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  1. *Full Disclosure, I have bashed Goodkind so many times I can not count them.* My friend and I were discussing genre writing in general the other day, we eventual got around to Goodkind, I immediately launched into a hate speech. But my friend had another theory which proved interesting. Here goes: Terry Goodkind is a master Satirist. Stephen Colbert has nothing on him and like Andy Kauffman he refuse to break character. No person in this world could possibly be as obtuse as Terry. Goodkind established Wizards first rule in the first book, "people fear what they believe to be true" Goodkind then has each and every character repeatedly prove the rule in every book that follows. This is not an accident, it is purposeful move on Goodkind's part to see who is paying attention. Goodkind establishes very early on that "The villain never thinks he is the villain", and Richard is this stories villain. His crimes are numerable through out the entire series, he literally tells his armies to quit fighting the battle, and go to the enemies homeland and destroy the innocent people who are just trying to live their lives for crying out loud, he mass murders pacifists, kicks a little girl in the jaw, the love of his life takes over her half-sisters kingdom and then when her half-brothers asks for the kingdom to no be involved in the coming struggles she kills him and threatens to throw her half sister back into the gang rape pit if she does not get in line. But this goes deeper, think back to Faith of the Fallen (yes I know it hurts). Richard builds a statue that embodies and represents all that is good in people, that just seeing this amazing statue will make the most evil of people see the light and become Objectivists. Except this statue has an inherent flaw in it, just like Objectivism. It may be nice to look at and think about, but if you probe deeper it falls apart like hitting it with a hammer. Goodkinds own views on Objectivism are skewed so far that many Objectivists say that Goodkind does not understand what Rand wrote, that is because he is constantly skewering it, just very subtlety. At one point our "Hero" tires to win an election against the supposed villains. He loses narrowly, nearly half the people in this country agree with him and want to follow him, but since he lost, what does he do, try to help the people on his side? Invite them to his country to live as he says is best? Nope, he abandons not only them but every person in the world, because he feels they are no longer worthy of him, One set back and our "Hero" quits on humanity. There are a group of people in his world that have no magic, and can threaten the fabric of reality or something, another ancient wizard locks them away in their own land so they can not threaten creation, Richard frees them, but decides that since they are pacifists they deserve to be locked away for all time, at the end of the series, he does exactly that, anyone who does not agree with Lord Rahl, gets thrown out of Lord Rahl's world. This is our hero? But Goodkind is also a character. Everyone has heard that he says he does not write fantasy books, but his books use every fantasy trope there is, he actively ape's RJ and WOT at every turn, at the time when Goodkind made this statement RJ was the biggest name in fantasy, an author he is actively aping, who is the biggest name in fantasy, and Goodkind says he does not write fantasy? It is just impossible to be that obtuse unless you are trying to be. My friend lays it our better then I do, but it was a very compelling argument he made. So Goodkind may be the worlds biggest jerk, or he may have conned an entire genre into thinking he is a nut job and he sits at home counting his money and laughing up his sleeves.
  2. Its a good possibility that no one will have this "Memory". With RJ's use of ambiguous titles it could be an obscure reference to passage from a book, or saying (tPoD CoT).
  3. I have to wonder if he is feeling a bit daunted. I know the man is an absolute professional and has worked in the business for 40 some odd years, and IMO he is the best fantasy cover artist in the genre, but I don't know if he has ever made a cover for such a well established fan base or had to try to please a fan base as rabid as ours is, not to mention having to sit in DKS's shadow for this book.
  4. Its nice to have a date and all, but I cant be too happy we still have 11 months to go, color me nonplussed.
  5. Oh no the ISAM link is back, now I have to go read it all again.
  6. That gives me an idea for a promotional campaign. One free beer with every copy of tEotW. I know I would buy one.
  7. Well I have been dieing for new wot covers for a long time now. So on that note, yay! But the art for TEOTW is the most under whelming of all the ebook covers, and now that the art is just a thumbnail. If tor wants to release all of the books again that's fine, but they dropped the ball here IMO, for some of the ebook covers this layout will work fine (tDR for example) but it wont work for some of the other one's (LoC). Also why only release the first 3, in the summer, tor should be releasing all of these books in a span of a couple months. Year of the Dragon my but, more like Year of the underwhelming ad campaign.
  8. In regards to the Horn. I remember reading somewhere (don't ask me where I cant remember)that the horn was actually made to call musicians and during one age it was changed so that it called the Hero's in T'a'r. I agree with Majsju and Tom, that it is not need for the confrontation between the Dragon and the Dark One.
  9. Yhea, I can not even begin to broach that subject with you. But rest assured she has something important to do.
  10. I have a Wheel of Time sticker on my bumper, I have gotten a few honks and waves from it, one guy shouted "For the Golden Crane" at me at a stop light once.
  11. While I agree Mangin's death was well done. I remember what I took away form this was that Rand orders this mans death for breaking the laws he set down. But when the Cara'carn's justice was handed out he did not have the guts to witness the execution himself. I was very disappointed in Rand by this in-action, for me it was one of the first signs that Rand was not ready for the responsibility of leadership. All things being equal it was a brilliant piece of story telling.
  12. Well Ivory usually comes from elephants, but it doesn't have to, many animals tusks are Ivory. Also I figure if the Ivory came from anywhere it came from Shara.
  13. Congratulations on catching up, now you really get to find out how awesome RJ was. Go back and reread each book and you will literally be blown away by how much you missed the first time through. Heck just go back and reread the prologue to the Eye of the World, and you will see what I mean. If you do the reread whats also funny is your opinions on each character will change (except Mat, post dagger Mat is always awesome on any reread)
  14. Well my opinion of Fain is that he will be the deciding factor in resealing the bore. I think he will be (or at least his power) what Rand needs to use to touch the Dark One without re-tainting Saidin. The thing I find most frightening about him has nothing to do with the story itself but from what Harriet said about him. I have no idea where the quote is (I just looked couldn't find it)but what she said was that she could always tell when RJ had been writing him because his demeanor changed. Thats a bit frightening IMO. The reason he does not get discussed much anymore, is because he has barely in been in the books lately, before TOM the last we saw of him was in Far Madding during Winters Heart. There is just not much to go on beyond Fain = scary bad.
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