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  1. Congrats, Dar! Perfect choice! *Throws some of her special sparkly Blue® confetti*
  2. Congrats, Key... well done! :) Sorry I'm not around more, but I'm very glad to have you with the Blues...
  3. Huh, the time/date sync must be off or something because it shows the 17th for me, for the join date of Sakaea. And my b-day is the 21st, lol. Maybe b/c we're such different timezones or b/c this DM is so screwy sometimes *sigh* But yes, we need to stick together... ;)
  4. Sorry to see ya step down, Nyn... been doing it a long time and have done a great job... :) Enjoy the retirement! And your b-day is June 17th? That's entirely too close to mine... haha.
  5. *groans like Nyanna* I mean, uhh, yay, congrats, F-boy! *snuggles and does other censored things to the retired Ewok*
  6. Well, guys often get sexier when they get older... well, some... ;P *skips back off happily*
  7. Don't know who the other guy is either, cuz I'm getting old. Paul Walker isn't creepy eyed, but I'm not a fan, lol.
  8. Hmm, no, never really saw you as one that spoke without thinking. And cool that you'll still be hanging around. But jeebus, you have some creepy eyed guys in that new Sweet Sixteen. ;P
  9. Sorry to see you step down, Paet. That mean you're disappearing from DM for a couple years again? ;) Teasin' ya. And interesting... *wonders what the deleted post said* ;)
  10. I'm not quite sure how to take that... <3 I took the first test posted and got Egwene who I am nothing like... hrmm.
  11. Hahaha... Elgee's Quiz: You Scored as GraendalYou are Graendal, Kamarile Maradim Nindar! You love beautiful things, and suffuse your life with as much pleasure as you can. You are of course fabulous. Graendal 65% Berelain 60% Verin 55% Lanfear 45% Liandrin 40% Nynaeve 40% Egwene 35% Moiraine 20% Awwww, yeeeeah... ><
  12. Awww, thanks for all the hard work you've done, Verb... <3 Now maybe you can spend more time in the (real... none of those impostor) Closets® ... ;) *hugs and licks*
  13. 2 things: 1. Giggity. 2. Congrats! lol I knew if anyone pointed that out in would be you Verb ^^ Thank you guys! I was eying the meat, but Verb beat me... or something... >_> Congrats you two...
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