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  1. I will admit that I find this thread more than a little bizarre. (I have never followed the Luckers vs. Ahlstrom saga so I have no dog in this fight). As I see it, yes, some characters were poorly written by BS. This far overshadowed any problems in continuity which all but the most dedicated fans will miss anyway. But for all that the ending trilogy is still an order of magnitude better than PoD-CoT. Regrettably but undeniably the series was fast spiraling into a skirt-twitching swamp under late RJ and its rescue is in large part thanks to BS, even if he did have to cut a lot of corne
  2. I am going to try to read it slowly and savor it. (Try being the operative word here).
  3. Mat should have been with Elayne - that would have been epic. I see no good reason for Rand's bizarre polygamy. Just Aviendha would have been good enough. As I don't like Faile, I'd have also been quite happy to see Perrin with Berelain. A lesbian pairing wouldn't hurt... Siuan and Moiraine striking up their old romance anew?
  4. "The forsaken think that it is impossible as evidenced by Moridin's reaction when he sees Avi do it." Good point, forgot about that. Still, there's always good old fashioned fires and earthquakes. :)
  5. ^ Yep, and a bonus is that everyone will blame the Aes Sedai! Win win!!! Or why not do that gateway unraveling/explosion thing. Get the Forsaken together, have them open up a gateway in a block, start unraveling it, Travel away, BOOM!, rinse and repeat block by block in a systemic fashion until the entire thing is leveled. Power expenditure is pretty modest too. Someone like Demandred would be able to rinse a city like Caemlyn off the face of the earth in an hour or so. That's without angreal, without circles. Even if there's Aes Sedai they will not be able to detect Demandred channel
  6. @TGlems, I agree completely. I unwittingly raised the exact same issue in Lummox's thread on Missed Opportunities.
  7. @Yosarian, That is why Traveling is so ridiculously overpowered. Fact is, a few of the Forsaken with a few angreal and some BA sisters to bump them up to the Magical Thirteen ARE more powerful than the entirety of a WT or Wise Ones who do not have Traveling. We're not speaking of frontal assaults BTW. Just Mongol like strike-and-retreat's against population centers that will transform the entirety of Randland into a barbarian, decivilized wasteland within a couple of months. As regards destroying the world, they have immortality anyway. They will be able to rebuild. Slaves can be b
  8. Agree in general, disagree on details, WHL (though my guess is as good as yours). My bet is on a Rand/Moridin merge on the Isam/Luc model, in which one does live and one does die. Moridin is the one who lives in Rand's body, does all kinds of horrible things, and serves as the host for the DO's materialization on Earth (which consumes him); or gets killed by Fain, or Alivia. Have no idea. Anyhow, Rand goes to TAR. The Shadow there will be hunting him for him, but Perrin, Egwene, and some others come to save him. Nynaeve rips him out (thus healing death) like Moggy did, and returning to
  9. Wool-headed lummox, I agree completely. In the most general sense, the "lord of chaos" strategy is a dud. Yes, with a lot of tinkering you can get people to be at each other's throats, but these can be consistently reversed all the time (e.g. Egwene united the WT; Galad consolidates the Whitecloaks; Elayne sorts out Andor). What's more as soon as the Trolloc hordes start pouring south pretty much every Lightsider will band together anyway. It's a self-defeating strategy. What would I have done in Ishy's/Moridin's place? (1) Ordered them to gather up the angreal and sa'angreal. The
  10. I'd rather read all about this in due time when the book gets released? ;)
  11. That is indeed a massive post on Ares' part. There is no hope I will be able to address them in any detail until the next weekend, but I will answer a couple of points: Let's not start throwing emotive terms around. Succinctness is a virtue that every editor appreciates. Brevity is the soul of wit. Etc, etc. Who says there must be a novel? It could be done in the shadows, with only the barest of hints until the dramatic denouement in the epilogue of the penultimate book: Demandred addressing his massed Sharan followers, proclaiming himself the true Dragon and calling for the
  12. BTW, to answer the OP question, I will be continuing with Sanderson's Stormlight Archive and any further Mistborn universe books. I read Game of Thrones, but hesitate to delve further into GRRM's world - what if his infamous writing block prevents him from ever finishing the series? Perhaps in 5 years or so, when the future of ASoIaF will be clearer. Thanks all for the post-apocalyptic suggestions. I did not like the first Dark Tower book, but I heard it improves a lot later, so I might download the second book and continue with it. The Emberverse concept sounds really interesting so I've
  13. I can see Moridin turning for philosophical reasons. For Hessalem and Cyndane it is currently unrealistic (Moridin has their cour'souvra). Moggy and Demandred might do it for mercenary self-preservation reasons as soon as they figure out what is self-evident to both Moridin and every non-Darkfriend in Randland. But really we have to bear in mind that the last three books were initially planned as one ginormous book. Bearing that in mind I half suspect that AMoL in reality referred to Veins of Gold, and has already happened.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great fantasy series. (Why would I have an account here otherwise?) Nonetheless, looking back a decade, when I first encountered the WoT, I feel that it has been a gigantic missed opportunity. What I felt could have been the second greatest fantasy series after LotR after reading the first three or four books now barely stands out against other prominent series in the field. If anything, I think even a series like Mistborn was better planned and written (if not to anywhere near the same depth) as the WoT. How would I rewrite it? (if I had the te
  15. Does anyone know of good post-apocalyptic fiction that is (1) not ridiculously corny / cliched as most of it is regrettably and (2) is a series?
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