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  1. Your full and correct Handle (DM Display Name). Arya Ellesméra Your path (Warder or Aes Sedai) Aes Sedai Your rank Aes Sedai Your affiliation Green Ajah I just sort of randomly dropped in after a super long LOA and my gosh at the changes, it’s terrifying! I figured I better answer this though for the sake of being able to poke around! 🙂
  2. Pie. And those butterscotch haystack things, those are AWESOME. Arya, Aes Sedai, Green
  3. Just got my two pretty Christmas eggs!
  4. Whew, I'm glad I got on here, I passed out last night and completely forgot about it!
  5. Random note... Dovran and I never dissolved our bond, but he is no longer active on the site and won't be returning. He's just not really into the WoT/Forum thing anymore. Wasn't sure if there's any point in including this bond on anything. :)
  6. Aha, good point, how could I forget Valentine's Day? #singlepersonproblems
  7. So are the first Saturday of the month releases no longer happening, or is it just a break from the holidays? I waited up to stalk around for the new eggs tonight, and nada. I didn't notice any announcements saying otherwise, so I'm hoping he didn't discontinue it!
  8. Not here either. :( At least the fort-building was fun!
  9. Holiday dragons are here!! "This egg emits a soft, heartwarming glow." Very pretty blue and gold eggs! However, the cave seems to be having problems right at this second, probably from sheer overload.
  10. What Davrick said! Google Dragcave click sites, and there are tons that you can load your eggs and they'll receive views. I don't know anyone who plays, either. Just pick a couple that you like and stick with those, you don't want to put your eggs onto 20 sites and overload them!
  11. These seem like they're requiring a lot of views. Mine are all above 1000 views, over 400 unique, and there isn't even a crack yet, with only about 11 hours to go until they hit 4 days. Normally mine have holes in them by now. Just randomly kind of interesting.
  12. Arya Ellesméra, Aes Sedai, Green Ajah. And I'm apparently the only one who would hunker down right where I am for a bit, at least until things died down. Or maybe move to my parents' house, which is even more out in the country. Nothing more dangerous than panicked people who are trying to survive, going to a city to loot immediately would be like Black Friday combined with The Hunger Games. On steroids. Seriously, that would BE the moment in the Hunger Games when they all run for the cornucopia first thing, and half the tributes get killed in the first 5 minutes. It'd be useless suriving an a
  13. I missed the update yesterday, but the November release is out! They're showing up in the Alpine! "This dull purple eg has two bright stripes on it"
  14. I'm excited! Somehow I have always managed to miss Halloween and have NO dragons, so I can finally start to play catch up!
  15. Western? Interesting. I'm never good at guessing. Thanks to the description (and pretty blue color) on the new Desert ones, I thought for sure it would be something like a Mirage dragon, but someone said it was sorting beginning with an S. Hmm. TJs have hatched, though! http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=154257&st=0
  16. Good luck everybody! These are going FAST!
  17. Arya Ellesméra - Aes Sedai - Green Ajah. I feel like I should choose to be able to put out fires, since everyone else wants to be able to set them! :D
  18. New release coming tomorrow night at midnight DC time, yes? Everyone got their scrolls ready for the madness? :D Edit: False alarm, it'll be next weekend apparently!
  19. I will be on the lookout, though now of course I'll never see another one as long as I live. :D
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