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  1. I'm NOT a fan of this talent. It just doesn't make sense to me...
  2. Luckers is my favorite...he offers cookies. I've been a part of this community for a while, though recently I haven't been around...so a few ppl that I don't see anymore: RobertAlexWillis (iirc...always called him raw) and Majsju (who I think is still around, but not where I lurk)...I always appreciated their posts. Mr. Ares is on my list as is Suttree
  3. Garion..erm..Rand stabs Torak..dangit..tDO with Irongrips sword..sonofa...callandor, tells him that nobody loves him and he can't marry Polgara..youhavegottobekidding..Moiraine. Then he brings Durnik..igiveup...Thom back from the dead and now Thom is a sorcerer...Asha'man.
  4. that made me lol. he uses it in every book he writes...it's like a calling card.
  5. "Art of Attracting Women" by Ared Mosinel (Rahvin)
  6. It's eclectic...not aclectic. And besides having a chosen one and using air, fire, water, and earth I don't really see a similarity...I see more of a similarity between LAB and Cpt. Planet...
  7. I believe I'd have a few things to say about certain of the OP's comments also. We're all allowed to have our own opinions...
  8. I see more of a link between tWoT and the Belgariad than I do between tWoT and tLotR...
  9. I really hope it is not the case. Do you really believe it is that bad? I've thought that at least the outline of Rand's and Egwene's confrontation was in the notes. I've made a number of fairly critical remarks about the writing of the new books, but I wouldn't have thought the major point of the plot could be made up on the spot by Brandon, without serious consideration. If you listen to the Fantasy Faction interview, Brandon speaks about his method of writing a first draft and he states, essentially, that he writes it just with plot points in mind, and later goes back and edits for p
  10. eh...here are a couple... Wheel of Fortuona Waygate WG-1 Bargain or no Bargain Little House on the Caralain Grass AMCIS: Atha'an Miere Criminal Investigative Service Rand's Angels Andor's Got Talent
  11. Definitely. A close second would be moving things with air. No joke... that was my second. haha yeah...pretty much in that order I hate my drive to work...and my work would be so much easier if I could move multiple things at once with multiple weaves...and I hate seeing ppl suffer...
  12. When you do a reread of the series and keep saying, "hey, that's my line!!"
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