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  1. Amen to that Lor, I DETEST polyester... can't handle the stuff. :P *lol* LMAO Those pics are too good Thea. ;)
  2. :o I can't believe you've actually been there!! OMG I am so jealous, that is on my "places I have to see before I die" list. ;)
  3. *gags* :P Okay I don't care what it tastes like... knowing what it is, that's enough for me.
  4. The skin is the best part of the chicken... jeez haven't you eaten KFC before?? :D *lol*
  5. Yeah... that's all I needed to see to know that these reports are biased nonsense. I can't believe you would fall for ANYTHING those ignorant people have to say Cherise. I mean really, these are the same guys that want us to believe that Obama is a Communist and he's setting up "death panels" to kill our senior citizens. Please.... ::)
  6. I feel jealous of all the people having babies today. That would be a cool birthday! :D
  7. Hmmm I've had frog, squid, and venison but that's not very unusual here. :D I've had turtle, it was really good too. I LOVE mayo on fries, malt vinegar is awesome too, and I really like mine with ranch dressing. I like ranch on pretty much anything though. :D
  8. About a year ago funny enough... I was at a grocery store and a woman just came up to me and asked me where I find my clothes. She was a big woman too, and we have a VERY hard time finding anything decent in our size around here. Well she talked my ear off for like 30 minutes, and then gave me a hug before she left me. :D When was the last time you had a picnic?
  9. I just don't get what everyone's problem is with him. He is a great songwriter!! Does it really matter what he believes in his personal life?? Do we care how many people every other singer is sleeping with or how much drugs they're doing? I mean we act like we care, but we don't, and even if we hate them on a personal level most of us still like the music. So silly... :P
  10. I think you're talking about Sleepwalkers where they're half cats? They eat the life force of virgins. ;) :D
  11. Well I get that Sam. :P *lol* My favorite characters usually aren't the main ones though, I usually like the lesser characters that add so much flavor. ;)
  12. I love all those movies, I've seen almost every Stephen King movie/mini-series. There really are quite a few of his movies that people have no idea where his. :D
  13. I'm so sorry Cherise!! *snuggles* I really hope all that clears up soon, and I have been really worried about all my Cali/Arizona friends that are near that area. So scary... :o
  14. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, and I know its hard to break into his books for some. They are quite long at times, but I found it easiest for me to start with his collections of short stories like Nightmares and Dreamscapes or Everything's Eventual. They're great stories, and each one is only about 50 pages or so. His books are SO much better then the movies, I agree. ;) *smacks Thorum* You are insane!! That was one of his best books/movie EVER!
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