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  1. Technically I first read the books in 2003, so Winter's Heart era, but I wasn't really into it until I decided to pick up the books again years later. Around 2006? So I put myself as a Knife of Dreams starter. :) and I've always liked TDR the best.
  2. Hmm... this picture made me realize that I always mentally edit out the 'Mountains' part of 'Mountains of Mist'.... ;) but really, in my mind, there are just some foggy hills to the west. lol.
  3. Well, if you ever decide to go to a WoT signing again, know that Brandon is an enormously nice guy. Like, chats with each person, signs their book however they want. I was too nervous to talk to him much when I went last year, but he just seemed so sincerely... nice. Never had the chance to meet RJ though. too young. :)
  4. Wow, I never thought of the calendar years that way... good observation :) I'm sure someone on the internet would have an answer for you, but it's not coming from me, haha. The thing with the years is, you never know how long a season is going to last. Commonly they're around two-three years a pop; this summer is especially long. As far as the first 'nitpick', Westeros is culturally based on old England, but geographically it's not very similar. It is its own continent in its own right, so has the varying climes you'd expect from something that long! I'm not sure how the map in Game of Thrones is, but one that I like/ think is a good representation spatially is from HBO, http://winter-is-coming.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/x2-images-1.png So, you know, the snow is only at the Wall/Winterfell. Pretty far north. Other places in the kingdom are more temperate, there's even a desert down south! The zombie plague stays in the background for most of the series... you will, of course, RAFO more later :) Hope you enjoy the series! In my experience, the book can take a while to get going, but the second half is a really good read.
  5. the WoT FAQ also has a good discussion on who is (or is not) a dark-sider. I'd recommend snooping around there, depending on how far you are in the series?
  6. I just want to say that Gaiman is probably one of the most well respected fantasy/horror authors around. American Gods and Anansi Boys are seriously fantastic stuff, imo. So you can't really go wrong with him. Rothfuss is good too, and I recommend Clive Barker's Weaveworld, though he's not everyone's cup of tea. Oh, and GRRMartin's A Song of Ice and Fire is very well known and quite popular-- it focuses a lot on politics and various "morally gray" characters, so it could be right up your alley! Although... the violence is often horrific, so, idk.
  7. I would take the two men to be Rand and Moridin at SG.
  8. The randomness/ unexplained-ness of the Eye is, iirc, a pretty common complaint among fans. So you're not alone. As Agitel said there are some easy answers for your questions... Why didn't they take the Ways from the beginning? Because they're crazy dangerous. Why does Moiraine know so much random stuff? Because the WT is also a place of higher learning, not just magic. etc :) Your comparison of the boys to shiny rocks is pretty amusing. True, to some extent, but that definitely gets remedied with the later books.
  9. NOOOO I want Vin to win the whole thing! She kicks so much butt.
  10. I always figured it was Alviarin as well, no real reason though I suppose. She just seemed to be the big nasty at the WT.
  11. that made me lol. and, hmm. Perrin. Well, like all the Two Rivers dudes, he has some very chivalrous tendencies. He's a very thoughtful, prepared character generally -- so he was just thinking and trying to mentally prepare himself for a possible future. His struggle with violence becomes a pretty major character point later on. I'll be interested to see what you think of Perrin's love interest, ha.
  12. I was thinking along the same lines (oh, not regarding stasis boxes, just reading your post), until I got to the end of your comment. Why the movie? It's a recurring theme in Rowling's series, the whole 'looks small, lots of room inside' thing. I always pictured them like treasure boxes from pirate movies. You know the ones. A man could fit in one if he were so inclined, but just barely. I referenced the movie because I haven't read any of the books since the last one came out, what, three or four years ago? And I saw the movie a couple weeks ago :) so I couldn't remember if it was something included in the books or not.
  13. Now, I know this is pretty silly, and I haven't really put that much thought into it, BUUUUT I always thought of stasis boxes as being basically infinite in size. or at least really large, but in a really small box - like physically just a foot across, but with infinite storage room. Sort of a la Hermione's purse in the latest Harry Potter movie ;)
  14. I have the exact same problem with Sarene, Seaine, and Saerin. Honestly, I still can't remember the difference. When I read their parts I just go along with it. I mean, two of them are White Ajah, and two are Black seekers in the WT, right? Those are the only ones I have trouble with though, I think. Sometimes the Faolain/ Falion thing threw me off, but it was never too problematic. Oh, and I can never keep the various Sea Folk women straight.
  15. What I don't understand is how everyone on this site is blaming SUNNY for making this thread devolve into opinion bashing. She made observations, clearly with a feminist bias, but it was the members here who jumped on her and made everything into a monstrous deal. People are acting like they have been personally offended by Sunny's thoughts on sexism in Wheel of Time. Good grief people, she's reading a book and thinking about it. You can disagree but it does not affect you in any way if she reads it as sexist. I'm sorry, Sunny, that the members here have found it so offensive that you could possibly think that women didn't hold equal power in the Two Rivers. I've enjoyed your write-ups so I really hope you keep posting them. And you know what? Some of the characters ARE sexist. And that is a-ok.
  16. Hi Scott! I think the common opinion is that it's best to start off with Eye of the World. While New Spring does provide a lot of background information on the series, it kinda ruins some of the fun surprises in the regular main set. I wouldn't read it until after Fires of Heaven (book five) at least. ... if that's what you were asking guidance for, that is but have fun with the books regardless! Lots of long time fans here who positively pounce on any newcomer's stories :)
  17. HA, LL Cool Tam made me giggle out loud. Nice. Your thoughts on Bran are amusing... :) in a good way! I will be monumentally impressed if you can keep up the commentary through all the books; most threads like this stop around book three or four. so please keep going! :)
  18. Well, I'm a Vin-believer. :) it'd be really cool if she went far, she does have some pretty awesome skills. As far as pure power goes (from what I've heard/ read) Pug and Quick Ben and definitely the top two. But for popularity? Hmph, Jon and Perrin will probably be up there. Even though I totally <3 Perrin, I can't support him in this. He just doesn't stand up to the competition. This'll be fun, though :)
  19. Never actually read it, but I hear it's related to the split, YA version of TEOTW. The prologue of the second half, perhaps? It's from Egwene's POV as a younger girl, following around Nynaeve, or some such. actually just look at this http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/The_Eye_of_the_World/Ravens
  20. Have NO idea what it really is, but the one that makes the most sense, to me, is that the dagger had some specific/ special connection to Mordeth, so when Mat grabbed it something was triggered....
  21. Semirhage. Terrifying, and her 'personality quirks' ( ) could imo have made for a pretty interesting character. Unfortunately she met a very.... unfitting end. Meh. Graendal seems pretty interesting as well. I like Lanfear for her absolute insanity. Taim's pretty unlikable too.
  22. voted Mat, because I couldn't stand him in the first two books. Of course he was 'under the influence' for a lot of that, but still how it goes. If I could vote for others... Gawyn, because he was so nice and sound in the beginning. Egwene, because I did actually like her the first half of the story.
  23. I fell under '3-5'; the first two or three times I read the series, it was in one fell swoop. The most recent reread though has been occurring in phases.... read the first three, then TSR, then FOH, and now I've been off for maybe six months. It's not quite as infectious anymore :)
  24. No, I've never dreamt myself into t'a'r... but wot certainly does infect me in other ways: Today I was absolutely CERTAIN that 'The Wind that Shakes the Willow' was a real song. Had to check the web to make sure... :)
  25. Taim!! Taim!! TAIM!! can we please have a Taim chapter or two? Have we ever had a Taim POV before?
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