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What's your desktop background?

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aww, thats so cute!!


my desktop background is controlled by my bf, and is a LFC desktop, with a calendar where the next match is, and current news about who is sold where, and who is injured.. very (un)interesting.. i have tried changing it again and again, but with no success..

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Work: Gypsy Girl with a Basque Drum by William Bouguereau. I came across it while researching Gypsy/Tinker costuming. She's so beautiful! I'd like to recreate the whole painting in costume someday.




And at home, when my computer is working, my desktop is a pretty picture of Peter Steele's eyes from the My Girlfriend's Girlfriend video.

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During the school year, I'll change mine pretty frequently. I show lots of slideshows off my laptop and I like to surprise them. I've used cute baby animals, the Forsaken desktops and pictures I got from National Geographic.

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I currently have a picture of a waterfall that i took last year in Pennsylvania. but i recenlty got a pic of a really cool lightening bolt that a friend in Colorado took that i'm going to put on.


he he heh, it took him 83 tries to get one in the pic. you know how the digital cameras have that second delay before the pic.

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my computer at dad's has an old victorian style castle in the middle of a field with peach trees aorund it but the one at mom's has my old siggy that Demi made me with Kagome and Inuyasha. dad and becky's computers have my step nephew on it :? I'm getting tired of seeing him...

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