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  1. I'm NOT a fan of this talent. It just doesn't make sense to me...
  2. Luckers is my favorite...he offers cookies. I've been a part of this community for a while, though recently I haven't been around...so a few ppl that I don't see anymore: RobertAlexWillis (iirc...always called him raw) and Majsju (who I think is still around, but not where I lurk)...I always appreciated their posts. Mr. Ares is on my list as is Suttree
  3. Garion..erm..Rand stabs Torak..dangit..tDO with Irongrips sword..sonofa...callandor, tells him that nobody loves him and he can't marry Polgara..youhavegottobekidding..Moiraine. Then he brings Durnik..igiveup...Thom back from the dead and now Thom is a sorcerer...Asha'man.
  4. that made me lol. he uses it in every book he writes...it's like a calling card.
  5. "Art of Attracting Women" by Ared Mosinel (Rahvin)
  6. It's eclectic...not aclectic. And besides having a chosen one and using air, fire, water, and earth I don't really see a similarity...I see more of a similarity between LAB and Cpt. Planet...
  7. I believe I'd have a few things to say about certain of the OP's comments also. We're all allowed to have our own opinions...
  8. I see more of a link between tWoT and the Belgariad than I do between tWoT and tLotR...
  9. I really hope it is not the case. Do you really believe it is that bad? I've thought that at least the outline of Rand's and Egwene's confrontation was in the notes. I've made a number of fairly critical remarks about the writing of the new books, but I wouldn't have thought the major point of the plot could be made up on the spot by Brandon, without serious consideration. If you listen to the Fantasy Faction interview, Brandon speaks about his method of writing a first draft and he states, essentially, that he writes it just with plot points in mind, and later goes back and edits for prose and character work and so forth. This is how he can churn out a 400,000 word novel in a year, but it does not leave time for 'serious consideration', and the short breadth of the edit period (which has been acknowledged directly by Team Jordan) doesn't lend itself to the post-production polish... all of which means, yes I do believe that lowest common denominator plotting is occuring. I mean think about it, say the notes state: 'Rand goes to Tar Valon after Dragonmount and meets Egwene, who grows angry with him over his plan for the seals', which based on Brandon's own comments is about as far as the notes on scenes that Jordan hadn't written would go. Which is precisely what that scene reads like--indeed, instead of saying that Brandon has 'made it up on the spot', it might be a fairer criticism to say he wrote too specifically to the notes. Instead of developing specific, character driven nuance to hold the argument, we have a dumbed down Egwene sticking tenaciously to a non-specific last minute throw in dream, and an aloof Rand no bothering to explain his logic, or even gesture to the existence of it in order to allow the pretense of anger where, under the circumstances there should be none. Nor is this the only occurence--in fact, to one degree or another I believe the vast majority of the plot work suffers from this. Take Graendal's attack on Perrin, for instance. It reminds me of the thing about keeping a five year old advisor, and not doing anything they could think of. Instead the feel is clear--Graendal needed to lose to Perrin--rather then figuring out how to get to that point in a way consistent to both characters, he simply made one dumb, enabling the other to attain victory. And yet I thoroughly loved TofM the first time I read it. I think it is because it holds both plot-gratification and fan gratification--by which I mean he hits the plot points, and plays to fan expectations and desires, and so Egwene is all clever and bad-ass when dealing with the Aes Sedai, who are dumb foolish nitwits back, allowing Egwene to show them up in a way that is satisfying to the fans... right up until she meets with Rand, who stands higher in fan esteem, and therefore she becomes dumb herself allowing Rand to show her up, and gratify the fans. Same goes with that meeting with Perrin and the dumb trick with the ropes... This method enables fast production, the hitting of the plot points, and a feel of gratification for the fans. It does not permit polish or nuance, and to some degree actively undercuts character work. At least in my opinion. And that's were I'll cut myself off and stop ranting. Feel free to tear it apart. Certainly I know there are those who are grateful just to learn what happens--I was also, incredibly so, and initially I had a very positive response to his works. But as more and more time passes, and the high brought on by the new plot information fades, I find I struggle more and more with tGS and TofM. I genuinely like Brandon--he's wonderful, and has always been nice to me... but yeah. I struggle. Sorry. :( That pretty much sums it up...Brandon is a brilliant writer...I love his other works...but this is so big and he's under so much pressure to get it done that he just can't take the time to make it perfect...so he's making it the best he can under the circumstances.
  10. eh...here are a couple... Wheel of Fortuona Waygate WG-1 Bargain or no Bargain Little House on the Caralain Grass AMCIS: Atha'an Miere Criminal Investigative Service Rand's Angels Andor's Got Talent
  11. Definitely. A close second would be moving things with air. No joke... that was my second. haha yeah...pretty much in that order I hate my drive to work...and my work would be so much easier if I could move multiple things at once with multiple weaves...and I hate seeing ppl suffer...
  12. When you do a reread of the series and keep saying, "hey, that's my line!!"
  13. OneDragon, you didn't read till you were 13? I was reading @ 4. Anyway, I read a lot while in elementary (we had this BookIt! thing or w/e it's called where you read books and earn personal pizzas from pizza hut...I always earned the most pizzas...) I read A Wrinkle in Time, Chronicles of Narnia and stuff like that. It wasn't until High School that I found tWoT. I was with my parents while they were grocery shopping and as I was passing by the books I saw a man reaching for a shining sword and knew I'd found something worth reading. I saw it was book 3, they had books 1-6 but my mom would only get tEotW for me and I devoured it. I got the rest in short order, but I took those books everywhere with me. I had them in every class, I even took them to church with me...
  14. Same for me, but the funny part here is their reaction to his joke and not the joke itself...lol
  15. I'd also like to point out that (even though he's a different guy with different abilities) Padan Fain can tell if someone is a DF at a glance: Fain only has to glance to see a DF...so it's likely (though I know not proven) that Rand can at least do it similarly...
  16. After looking into what Guru said, I'm positive that he is wrong. Fain doesn't fit the scenario.
  17. It's a pretty big leap to think that Rand stares down Bashere so intensely yet doesn't see that he's a DF...unless there's nothing to see. He was upset at what was happening, yes, but his focus at that point was on Bashere. On top of that, I find it hard to believe that a person that can weave over a dozen weaves at a time would be incapable of mental multitasking.
  18. mb, I know this is a reread for you, but it's just a reread through tGS right? ToM will be new for you won't it?
  19. Balefire doesn't keep a person from being reborn...it just erases a part of what they did as they die before they are hit... I actually think that what he pulled down was pure saidin like what was found in the Eye. Remember that a stone dropped in the stuff fizzled from existance? Since RJ said the Power isn't infinite (it "refills" itself I guess), I see it like a dam. Ppl that use the Power access it by opening a small window on that dam and manipulating the stuff that comes through...LTT just accessed more of the Power by opening the biggest window ever. I'm guessing that his hope was to drain enough saidin to save the world for a time (slow down the destruction from men going mad). Also remember that Ishy ports to the vicinity so the bolt LTT calls down isn't really world-wide.
  20. Picking a favorite was pretty hard. I went with KoD for the same reason as other had...it wrapped up so much stuff that it felt more like one story closing and another opening...now the story can begin again... I was in 10th grade I think when I started reading these so...'97? I think it was around the same time aCoS came out...so whatever year that was...lol Edit: I double-checked, it was '97. That was the first time I had to wait for a book to release...little did I know that it was going to be more than a decade for this one, then I'd have to wait for Sandersons SA books, and I'm still waiting for books from 2 other authors (one died, but I'm hoping his wife will finish them, the other I have no clue why the author stopped).
  21. Except for: Rand was looking at him intently as he was trying to talk about abandoning Maradon as lost...
  22. Maybe she hid it in a mirror and you can only get it out if your intentions are pure...
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