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  1. Cyndane being the most punished probably rests on two things. 1. Her attitude following her first death. I don't find it particularly hard to believe that she's generally been more defiant than Moggy, considering the characterization of each. 2. Rather than simply screwing up horribly like the others, she actively worked to help Rand learn to channel and tried to create an alliance with him to overthrow both the Dark One and the Creator. Even if it had never worked, this is likely a much more significant offense in the Dark One's eyes (or whatever equivalent it may have). Even Asmo and Moggy were forced into their situation--the former by Cyndane herself.
  2. Hah. Great song choice considering the prophecies surrounding Rand's death. My question is if But this is pretty awesome news.
  3. Elend

    Alloy of Law

    I really enjoyed this one. His best work since Warbreaker at least; better than at least the second and third of the Mistborn trilogy. On par with the first in a lot of ways.
  4. To follow up on this reply, what authors do you think really hit the idea of magic influencing the environment, as you strive to do? Any before you that you felt particularly influenced this particular aspect of your style?
  5. Thank you very much for appearing today Mr. Modesitt. I guess I'll begin. Where did the you get the idea for using the magic system you have, with order and chaos and them being in balance? Taking it further, you write about some of the effects that the magic has on people and places. Why did you choose to focus on this to such an extent?
  6. No, it's the extra guy from the first cover of Eye of the World, the one cut in the editing process. The next book is where he makes his grand return as the fourth ta'veren! :D
  7. If I had a spare copy of The Eye of the World, I'd send it to ya. Unfortunately I don't. I see from the other thread that your libraries don't have a copy. Used, like one person suggested, is one good possibility. Try checking around your town for used bookstores and seeing if they have a cheap copy of the first book. Or someone here might end up being really nice.
  8. 1. It wasn't balefire. 2. Balefire doesn't erase from the pattern. It's just that the Dark One has a very small window of time to grab a soul at the time of death. Balefire gets rid of that window, putting the soul back into the normal cycle.
  9. I've always expected a lot of deaths in the last book. I'm thinking Lan dies. Maybe Nynaeve as well, considering her temper and the Warder bond. I can see her going out just like the last Manatheren queen. Perhaps she'll be the one to ultimately destroy whatever Trolloc army threatens Tarwin's Gap. Maybe even make it inaccessible in the process, Breaking of the World style.
  10. Big problem with Voldemort is his habit of continually doing the same thing over and over. Avada Kedavra! Avada Kedavra! Hmm, this isn't working. What should I try next? I know - Avada Kedavra - with a different wand! Voldemort, you genius. Of course, given that bad guys typically have tolose, they do tend to have pretty big weaknesses while similar idiocy on the parts of good guys benefit from plot shields. I don't recall any character called Sephiroth in Ocarina of Time. Looks like someone has a cruciatus curse coming their way. Anyway, some magic users I like: Darken Rahl (a tragic hero with a poor choice of friends, he tried to rid the world of the greatest threat it had and largely succeeded, falling at the final hurdle. His life's work was undone by the unpredictable, allowing a soul destroying monster and her love slave to rule in his stead. What, you didn't realise Wizard's First Rule let the bad guy win?), the Witch-King of Angmar, Horus Lupercal, Magnus the Red, Malekith, Kellhus, Aurang/Aurax (whichever one it is that uses magic), Rupert Giles, Wesley Wyndham-Price, Harry Potter Dresden. Best post in this thread.
  11. Bran Stark and Bloodraven are both awesome picks. Can't believe I didn't think of using them.
  12. Kefka destroys Sephiroth. I've always rather liked Kvothe from the Kingkiller Chronicles. He's kind of a Marty Stu subversion, or that's how I always read him, since it seems like he straight up caused his world's apocalypse. Vin has a cool set of powers and is a great example of a series of average powers working in synergy to create a lot of power. Also, Negi Springfield. Set up a gambit to steal the power of what was essentially the world's greatest still living hero and then used power against said hero. He's a manga character, but I'm still throwing it out there.
  13. I've always thought Elaida and Cersei have a disturbing amount in common. Though this is ignoring respective opinions on men.
  14. I'd actually kinda dig Jon as a false messiah. I used to speculate about Bran going this route but, with the reveal of Bloodraven and the Children, I'm less inclined to believe this now. Unless all the myths of the past, of the Children fighting the Others, are false (not impossible considering Sam's musing on the very possibility of the histories being wrong). I <3 Evil Jon.
  15. Elend

    Fave Character

    After just reading A Dance with Dragons, I'm going to put Wyman Manderly out there. Bran Stark too.
  16. Sword of Truth is actually worse than aSoIaF IMO, as far as violence/sex goes. At least the bit I read before I found the Lemmings of Discord and chose death.
  17. If Dany is a warg and dragon warging is possible, I'm pretty sure she's screwed if she comes into conflict with the North, as Bran being stronger is basically a certainty since she hasn't manifested this power at all yet. So I doubt she is and I somehow think dragon warging isn't possible or at least is extremely difficult. I'd actually love a scene where she tries to destroy a Stark and Drogon outright turns on her. Considering her view on Starks such a thing may be a necessity, to get her to work with them. Though, like I say above, I'm pretty sure that for some reason dragon warging can't really be done. I don't see Aegon riding a dragon unless GRRM completely scraps Dany being a ruling Queen (which I'd welcome). Aegon, assuming it's really him, is the rightful Targaryen heir as opposed to Dany. He's the first-born son of Rhaegar and that comes before Dany's claim.
  18. I take offense! I actually agree though. But don't worry, Elend is never on the same level as Vin. Take Breeze as an example. No doubt that Vin and Kelsier were both stronger than he was. But he was still better at soothing than they are. Elend to Vin is similar- powerful, but he never really gets up to snuff with them, and so much of Allomancy isn't raw power but how you use it. ETA: Also, I've totally began Malazan. So far it's alright but the writing style is kind of grating on me. I think that has to do with reading it immediately after A Dance with Dragons, which uses a highly introspective and personal style.
  19. I'm thinking the Almighty is dead but the power still remains. The visions that Dalinar has seem to echo the shape in the mist that Vin saw in Mistborn. A fragment of the conscious being, but all the power.
  20. Info on Wit: If you don't want to read the spoiler, just keep in mind that most of Sanderson's work takes place in the same universe. Just different worlds. That's part of why you have the dead god theme going on so often, too, as that's a sort of meta-theme of the universe as a whole, IIRC.
  21. You could contrast Narnia and His Dark Materials. But, if it were me, I'd either pick one reasonably long stand-alone or 3-5 Hobbit length books. I'd have weekly/daily reading assignments and discussion of this during class. IMO a lot can be learned just through an active discussion. Maybe spend the first few classes discussing the common tropes of fantasy and a brief refresher on general literature, i.e. the story arc and story elements.
  22. I think for young adult you could totally get away with Mistborn. At least the first book. But you'd want something reasonably short and easy to read. The Hobbit would be an ideal starting point and it has the added bonus of being a children's book originally. The Lord of the Rings as a whole may be too large, depending on the level of class you're thinking of. I'd not put WoT in here. As a series it's far too long to be taught in a single high school class, IMO. A Song of Ice and Fire is similar and probably too adult for most high schools to teach, and it's like this from the start. ETA: You could perhaps try The Name of the Wind as well, it's long but how it's written makes it feel much shorter.
  23. I've finished after a pretty careful read-through. It's good. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'd consider it stronger than both Clash and Feast but weaker than Storm and probably Game. It's biggest weakness lies in the 100-200 pages GRRM had to cut out and push into Winds. I actually kinda think Stannis might be sitting the Iron Throne at the end of the series. This book really makes me a fan of Stannis, in a way I never expected to be. In fact I'm kinda torn. I told myself, going into this, that if Aegon is alive I'd hate it. But GRRM makes me like it. Aegon seems like he'd make a pretty decent king, too. I could totally see Stannis or Aegon ruling the realm at the end of the series, with Dany dead and Jon manning the Wall the rest of his life. Though I don't think the Iron Throne will necessarily exist when all is said and done. And Dany still isn't that fun to read for me, though her final chapter is excellent. Looks like we got some serious blood and fire happening in Winds, I expect it to be every bit as good as Storm.
  24. Can I just say that so far this book is amazing?
  25. I began A Dance with Dragons today. It's damned good so far.
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