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  1. :o I can't believe you've actually been there!! OMG I am so jealous, that is on my "places I have to see before I die" list. ;)
  2. Well, they all use the same root system so yeah they are kind of all one tree in a way. Its just incredible how something so vast can survive for this long! Thank you for those pics Cherise, they really are amazing! ;D
  3. Those are so breath-taking!! I have always dreamed of visiting China and Japan someday so I can see them up close. I wish they still built like that today. :)
  4. *snuggles Sam* I'm so sorry again sweetie, if I were you I swear I'd try to find that guys cell number. >:(
  5. Those things just astound me... I couldn't imagine how humans could make something that intricate in such a short amount of time with no one the wiser??? I don't think so... :P :D One of these days we're going to find out they're alien recipes or something... ;D hehehe
  6. My jaw bone did break last time I had a tooth pulled, not broken completely of course, but there were a LOT of jaw bone shards cause the guy wasn't paying attention to the fact that one of my roots was pointing up and curved... *DUH!* So I had shards coming out of my gums for like a year after. It sucked. :P I'm really glad yours came out much better hon. ;)
  7. WOOT!!! I'm so glad it went well! *snuggles* Now just take it easy on the hot and cold stuff for a few days. ;)
  8. OMG... has everyone read the review for The Gathering Storm yet?!?! Jason just got to read the book early and wrote about it in the News forum. GO READ EVERYONE!! I'm soooo dying to get this book now! ;D
  9. You know I'm there with you sweetie, and I'm sure it'll all be just fine. *snuggles* :-*
  10. Ugh... *snuggles Cherise* I'm so sorry hon, I really hope its not too bad on you. *sends healing vibes and nice soothing chicken soup for the sore mouth* :-*
  11. Well I would really love to get in on this, I think its a great idea. ;D
  12. YAY!!! Congrats Lily and Torrie!!! *snuggles for Torrie and snuggles and kisses for Lily* ;) :-*
  13. When I got mine out the two on top had come in and were pretty straight, but the two on bottom were totally sideways and were under the gum so they had to cut them out. They were pushing my teeth together too so I'm glad I got them out before it did any permanent damage. :)
  14. I got all 4 of mine cut out at 16... it was much better to get it done then I think. :P *lol*
  15. Whoa... that is just amazing!! Your pics are too Sam, I've ALWAYS wanted to see things like that in real life. Someday I will. ;)
  16. *gets Cherise an umbrella... and a raincoat* :D Have fun sweetie!!
  17. Ooooooooo thank you Cherise!! *puts on her pretty new shiny* :D *snuggles* You're the best sweetie! :-*
  18. I was going to ask you about that painting from your other pictures Sam, those are really amazing. Its just astounding what we've lost over the years before people really tried to preserve those things.
  19. I agree, and its more to read which is always a good thing when it comes to RJ. ;)
  20. I'm alright I guess, these steroids make me feel soooo sick though all the time. I can't get any sleep, and I just feel generally crappy. I'm just going to have to get used to it though. *lol* I can always drink here though, so that makes it better. ;) hehehe
  21. Hey Blig! Come grab a seat here by me and tell me how you're doin. ;) *pulls back two chairs and asks for more ale*
  22. I hear ya there Thea, these new meds they have me on are killing me. They make it really hard to sleep, and when I can actually go to sleep I'll wake up after only a few hours wide awake. I really hope this doesn't become a regular thing, I need my sleep. :D
  23. :o OMG I want one of those Cherise!! SOOOOO pretty! ;D Thanks Jump, I love anything Irish or Celtic. My name doesn't give it away does it? ;)
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