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  1. Congratulations Mills! You are going to do great! I am so very happy for you :)
  2. Congratulations! News like this makes me happy, indeed. :)
  3. How are you Edward Elric-kun :D

  4. Bela_theDO - Aes Sedai - Yellow Ajah I cannot really think of an advice for a poll right now.I think favourite WoT character, favourite colour etc. have been made. I remember a country poll, and maybe an age one. Maybe an Ajah one also. Well anyway.
  5. I do not know if I posted here my LOA back in the previous year, but my LOA has officially ended. I am glad to say that I have sorted out my school problems, and passed my all lessons. As for my other issues in RL, well I am positive that it will be solved one way or another. I have missed here so much.
  6. Weird that some people over here in RL get offended because I call them with their full name instead of their preffered shortened one. I have a friend named Buğrahan and everyone is calling him Buğra instead of Buğrahan. Well, I do. And he says "please do not do that" :) Also I have amusing moments when people from outside countries try to say my name :D I am sure French people would be amused to hear my French, as well, or sometimes I mess up with spelling some words in English! So yeah, maybe I should not have fun with anyone about this because I am like that as well...
  7. Well,not really right now...where have you been dissapeared? :D

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