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  1. Also, Rand's second kill after Turak was in TDR where he kills the darkfriends he meets on the road when he is travelling alone to Tear. One was a woman. Rand: Loathe to kill in general at the start, which continues. He tries to avoid killing whenever possible, and won't kill a female. However, due to madness and his position, accepts the burden of killing, although even for Darkfriend females he feels guilty. His character evolves of course and goes through several stages, but in his ultimate state, complete as it were, his core 'Rand' believes in killing only if necessary. Mat: Of
  2. Well, it would end in failure, as Callandor was needed for the True Power access and to trap Moridin to allow Rand to seal the DO away again without tainting the Source. The Chodean Kal was built to suppress the DO and gain them more time, not fight the DO. Looking at the nature of the Dark One, even with the power of the Chodean Kal, Rand couldn't win. It wasn't brute force that defeated the Dark One. Also, it is implied that Rand was using as much - if not more - power with Callandor as he did with the Chodean Kal. The lack of Callandor's buffer allowed him to draw on immense power
  3. It's a very good question. Ultimately though, we don't know enough about the process and what the Turning does to a person (beyond making them 'evil'). We also don't know how it makes them evil. Some have suggested that 13 Nym and 13 channelers could do the reverse. Personally, I don't think so, I think only the Shadow would come up with a method of forcing someone's will. There is also the fact the True Power is involved (in the creation of Myrddraal). It could be possible if the Turning process is like the Taint - using the Conduit to the OP in a person to 'infect' them.
  4. Well, I can't really argue about the Brandon/OP thing, but I don't disagree overall. As I said, I think there are areas where Egwene would have been superior. She certainly was better in T'a'R until basically aMoL Perrin. Also, I don't think we can ever really 'know' who would be better than who. It depends on what happens. Perrin may never use T'a'R again after this and - had Egwene lived - she most certainly would have, and learned as much as possible. I say that the Wolf side of being in T'a'R is more powerful than the human side because of the struggle Perrin went through. W
  5. At the end of the series - assuming Egwene lived - Perrin was stronger. Tel'aran'Rhiod is more a home of wolves than humans. Wolves go there when they die, humans don't - excepting the HotH. It is more natural for wolves, and thus wolfbrothers and sisters. Perrin could accomplish more than Egwene ever could, not necessarily because he is smarter - Egwene was a quick learner and more had ingenuity - but for the simple fact that - because of his wolf nature, his can achieve much greater symbiosis and have a greater understanding of T'a'R. The fact that he has some kind of 'dual so
  6. It's merely a matter of semantics. Mat and Perrin correctly identified the mist as being the same mist of Mashadar. However, Mashadar was only a part of Shaisam. From the Shaisam PoV: From Shaisam itself, Mashadar was merely a part of it. Mashadar was mindless, as Shaisam states. As it also states, Shaisam is something new - something different from Mashadar and Shadar Logoth, but ancient (likely from ages past in the turning.) As to the fate of Lan, it is somewhat different to Egwene or Hurin etc.. Rand had not accepted his true role when they had died, nor did
  7. Alright, everyone has shared their opinion on the RJ/Brandon debate, there are differing views, fine. Let's stay on topic now though, I don't want this to descend into another RJ v Sanderson fight.
  8. I admit I started in 2007 or something, read through to KoD and I found dragonmount searching for an answer for Taimandred. Fortunately I looked it up before actually asking, saving myself the embarrassment of noob question. At the time, I wasn't a hardcore fan. I'd say that along with OlverCain (although that one always did seem obviously not true to me) is what a lot of casual readers came online to find out.
  9. Yeah, that's what happened. With the Companion, they are releasing stuff written in RJ's notes. Some of that differs from what eventually got put in the books. Basically, that was RJ's notes on Bela - but Harriet - being the WoT editor - made the decision to kill her off (a good editing decision, IMO.). So some things may contradict what is in the books. Not much though.
  10. :) It does indeed. I followed the Reddit conversation but was late in joining so I'll say it here. I think it fits Demandred's MO perfectly being Taim. Yes, he hated Lews Therin, but his hate was always cold and abiding, not like Sammael's hot-headed rage. He didn't just want to kill Lews Therin, he wanted to beat him. To show he was the better man. Simply beating Rand to death wasn't enough for Demandred. He wanted to prove he was better and make sure people knew it. What better way to do it than take everything that is Rand's from underneath him? This brings up an interest
  11. Thanks for this info Terez, it means a lot to the community, much respect for your perseverance and dedication
  12. Hey! welcome to the forums! A nice topic you have there :P Personally, I don't actually 'hate' any character but I'll go through a list of usual suspects. Nynaeve is interesting. People's opinion of her changes as the series progresses. Funnily it is in book 7 when opinion's start to change, and by the end of the series, she becomes on of the most beloved characters. (In general from experience) Egwene is probably one of the most disliked characters and certainly caused a lot of controversy among fans. You either love her or hate her it seems. The feeling changes again towards th
  13. she had bright red hair, that might be what you are thinking of.
  14. Alright, let's not make this about Brandon/RJ. Please get back onto the topic of thoughts on the plot, not who would have done what.
  15. hah! I'm straight and i have the problem of people bugging me about that, I agree with your assessment, In your own time when you are mentally prepared.
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