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  1. Yeah Our fire is 100 contained now. Its great...sorry for the SD's though
  2. I agree... And They deserve like a month off at a Hotel spa and resort for some R&R after all this... Hell Ill go help myself!
  3. I SAW them... They washed their trucks when they arrived....! I was there...There was like 5 trucks if Im right...Tell Him we thank him for coming all the way out here to help! Our fires are doing soo much better, San Diego County is now the worst of it... Pray for them They need it.
  4. Well the good news is, the Slide fire and Grass Valley fires are at some containment levels...In fact I saw two Fire Dept from different counties leave today, they said thye were on their way homes... It rained as well today and that made all the difference..Now Im only suffering from prolonged exposure, which is making me sick..but Im confident to say we are all safe for the areas that were not hit, and were worried.. San Diego, Pray for them, They still have very little containment, but at least our resources will be going towards them...
  5. Im just copying and pasting this, because I need to go pay my cell bill and get that turned on today.... As you can see I still have net access, though I dont plan to be here other than to update.... Too much in town going on.. Looks like some of the coastal winds pushed that fire back onto itself.. However about two miles north of me...*Other side of the freeway* They can see the fire behind their homes, a few of the ppl at my work were staying home on firewatch. We are still under voluntary evacs, but they said due to the change of wind patterns, looks like it will burn into an area that was burned three months ago, and they are hoping that this south eastern part of the fire will burn itself out, or at the very least come under control. They still caution there is absolutely no containment on the Slide/Grass Valley fire, so we should be ready to leave just incase.. And for those of you that know me.. Besides my family, the only thing I would pack up is my WoT books... Thats the only box from storage I brought to the house ;) And its by the back door...LMAO..:) Anyways, As you can see, I *accidently* Forgot to pack my moms Laptop, so I have access *grins* A little ps for DM...Ely has family in Redlands east of me.. If that fire doesnt go back up they still expect it to travel east.. So Someone try and get ahold of her. Im concerned for them too.
  6. Looks like North Highland *where I live* Will be under manditory evacs in the morning, Called the Fire Dept for an update. They recommended leaving tonight. We can see the flames really well now from the Running Springs Fire. Just updating this one last time, cause I just cant sleep, and Mom wil just have to deal with the fact that Ill pack her Laptop last minute ;)
  7. Im ok. I updated the Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead fires, and the cities it will be affecting tomorow and Thursday.. Including mine.. The fire dept will be mandating evacs by Thursday they tell me.. There are more details in my post at The Kin Org Thread here at DM... Anyhow.. I wish anyone luck that has to live in Southern California... I was joking with Lor on the phone. We are not going to have a huge earthquake after all, and fall off into the ocean she says, No We are just gonna burn down instead.... * May not seem funny to you, but Gotta find laughter in the mess * Anyhow, The Pc is being taking tomorow, as the rest of my family is leaving the house, including my kids, I will be staying behind for now... But I will call Lor to keep her updated on the area fires... If there is a certain city anyone wants to know about in the San Bernardino County area, Feel free to ask them.. Im sure lor will pass on answers. * winks and runs off to pack* See ya all!
  8. Thread from the backup boards to here...that way everyone can get a look at that pic?
  9. Yeah Dar won, and Min the pics are up on my LJ and on the Back up boards...Granted Soon as Lor is feeling up to it, she will be posting peanuts website....guess thats the new thing hospitals offer these days.
  10. Welcome to the Blue Ajah Zarine Welcome home Sister *kisses each cheek* We have waited long for you :) Now go stack up on bb muffins!
  11. Congrats Brenda!! *showers her in blue confetti...**** Welcome home sister we have waited long for you ;)
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