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  1. Comedian Bill Hicks saw all this coming back in the 90s. To quote him: "I was sitting in the Waffle House reading a book when the trucker behind me turns around and says 'Well, well, looks like we got ourselves a reader!' And the waitress comes up and says 'What you readin' for?' To which I say, 'Ah gee, maybe so I don't end up as a Waffle House waitress.' " I can't do the e-Readers. I need the solid form of an actual book to read, I don't have to charge them up to read them and then there's the smell.
  2. I've been told to watch 'Idiocracy'. Though I'm slightly afraid too because after reading the blurb about it, I'm afraid I will lose all faith in humanity. Rasheta, people who are snobby and walk around with their noses in the air, we Brits refer to them as toffee-nosed twats. I have found it to be a handy phrase.
  3. You've used the phrase Tai'shar [insert country name here] in conversation with someone. I've done that before (got some funny looks and replies) and both of water seeker's suggestions.
  4. That's why I like the Blue Closet®, Jhae loaded it with toys. ;D ;)
  5. There's always The Closet® in the Blue quarters. ;D ;)
  6. Indeed you are. ;) ;D Linking up with Lily, Ellie forms the appropriate weaves and gently lays them on Sam's head. :)
  7. Naughty boy, I'll deal with you later. ;) ;D Enjoying the feel of the bond from both Lily and Sam, Ellie smiles at both and readies herself to link with Lily to renew the bond.
  8. Aw Lily you made me blush! :D I have never minded sharing, it's makes it all the more fun, to have those you love around. :-* *takes Sam's hand and prepares to renew the bond*
  9. I think you both, Sam and Lily, have shown what true friendship is, whether it's online or in RL. Sam was the very first person here that I felt a special connection with. When Lily came along, it just got better. :) You both know that I've been going through some deep personal issues lately and it's so good to know that you were both there to lend an ear when I needed it. That meant so much to me and I think it does to all of us to know that. Though I think you both summed it up better than I could. :D I also love you both! *kisses both Lily and Sam on the cheek*
  10. Eyes the cheese and chocolate sauce askance, wondering what Sam has in mind when she is distracted by his proposal to renew the bond. Of course I will! I can't think of anything better than for the three of us to renew our bonds. :)
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