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  1. I took a couple guesses, especially the coin one. Buuuuuuut..... And now you know my name is Brendan.
  2. Of course I do; however I know very little about true generals and only go on those in the book from what I've read about them. I can therefore only compare it to what I do know. Of course, it could apply exactly the same, but I really wouldn't know. Does a general who sends in a sniper squad need to have been a sniper? What I've seen is, you didn't need to be at the epitome of your sport to make a great coach. It helps to have a good understanding (this is crucial) but not be a blademaster, if you know what I mean... It's not serious, I was just thinking that 'training' is not really a justification for a top general to more likely be a blademaster. Of course, to have the dedication, will etc to be a top general means you're probably more likely to succeed with whatever you try.
  3. I feel very sorry for Thom and Juilin. How long did they have to crawl around after Elayne and Nyn? Sorry if it's been mentioned, but yeah; that's pretty horrible.
  4. I see a top general being similar to a modern sports coach. They decide on the general (cough) plan, and coaches the players to execute this. They then employ specialists to coach specific skills. Oh, and I'd guess that (I'm no expert) pure blademastery (one-on-one duels etc) is far from the normal battle field. but the gist of this is; I don't think being a general means it's more likely to be a blademaster, because you'd have to coach your troops in swordsmanship. Regarding 'luck' - If we want to disparage Gawyn's abilities because he's 'luckier' than he thinks, then it's time to take Mat down a notch I'm afraid - And don't try funny business , even HE says "luck is a horse to ride like any other." or some such hehehe I agree with some here; fine that Anderson says that Galad is better than Gawyn, but the writing makes that a bit hard to swallow.
  5. My wife says I'm very much like Rand before he started channeling, built like Perrin with a lot of Mat's mischievousness thrown in hehehe - she's awesome, isn't she! In the long term? I'd have been Tam if I was in the book. I mean, I'm a Dad now and I'd LOVE be known as the Dad who raised his kid well enough to save the world !
  6. Secrectly, Demandred was first to escape the Bore, and is Ewal Coplin!!!
  7. My Wife and I fight for the books hehehe
  8. Well, since we can't be sure, I hope Mat is 'just' a descendent, and not Aemon himself. I really don't want Mat's awesomeness to be because he's a reborn awesome person. Let him be awesome, all on his own. Same as Perrin.
  9. I always saw Sorilea as 'stronger' than Cadsuane. Doesn't it say somewhere in Cadsuane's POV that she is impressed by Sorilea. And what I find cool is that Sorilea herself doesn't even acknowledge or regard the fact that she's impressive. I voted for her, but Tuon (ugh) and Egwene (ultra-ugh) are bloody high up there. Maybe even stronger, but I dislike them intensely so there.
  10. TGS for me, TOM just seemed far too rushed. Enjoyed it though.
  11. I think you're right in that we won't find out the details... I just thought that, even though it was created with the power, it doesn't utilise the power to, err, remain constructed. Does it say anywhere that the medallion suddenly cools when it came into contact with the Gholam?
  12. We could consider that noone of the HOTH are truly dead? They ARE different to 'normal' souls, since those souls don't go to TAR when their bodies die. Maybe like 'being in the flesh', without the flesh having been in the real world
  13. HA, imagine we find in the WOT world, Perrin is the instigator of the 'Thor' myths! Regarding Mat's medallion, I read it that it only burns the gholam, because it too was a construct designed to negate channeling. In other words, like poles repelling effect. I don't think it would burn trollocs. But it would be awesome to see that Mat is the one to take out Shaidar Haran with the thing. Elayne should team up with Neald ASAP and make Mat an asharendai that has the same effect as the medallion!
  14. Just thinking now, his has been pointed out as a unique soul (one spun out for a specific purpose). And considering that moment was him either destroying existence or becoming one with the earth, since TAR is a reflection of the world, he would manifest there too? And the darkness that was threatening to overwhelm him manifested 'physically' in TAR too?
  15. I think that's a very good point. Makes me wonder if RJ was listening to complaints about all Aes Sedai being awful and so created the hunters as a way to introduce some more likable Aes Sedai lol. Also I'd just like to add that one of the things I like about this series is that not every single piece of the plot has a point. Makes it more life-like, and gives us good insights into characters. I agree. I always saw it as a means of showing that someone other than a main character can also be proactive and 'good'. And plots can fizzle out. Nothing says every plotline has to have a dramatic resolution, that's very unrealistic.
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