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  1. you see a guy wearing all black and instead of thinking he is just an emo kid you are sure he is an ashaman
  2. 1.) In a fit of exasperation you've shouted Blood and ashes or By the Light. 2.) When someone wrongs you you think about the toh he has incurred. 3a.) You've put yourself through novices exercises and tried to touch Saidar. 3b.) You've sought the Oneness and tried to touch Saidin 4a.) You've looked at an attractive male and thought he'd be a nice warder. 5.) You've tried to learn the sword forms based of what you've read 6.) You watch C-Span and all you can think of is Daes Dae'mar 7.) Instead of C'est le vie you have said the Wheel Weaves as it wills 8.) You fear to name the dark one. 9.) You have "sniffed" at someone. Thats all i can think off right now feel free to add more
  3. Semirhage can be as hot as she likes. that whole BSDM shizz is a huge turn off
  4. Hmm does the book ever describe Mesanna? I wonder if she is a looker
  5. My Theory is a wee bit different. Ogier still exist today. Matter of fact some modern humans have actually seen one. However they call him Big Foot. Thankfully Trollocs have long been extinct.
  6. im suprised no one mentioned tuon! is it the youth?
  7. well, ahem, there are shall we say certain parts that dont ummm get terribly much sun. =)and besides its my head if i want to imagine her taking a bath in Oil of Olay its my business. now where did i put those tissues. Before the mods decend on me i have a very very runny nose. Tissues are vital. have you seen them?
  8. the more i think about it the Hotter aviendha gets in my head. Skin that makes silk feel like sandpaper. yeah sign me up for that =)
  9. Since Siuan can lie after being stilled, is the whole story about Logain and the red ajah total BS or did this actually go down. Its never really said outright that its a fabrication and everyone takes it for fact but it seems kinda far fetched to me. So is his Siuan glad as hell she can lie again or did this actually go down
  10. The book comes out and says it albeit indirectly. Marion in some tales is accounted to be an incredible archer, is adventurous woman and when she first Robin Hood Doesnt like him. Brigitte says from her own mouth that she never likes Gaidal when she first meets him, obviously its known she is an incredible archer. But she comes out and says her name was Maerion once a LONG LONG time ago, first age perhaps?
  11. Aviendha... love me a women with some spirit...MMMPH Teach me to sing girl...
  12. Obviously this is a book and there are no real pictures to be had, but im sure each of us has formulated some mental pictures of all the characters in the book. So this begs the question, of all the females in WOT who is the hottest in your head. For me The mental Hottie award goes to Faile. Dunno why even though Lanfear is described to be the hotty of all hotties i have faile edging her out in hottiness, even if i dont particularly like the character.. wierd aint it. I will say in my head Aviendha is a close second in terms of sheer hotness. however i like her character alot more.
  13. damn.... idk how i missed the fact that al'thor is right in the bloody name. sometimes you just lock in on a theory and are blind to all else i guess...
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