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  1. *visits the gutter*

  2. Jhaenara

    And I'm done

    Ohhh, wow... never thought I'd see this day. You've done an awesome job and you'll always be Mother to me. :) Very big shoes to fill.
  3. Welcome to DM! :D I'm sure you'll find a good place for you to fit in. *takes this opportunity to snugglegrope Elgee on the way by*
  4. Welcome Myndrunner... :) You can join as many Orgs as you like. And I saw you mention you're too much of a jokester for the Children of the Light... well, actually, on the Org side, they're probably the biggest group of jokesters... lol. Actually, they're not an Org, but a Discussion Group... but your humor seems to fit what I know of them... :) I hope you find a place or places to hang out and have fun!
  5. Damn, woman! You're gonna bond all of DM! *grins* Welcome albion and Korin... :D I'm Jhae... one of Elgee's Sisters... sort of bonded through a group bond... among other things... *cough* Anyways... yes, stop by the Lounge when you can (you have to be a WT Org member though, which is easy enough). Can stop in at the Blue's too... that's my Ajah... we like visitors... :) Have fun!
  6. Ahhh cool... :D Hmm, one or two of those names seem familiar, but we must not have RPed in the same circle at the BT. I mainly only RPed with Michael... and sometimes Davrem, Rune, Dalinar, Mandi and Skechid. Of all of those, only Skech is around and not RPing. He's a Blue Brother in my Ajah... lol. Welcome again... maybe I'll see ya around, though I don't visit the Discussion boards... haha.
  7. Hiya... I'm wracking my brain because your name seems somewhat familiar, but I suck with names. I also joined in 1999 and was part of the BT with a character called Kaethrin in 2000 or 2001 (was married and Bonded to Michael Drakaard if that name is familiar). Otherwise I went by this name and was a Blue Sister. Anyways, welcome back and I'm sorry to hear about your break in... that's terrible... :(
  8. Yeah, just heard about this... wow... :-\
  9. Welcome back, Mandein... :) Unfortunately I never really knew you before. Congrats on your daughters... :)
  10. What stash?! But... but... I thought you'd want more members. What attracts people more than porn? :P
  11. No, dammit, it's Blue Ajah Porn Day... Ohh wait, that's every day!
  12. No way... I'm not funding Jason's porn! Unless I can be in it...
  13. Add Kin to your no problem list, Kivam. ;D
  14. You should have gone Grey, Twinnie... :D
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