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  1. It was my understanding that the TP is very different from OP. I never invisioned the TP having five different types of flows, like how the OP has Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit. Because of this the TP would be easier to understand. I also got the impression that Rand did not understand that he had used the TP. He said to Cadsuane something like "Do you beleive that I can bend the pattern to my will? That I could kill you without moving or channeling? That if I willed it the pattern would make your heart stop?" Obviously not an exact quote but its essentially what he said. and Cadsuane did believe. So what I am trying to say is that its not like Rand wove balefire with the TP as much as just "willed" balefire to form. And I do agree that LT didnt use balefire to have to recognize it. I would imagine he would have studied it quite thuroughly in order to be familiar with the DO and his "energy"
  2. when you try to hold to the three oaths (well the first one at least)
  3. The Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. A good series in its own right, but worth reading just to get a feel for his work, since he is taking over where RJ left off. His other books Elantris and Warbreaker are stand alone books that are also good reads. The Deathgate Cycle was written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman was also good. 7 books set in a very Magical world or rather several Magical worlds that it jumps between. All the same characters all one long story. I would have suggested A Song of Ice and Fire (George RR Martin), it is one of my favorites and I am suprised that you didnt like it. I would urge another look at it if you didnt give it a fair chance. EDIT: Forgot to mention the aSoIaF is not complete yet, so you may want to steer clear for a while after all. Nevertheless still a great read.
  4. I just finished The Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy. Very well written book with a good story. Not a real page turner till the end but just the eloquence of his writing is enough to make you come back. I just Picked up The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran last night, looks like it will be a quick read. After that ill probably get back into some fantasy. I am waiting on the next book in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as The Towers of Midnight (obviously), but I am not sure what will be next. I read all of Brandon Sanderson's books and recently finshed up the Deathgate series. Oh I am also listening to Winter's Heart on CD. I have all the books up to WH on CD and it has been interesting listening to them as opposed to reading them, it adds a different flavor. I am going to try and get through TGS before ToM, do they even have TGS on audio yet?
  5. So I have a question about Warder Bonds, and more specifically about the bond betwen Rand and Alanna. It has been stated that a Warder dies shortly after his Aes Sedai dies, for various reasons, grief being prominent. We also know it is possible for the Warder to survive his Aes Sedai, if bonded again and given purpose. Now what I am wondering is how Alanna's death would effect Rand. I find it unlikely he would die, given that he definitely has a strong enough goal to keep going. Would he just become really depressed or would it not effect him that much. I feel that a large component of the Warder's death/grief is the emotional ties to the Aes Sedai. As I was wondering about this I was also wondering about what would happen if an Aes Sedai bonded a man (not a Channeler) and died like a week later. Would that Warder die? Or would the emotional ties not have developed enough for the Warder to be effected so much? I mean lets take this case to an extreme. If an Aes Sedai bonds a man, maybe even against his will, then dies right afterword, would the Warder even be effected, since he really has no feeling foe the Aes Sedai? Anyways they were some some questions that have been running through my head so I thought I would throw them up here and see what people thought.
  6. Although the Dark One and the Creator are generally believed to be male, I feel that they can not even be classified as having human form. When they say "The dark one could reach his hand out and touch the world" it is only an expression of the magnitude of his power. I believe that when/if we see him and Rand face off he will either be a shadowed form vaguely representing that of a human, or not representing anything human, or he will take over somebody's body, possibly Moridin or Shadar Haran. As for religion in WoT, the Pattern and the Wheel of Time are their religion. The Creator and the Dark One are their gods. The wheel and the Pattern are real just as the Creator and the Dark One are real. People are reincarnated and they can, at least to a degree, talk to their Gods (although the creator never actually responds). So why would the people of Randland believe in something abstract (and something that they would see no true proof of) when they have these other entities to pray to and to believe in that they do see proof of.
  7. Just for the record I do have my favorite female characters. I like Moiraine (obviously), Cadsuane, Min, Avienda, and Egwene. Its just that I find I like pretty much all the male characters. And even if I don't like the actual character I like reading his PoV. Its just not that way with the women. Another thing that I thought about that might have something to do with this is that as the books progress we get to see less and less of Rand, and to some degree Mat and Perrin (although we do get a good amount from them). I find that we see so much from the women, especially Elayne when she is getting the Lion Throne, that it may effect how much I like reading about them. I realize that this kinda sounds like I am complaining, Im not. I just noticed this and thought I would comment on it.
  8. I have read the WoT series twice and I am listening to the Audiobooks, currently on Fires of Heaven. I find that I love all the Male point of views, but that most of the female ones tend to annoy me. Now to clarify I am not saying I hate reading all the female parts. There are just a lot of scenes, particularly from Nyneave and Elayne, that really annoy me. Just how stubborn and stuck up they are in some aspects, and how they are always treating Thom and Juilin badly, and saying they don't need help then getting rescued all the time. I know a lot of this annoyance is because I am very familiar with the plot now and I am focusing more on subtleties with the characters and the prophesies so I notice the small things more. Anyways what I wanted to ask if I am just being biased because I am a man and so I prefer male point of view, or if its normal. I know some people have expressed dislike of Nyneave and Elayne (and for the record Nyneave does get better as the books progress) so I was just wondering how everybody else feels about it.
  9. I really liked Vin. She broke the mold by being a "scared little girl" type, and then ended up kicking a massive amount of butt. Thats not to say that Min isn't a really good character as well. By the way to anyone who hasn't read the Mistborn trilogy I highly recommend it. I read it after I heard about Mr. Sanderson being signed on to complete WoT. I also read Elantris, his first novel, and Warbreaker, his most recent, both of which were really good. They are worth reading just to get a feel for his writing since we are going to be seeing a good amount of it.
  10. I would like to see Mat Rand and Perrin get together and sort of catch up. I think the swirling colors they are all seeing is going to slowly drag them all together. I will especially like seeing Mat explain his marriage. I would like to see a Moiraine and Cadsuane showdown. I think this is inevitable and will be classic WoT greatness. Although I am not sure if they will hate each other or team up and help each other. On that not I will love any Moiraine reunion/confrontation. I will also like to see Rand meeting with his Two Rivers people, chiefly Tam. As was commonly said I will also enjoy the Rand Galad we are brothers confrontation.
  11. I don't think the DO will even get a chance over the Wheel at Birgitte. After all she is bound to the wheel. Interesting thought just came to me. Do you think that the Forsaken are bound to the wheel and spun out for the DO?
  12. I am sure fain will be involved in the Last Battle somehow, but i doubt it will be the resealing. Interesting idea though. I personally think he will use the Choden Kal, and will do a better job of sealing the bore than in the AoL. Rand will have a Lews Therin moment and since Lews Therin did it the first time he could probably do it together. Also the choden kal is probably stronger than 100 men, since men can't link. I don't think the seal will be a simple "patch" as they did in the AoL. I remember the philosopher guy (Herid Fel?) saying the prison must be complete again, as if it was never bored, before the 1st age comes again. This could be done in one of he later ages but I think Rand will come close to a perfect seal.
  13. I have been doing a second reread and I just finished up The Dragon Reborn. There are a few odd things especially in The Eye Of The World. Things like Moraine's Staff. In the book i think she said it was an "aid to concentration", we also see Moraine using a switch in The Dragon Reborn in the opening battle in the mountains. She doesn't comment on it but when it touched a "cut of flame" appeared and then spread until they died. I don't think we have seen any other Aes Sedai using similar items. Do we know if they are Ter'Angreal or if they just have personal significance to Moraine? It seems that she could do what she does without these items. In general I have noticed that most of the power related things are vague and unexplained in the first book. This is because the channelers we see don't really know what they are doing, but there are some things that I thought were odd given how much I now know of how channeling works.
  14. its pretty funny to me that Aes Sedai don't realize that its the oath rod that creates the ageless face for quite a long time. It has been said a few times that they get the ageless face after "working with the power for a long time" but you have Accepted with almost 20 years of working with the Power then they swear the oaths and a couple years later they are ageless.
  15. One idea i always thought would be interesting is: If your enemy is in a valley or "bowl" type of terrain, then open a gateway above them with the other end underwater in the Ocean. You pour massive amounts of water on them and effectively create a lake around them. This would work really well against trollocs because they hate water. I initially thought of this before they used to bowl of winds to bring water to places in drought (it would have to be fresh water then) or for bringing water to the waste. other than that I think Rand really used the power effectively with the blossoms of fire and deathgates also those red arrow things (that come out of his fingers. Those would be best for direct killing power. Also it would be cool to create "mines" with the OP. You could have ter'angreal that activate with either movement or close proximity of shadowspawn. They could either have a massive explosion or something more radial, with the damage spread horizontally for more widespread death.
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