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  1. Congrats to you both! First-sisters are a marvelous thing. ;) A lovely ceremony too! :D
  2. I couldn't say, but you have the prettiest flower in your hair! :D And I guess this gives some explanation to why we never hear much from Owen... >.>
  3. *sunggles pandy to death* We seriously need to see more of each other more often... Also, I'm still waiting for your visit to Finland. ;D Did I ever tell you that I'm -almost- done with the comic you sent me? :D
  4. I'm fine, and so are all my friends from Tuusula as far as I know... But since Finland is such a small place I wouldn't be too surprised to find out if a friend of a friend had been there at the time. As it is, the whole country is quite shocked as this is the first time we have anything like this happening here. :P
  5. Oh yes! I'm getting one of these too! :P Anyway, I'm going to a scout summer camp camp for a week starting this Saturday and the day after that I'll be going to travel all around Scandinavia (and to meet some wonderful DM people on the way! ;)). So for the two weeks or so I won't have any internet access at all... :P I'll do my best in Norway to find a place where I can check my emails and such but I doubt I'll be checking here much in the meanwhile. Have fun everybody and see you in two weeks (or in some cases less than that)! :D *hugs*
  6. As usual, my desktop is from skary.net :D http://skary.net/downloads/index.php?id=223
  7. I'm so glad you've decided to join us Nae!!! :D *hugglesnugglecuddleglomps*
  8. *is squashed under everybody* I meant leaving this thread and thus stopping spamming this thread... >.> I'm really staying around this time! :D
  9. SHI!!! I'm so glad to see you back!! :D Okay, I go away now... >.<
  10. I'm here! But I'm not sure what my rank is. >.> EDIT: I found it! :D Alarwyn - Souvra a'Shain Oh, Pol! I'll be PMing you about a project I'm interested in. :) I'm not sure when, though. :P
  11. Name: Alarwyn Ajah and Position: Yellow Sitter House: Gryffindor I would like a Harry Potter Week Signature! :)
  12. That's so great Zarine (and the Blues!)!! :D I hope I'll see you visiting us too, though. Otherwise we'll just have to kidnap you! ;)
  13. You would be surprised... Just go and see! They're a great group of people! ;)
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