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  1. I don't think I would mind the situation that much... Of course it would be awfully complicated and the relationship(s) would need a lot of work, but I have no moral objections to it as such... The most important point being that my sister-wives really were as close to me as sisters and best friends. Elayne and Aviendha are first-sisters and I think they value their friendship more that let a man they both love come between them. Why not love him together? :D
  2. I read the first 5 books in Finnish, and they were obviously good enough to get me hooked on the series. I hate almost nothing as much as bad translations, so I'm quite picky about these things... In my opinion, there're a few quite good translations for some words, but all the names and important are left as they are (which is just a good thing). :/ The covers are just horrendous though. :x
  3. And, there's also the fact that the army of Light is not one single army under one commander, but a myriad of different people. Rand and his close friends, the Seanchan, Aes Sedai, Asha'man, different nations and their armies... They all have their own interests and while Rand does have some influence, the other rulers have their say. Whereas on the Dark side... No one disobeys the Dark Lord.
  4. I've never thought there's something wrong in polygamy. :/ One thing you havent yet discussed is that in the books the women love each other just as much as they love their man, if not more. And that doesn't mean they fancy each other in bed, but like in the Aiel culture, the sister-wifes are bonded to each other as first-sisters. The whole concept of polygamy in the books is about sharing, not about tossing the poor man between the girls. ;)
  5. As they left the Mistress of Novice's room behind them, Adaira was still a bit dazed. Now she truly was a novice, with white dresses and everything. Dragging her saddlebags with her she followed Aramina Sedai down to one of the corridors leading to the first floor and the Novice Quarters. There the corridors were bare of all ornaments, walls painted white and only the Ajah coloured floor tiles bringing some interest to the place. Behind a closed door she could hear woman's laughter and on the other side, where the door was wide open, she could see a girl maybe a little younger than her sitting on the bed and reading. Finally Aramina stopped before one of the doors. "Would you prefer to unpack now, or shall I show you around the Tower?" "I think I'd like to make a little tour around the Tower, Aramina Sedai," Adaira said with a smile. "I think my unpacking can wait alittle while, and I'd feel more comfortable if I knew the Tower and it's surroundings better. I think I need to change into the white dress, though." Gathering all her belongings into one hand, she opened the door and stepped inside. Inside the room she could see it was made to accomodate three persons. There were everything three; three beds, three washstands, three little closets and even three water pitchers. All of them were more or less missmatched, but none of them were broken or in bad shape. Choosing the bed on the far right, she put her bags at the foot of it and started changing her clothes. She knew Aramina Sedai didn't like waiting, and besides, she was impatient to see more of the Tower. So far, the room looked empty so she didn't think anyone would touch her things while she was gone. The white dress she was now wearing was of good quality and probably wouldn't tear easily, but it wasn't even near as fine as she was used to. But then, all the other girls she had seen used the same kind of dresses and they didn't complain, so she wouldn't start now. No, not now when Aramina Sedai was waiting and probably just wanted to get rid of her. Adaira had noticed the slight look of vexation on the Aes Sedai's face when Faerzyne Sedai had given her a new burden, Adaira's mentoring. She could only hope to be worth of the time and attention Aramina Sedai had given her already. Combing her hair quickly and hastening to the door Adaira realized that she had no idea where to go and what to do after the tour. I guess I'll find out, eventually... Now it was time to see a little more of this new home of hers.
  6. This is too good to be true, a whole afternoon to myself before the evening class! Adaira was thinking to herself. The whole day she had run from task to task and with all the classes in between, she had hardly had time to eat. On the way to the garden where she had planned to spend those few hours of free time before her next class she was stopped by one of the Aes Sedai. She had seen the woman watching her and tried to hurry past, but for some reason the woman was determinated to take her. As she rose from her curtsey the Aes Sedai cupped her face between her hands and seemed to be extremely interested in her face and features. Muttering something incomprehensible about proportions and fabrics she finally let Adaira go with a smile on her lips. "Yes, you will do just finely, child. ... I am Caillie Sedai and I have something for you to do if you have nothing else right now." So there goes my freetime... Adaira sighed and turned to follow Callie Sedai to her rooms. Of course, the novices were kept busy for their own good (so that they'd have no time for pranks or thoughts about running away), but still, it would have been nice to have a little while when she could have done as she pleased. And now... Usually the tasks given by Aes Sedai to novices included dusting, cleaning up dirty clothes and dishes and all kinds of nasty domestic homework which most novices didn't like at all. Adaira was no exception. They made their way upstairs to the Brown quarters in silence, Callie Sedai was clearly deep in her thoughts and Adaira didn't dare to ask what was the reason for her interest. Inside the room she could see that the woman was Brown to boot (or slipper, in this case). The room was filled with books and beautiful artwork, all set to highlight beautiful colours and lines of the furniture and ornaments. Even the piles of books were like works of art, there to give an impression of orderly neglect. "There, that is your task. I need you to grind paint materials in a mortar and mix paints for me. Then you will sit as a my model as I am going to paint you. I'm certain that your mother taught you to mix skin paints, no? And a painting of you has been made for potential suitors, so posing isn't completely unfamiliar to you, correct? Did your mother and seamstress determine what are the best colours for you?" Adaira couldn't hide her amazement. A portrait of her? Posing for Callie Sedai was to be her task? Slowly she walked to the desk where the jars and brushes lay and started picking some of the jars up and open them to see what was inside. Different colours, all colours imaginable. Of course she had been taught to mix skin paints, but that was complitely different! With the skin paints there were only a few basic mixes to do and then it was ready. With all these colours one could paint everything and not only shades of skin. Besides, she had never painted canvas. It could be nothing like painting lips, for example. Finally she chose some deep green to be mixed with a shade of blue so that she got forest green. Not the green of these southern forests, but the colour of pines in Saldaea and other Borderlands. Next she took some from the big jar full of white and added to it some colour so it was more like golden cream. While she added some other colours next to those two she found herself remembering the painting of her first portrait. It had been an awkward situation, she had been almost 15 and absolutely loathed the painter. For some reason his gaze had made her very uncomfortable and selfconscious and the final result had been a disappointment. What a waste of their monies that had been, especially since she'd never get any suitors now, here in the Tower. Finally done with the colours, Adaira tried to think if there was still some shade she had forgotten. Sighing to herself she couldn't do much else but wait for the next instructions and looked at Callie Sedai if she had something to say. Putting all the jars down and closing them so that they didn't dry, she tried to imagine what kind of portrait this one would be. If Callie Sedai had really painted all the paintings hanging on the walls, Adaira could say that she was quite a good painter. In fact, this might prove to be very interesting experience yet.
  7. Adaira watched the hand writing the questions down with something close to awe. Her name would really be there, written with black ink in that big book with all the other women who had come to the Tower and been tested acceptable. Maybe even Aramina Sedai's name could be found on one of those pages. “Welcome to the White Tower.†Faerzyne Sedai said with a little smile, and looked up at Adaira. She could see that the Aes Sedai was clearly evaluating her and what probably wondering what she would become. But then, she was wondering that herself. They hadn't talked much with Aramina Sedai about what would happen when they reached the Tower, so she didn't quite know what to do next. As little as she liked it she couldn't do much else but wait for the Aes Sedai to tell her what to do. Well, I guess I'll be doing a lot of that for the next few years. But I'm here! I'm actually here, in the White Tower and studying to become Aes Sedai myself! Adaira couldn't help smiling a little.
  8. Adaira almost had to run behind Aramina, so fast she walked. It seemed the Aes Sedai was just as eager to get this done quickly as she was. The hallways and the floors were all decorated with different coloured tiles, the colours of the Ajahs. She could see a young woman coming out of one of the doors and dashing to the other direction than they were coming. A moment later they stopped by the same door the woman had come. Knocking, Aramina frowned at the door and Adaira couldn't help but think what kind of a room (or a person) waited them on the other side. Suddenly Aramina Sedai turned towards her and smiled a little. "I think I'd like it if you came to visit, from time to time, Adaira." she said, "I'll be here if you need any help, but I would like to know that you are well also." Adaira smiled too and thought that it would be a relief to know at least one person in this huge, complex society inside the Tower, and she had promised to help her too. “Enter.†a voice said on the other side of the door and it swung open. There were no-one there opening it, though, the only person in the room was a woman sitting behind a wooden desk. “My name is Faerzyne Grigory, and I am the Mistress of Novices here at the Tower. How can I help you?†Adaira glanced at Aramina Sedai. She wasn't sure at all what to say and besides, it wouldn't be proper to speak before Aes Sedai. OOC: *pokes the thread* not dead yet? :P sorry for the delay... *sigh*
  9. *nods* That's what I thought. Finland is part of Finnoscandia, but not Scandinavia. :P
  10. I'm not sure if Finland qualifies as Scandinavia, but anyway, I'm from Finland! And welcome Flexxx!! I'm sure you'll have fun here... Check the orgs and RPing out, they are lots of fun. ;)
  11. RAZZZ!!!! *hugglesnuggles* Great to see you back! You must visit ALL the AJahs (especially Yellow (and Green I guess)) and tell everybody that you're back with your awesomeness! :D
  12. *lol* Don't worry about that... by the time you're Accepted you'll have only fond memories of this! :D
  13. The closer they got to the Tower, the bigger it looked. Anywhere she looked, Adaira could see the huge spire looming all over the palaces and storehouses of the city. There were people everywhere, from all countries and areas of land. Every once in a while she would catch a glimpse of Aes Sedai with their ageless looking faces, Warders trailing behind. All houses and balconies were beautifully decorated and and she could see bridges crossing the streets overhead. Behind the buildings there were trees, and at the end of one street there was a huge garden, Ogier Grove, or so Aramina Sedai had called it when Adaira'd asked. "Come Adaira. Let us get you enrolled in the Tower." When they finally reached the gates of the Tower, Adaira was so awed by everything she had seen that she didn't even notice it at first. Looking around, she finally saw what lay inside the Tower's walls. Women everywhere. Well, there were some men as well, but not even near as many as there were women. Besides, all the women walked their backs straight, with pride. You couldn't but notice them. Most of them wore some kind of white dresses, some wore a white dress with colorful stripes at the hem and they all seemed to be hurrying. The exception was the Aes Sedai, who walked past serenely discussing in small groups. Inside the Tower Aramina Sedai walked determinately past curtseying novices and servants. "We need to take you to the Mistress of Novice now." she said and set a fast pace towards one of the corridors. "You will do well here, I think. Remember to pay attention and listen well in your classes and don't get sent too often into the Mistress of Novice's office." Adaira listened silently and followed her as quickly as she could.
  14. Back in the saddle, Adaira thought sighing as she climbed on her horse. The mare was a beautiful animal, and very calm besides. So far, the journey had gone well but she knew she'd be glad to not to be riding again. The sun was just coming up, as Aramina Sedai had wanted to be on road early so they would reach their destination very soon. It looked like a beautiful day. The last day of my freedom, Adaira thought ruefully, but smiled at the thought right after. No, not a prison, she wouldn't let it be that. This was what she had always wanted, to do something else, to see other places, and now she was doing just that. Even if it was going to be hard, she would remember her promise to herself and not give up. They rode in silence for a good part of the morning and soon after, they were already able to see the shining walls of Tar Valon, and in the middle of it all the Tower itself. It was truly a magnificient sight, at least to Adaira who hadn't even seen anything besides her home city. The white walls glowed in the morning light, and the birds were flying all over the Alindrelle Erinin and the boats were sailing up and down the river. Soon they would reach the nearest village, Jualdhe, and cross the bridge to Tar Valon. The Tower must be HUGE to look so tall even this far away. I wonder, what does the world look like from the top of it? What does the Tower look like from inside? Well, soon enough she would find out.
  15. well, actually you send your bio to the bio checkers forst who then will post your bio to the boards to be cross checked. If you want to RP, a good place to start is the Role Play Discussion a bit further down. :) There's a thread called 'How to begin RPing' or some such. ;) Welcome!
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