whatever Trolloc army threatens Tarwin's Gap. Maybe even make it inaccessible in the process, Breaking of the World style.
  7. The Travels of Jain Farstrider The Dragon Reborn, by Loial
  8. She's a powerful Dreamer and has plans to introduce some much needed reform to the White Tower. She also is smart enough to listen to, and learn from, those that have in the past held similar positions. She may not always take the advice but she does listen. I'm not that big of an Egwene fan, others will be able to find more.
  9. Ogier all the way. Long life, on par with an Aes Sedai, and the possibility of some supernatural powers of my own. I also love nature, books, and history. And could learn to carry a massive axe around with me, Gardener style.
  10. I generally prefer highly character driven fiction to event driven, so I kinda pick Ice and Fire. But that doesn't mean I have any issues with WoT- it, by far, has some of the most epic moments to be found in fantasy today. Both are very good at what they try to do.
  11. Sympathy in The Kingkiller Chronicles is a pretty awesome system.
  12. At the end of the day the Seanchan are only human and, like humans, will change. Their culture has the potential for advancing and, perhaps, building something greater than what the current Westlands could become. The Dark One, on the other hand, is an entropic god-being that will always exist and has the ability to prevent any changes from within. The choice is pretty obvious; take the one that, in the long game, could actually grow into a modern society. So the Seanchan.
  13. I know, right? Its in their name and everything. But yeah. I agree. The Seanchan- very experienced and disciplined soldiers, its rather large, has channeling support, seems very good at adapting things which are used against them, etc. If I can't use the Seanchan, I'll just take Rand's vast legions. They're pretty much a more numerous, less united Seanchan. With, admittedly, a higher rate of badasses per capita it appears. If I can't take that... idk, the Band? Experienced, dragons in place of channelers, possibility of Asha'man support in the future via connections with Rand, etc.
  14. ...authors communicating through an interpreter, like the Seanchan High Blood? If I ever become a famous author I'm definitely doing that.
  15. Mo and Thom are around the same age, Thom being maybe 10 years older? Remember, both "made their bones" as it were, during the Aiel War or its immediate aftermath. Thom with Morgase during the Succession Crisis and Mo with the whole being raised to the shawl and hunting BA thing.
  16. 1. If this eliminates Murandy, it also eliminates Shara, Seanchan... well, pretty much everywhere else that has been suggested. Including marshaling armies in the Blight. Just figured I'd put it out there- it doesn't just kill the Roedran theory, but a whole host of them. 2. The Forsaken are backstabbers. Demandred could have been simply BSing about watching Rand and disobeying orders. 3. Demandred could be using proxies to keep an eye on Rand. Or proxies to utilize Murandy. Remember, he particularly likes doing things like that. 4. Demandred has not been seen on screen yet. Since we know this, via Word of God, that means it is not someone particularly close to Rand. If it was, we'd have seen him by now. 5. In the post above mine, Demandred himself is suggesting he could be in Murandy. /nod
  17. Until Olver destroys Pips and takes that role for himself.
  18. Blademaster is a swordmaster, that's what they mean. It refers to the specific style of combat used with the swords, using specific forms and their variances. So Rhuarc and Mat aren't on the list. Now, if we compile most lethal melee characters, I'd be inclined to put Mat at the top.
  19. Alien Outline NEW? I'm intrigued by this.
  20. Demandred is Olver1. It is known. 1Actual theory is that Demandred is Roedran. Olvendred is purely for humor.
  21. I think it has to do with the similarity between Machin Shin and Mashadar.
  22. Yeah the challenge questions are pretty simple to find. Elio, I believe, is Ran and the owner (Or is that Linda?) of the site.
  23. Moiraine and Gandalf are, indeed, cut from similar cloth. I believe the WoT FAQ over on WoTMania had a good part about this actually. They are also similar in the role they play within the story (early story in Mo's case).
  24. I tremble with rage at the absence of Demandreds name!!!!!!! Rand: *captures Demandred* Eyyyy old buddy! So remind me, why did you go Dark again? Demandred: Because I was second to you, and I was born a day after you. Rand: Interesting. You are second to Ishamael, and you were re-inserted after he was. Demandred: I couldnt help him coming back first! Rand: You couldnt help being born after me either. Demandred: ... I see. Rand: Seriously, your reasons for turning sound really wrong. Have you ever considered the possibility that you were 13x13ed? Demandred: Never! Rand: So if my colleague here had figured out an anti-13x13 weave it would have no affect on you, right? Then surely you would sit there and take the weave like a man. Demandred: Yeah ok theres no need, I been an idiot. Moridin has this fortress in the Blight and is stealing your Ashaman... by 13x13... Damn I been an idiot! Hah! I love this. I actually think Moridin is a likely contender though. I seem to recall that Brandon intimated that Demandred would be playing a pretty big role, and what's bigger than Nae'blis after Moridin has gone through his own Veins of Gold moment? Meh. Moridin turning good is more wishful thinking though. Way too much True Power usage, methinks. But it'd be pretty awesome. He may go all Darth Vaderish and, whilst dying, reveal to Rand something very crucial for sealing the Dark One, I guess.
  25. You mean Bela is Olver? I never noticed, but I suppose it all makes sense now.
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