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  1. One of my favourite lessed known scenes is near the end of The Dragon Reborn. Perrin walks into the blacksmiths shop next to his inn and starts helping out. I love the way Perrin after all that has happened to him in the 3 books takes a minute to remember who he is and takes some joy in doing the familiar. the scene is also moving with Perrin and the master Blacksmith comunicating in that typical male artisan's way with as few words as needed. and finding Faile watching him in the end just completes the scene perfectly. TDR is still my favourite book. Rand going nuts before accepting
  2. I have always had a different idea regarding the eye of the world. According to Agelmar, the Blight was ready to boil over into another Trollock wars. The Borderlands were going to be overrun and the Forsaken would have been released into a world where the armies of Randland were to busy surviving to do anything else. Imagine Rand trying to unite the nations and fulfill the prophecies while Caemlyn and Carhien are being besieged by trollocks. I don’t know if it was the original intended purpose, but Rand channeling at the battle of Tarwin’s Gap saved Randland from a second Trol
  3. Does anyone know WHEN Elyas was bonded? Lan grew up in the Borderlands being raised and trained by the 5 bodyguards but there is no indication that they were the only people he interacted with. And there are strong indications that Elyas is a borderlander, though he does not show any of the usal Borderland identifying customs (Bells on Braids, Hadori, Top Knot, etc.) in any of his appearances in the main novels or his Cameo in New Spring (Moiraine sees him sparring with other warders in the WT and his AS names him) It makes sense for Lan being somewhat of a celebrity from birth to have been
  4. Lan fought them in the Aiel War. Before being bonded. Thats why the Aiel know him and where they started calling him Aan Alein(sp)
  5. I just dont buy the "Alternative Motives" theory. Faile already has a throne waiting for her when she gets back home. She specifically ran away from home to avoid being the heir to the throne of Saldea. So trying to marry her way into a position of power over some peasants in the two rivers when she has an entire coutry waiting for her makes no sense at any level. Unfortunately for her being raised in the ruling house of a monarchy does funny things to peoples thought processes. Moiraine & Elayne are more examples of this. They are taught the game of houses from the cradle and as
  6. One of my favourites that hasn't been mentioned here yet is in TfoH. Faile is being bitchy but when she explains to Perrin why Loial's rooms are full of flowers. They are gifts from the women and children. He gathered as many of them as he could into a room and defended them during the attack. Its an off scene occorunce that I would love to read. I can only imagine Loial carrying frightened children and leading thier mothers into the room and then standing in front of it ears pulled back defending those who could not defend themselves.
  7. Just wondering, but Has Mat actually made the connection between the "Snakes and Foxes" game and the Finn's. Its obvious to the reader but I dont recall Mat mentioning anything along the lines of connecting the two. I think that is where Olver comes in. He and Mat play a game of Snakes and Foxes, Mat makes the connection between the game and the Tower of Ghenjei. He then decides to cheat properly, Takes Thom + Harp for "Music to Dazzle", Noal + Iron ( chains or knives) for "Iron to Bind", Mat + Fire (Aludra's fire sticks maybe?) for "Fire to Blind". I think the rhyme at the beginin
  8. I think The Eye of the World was used Exaclty what it needed to be used for. The Borderlanders were loosing the battle at Tarwin's Gap. If Rand had not showed up and turned the Tide Winter would have continued indefinately and the world would have been overun with Shadowspawn. With all the trouble that Rand has had getting the world ready for TG, Imagine trying that in a permanent winter while the second Trollock Wars are happening around him. He would have lost before he even began. The Eye was very important, and it was used when it was needed. now all that is left
  9. Just out of curiosity. Does that mean that someone like Sorilea will not be able to lead a circle? She knows the Traveling weave and I was hoping that she would be able to lead a circle and show the AS that strength and proficiency are not the same thing. so much for my pet theory
  10. Random question. Since Mat is now married to Fortuona does that mean he is High Blood and needs a Skinhead haircut?
  11. When you start saying "Sleep well and wake" instead of goodnight. wierded my wife out with that one.
  12. Just a personal theory but I thaught it was a sign of the increase in use of Balefire. The patern having been distorted by having threads burned out. I see Hinderstrap as being a "Frayed" section of the patern. The wheel is trying to repair the damage but its not quite getting it right.
  13. I thought Rand trying to bring the little girl back to life in TFoH was pretty sad.
  14. I wish we knew more about the Finn's bargain. depending on the agreement it could be likely. another question is how old are the Finn Doorways? were they there during the war of the shadow? would Lanfear have known about them? I think it is possible that Moiraine is trusting to the bargain to keep her safe until Mat & Thom ride to the rescue.
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