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  1. I had to recreate my account after a little run in with Roka and I knew I was to join the White Tower and the Wolfkin... and I had just gotten done reading both the Belgariad and Mallorean series and Poledra seemed pretty kewl to have and sorta ironic for my Orgs I was joining. also, it's been brought to my attention that Poledra appeared as a wolf with a BLUE nimbus and I just happen to be an Aes Sedai of the BLUE Ajah. Her Prophecy name was also The Woman That Watches, and my new Org Leadress name is She Who Watches, so no, I don't regret it - quite the opposite! :D
  2. oh, which I have an aiel character that is an Accepted (White Aspie) that has a Talent of Earthsinging of a different nature. she can make even grass and flowers grow in the Waste when she sang and used a certain spirit-water-earth weave that no one else can duplicate. I got the idea from The Song :) she's just a little more down to earth than any other aiel so is a little more in tune with nature (especially since she's a wolfsister) but very bright so is going White. besides, it's the closest thign to a Wise One that the mainland has b/c she can't go back to the Waste now that she's decided to go all the way to Aes Sedai
  3. b/c I read somewhere that it was sung by a whole choir of people, ogiers and aiel and greemen and some other species that died out durign the Breaking. I put in my bio I heard legends of that from a stray Ogier that visited our caravan and I'm setting out towards the Waste and Steddings to gather more information from them to see if it's true. wait... now that I put it that way, it's all a hit and miss thing, really so it doens't ahve to be true or not. oh well, forget I said I had to edit it, lol I got myself confused
  4. well what else would you expect from me Dwyn? lol, I can work when I really put my mind into it, and I've more than put -that- into it - I love my wolfies! ^_^ *hugs Dwyn tightly*
  5. yay! Thanks Kath! I'm already working on some neat ideas to hopefully get us more activity and new members, I'll have them posted up with in the next couple of days once I get some time to relax. I've had a very busy week :)
  6. so now I have to go edit my Mahdi Bio... thanks a lot :roll: oh well, it makes an interesting RP to go try to sing with Ogiers and maybe even quest out into the Waste to find the Aiel
  7. I sure hope it does! he can't forget to leave us Tinkers out! :D and wasn't there mention of the Song before? That it was sung with the Grrenman, the Ogiers, the Aiel/Tinkers, and some other species? I need it for a major RP idea on Runnings. I just got my Tinker Mahdi approved :P
  8. yay! I'm just making new friends left and right today! first Besolyn (and possible 1st mentee as an Aes Sedai) PMs me saying that she loved my name since she's an Edding's fan as well. we just hit it off right htere and I got her to join the wolfkin with me, too. and now I got a new friend to join my RP site! yay! I feel so loved today *huggles all*
  9. oh yay! I believe it is safe to say my site will not give any spoilers! :D we do not have a Salidar and I'm not sure if we ever will. We still have all of our Forsaken, but will soon be minus Ishmael. There's jsut one request but you don't have to if you don't want to... we have one true Aiel and we have a major Aiel RP coming up to take Stephen (DR) to rhuidean, but we only have a Wise One in training. would oyu like to join and if you do, would you mind making an Aiel Clan Chief? we're not that active but are working on it, so there's no rush. it's http://com5.runboard.com/brealmsofthewheel. ont her I'm Myra Gailene. and in the Roll Call thread int he first forum you'll see the other characters I play as well, lol. just too lazy to post them up now
  10. hmmm,w aht about salidar and the Black Tower? I forget whent hey come in, but we're not to Salidar yet and the BT was just started...
  11. you write RPs?! oh wow.. maybe I can get a new RPer at my site! umm... I forget what happens in what books, so what are the major plot lines in book 7? I don't want to ask you to join if it will be a spoiler for your reading
  12. yay! I remembered my old password and I am now part of the group! weeee! :P
  13. ooo! I'd love to be in a Tinker chat! the best times for me is anywhere between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. weekends are when ever I am allowed on, my parents don't work then so I can't get on :( but for my profile (Myra), I guess you can add my yahoo address: inuyasha_gurl_530. and if you'd like help with anything, please let me know! I'd be glad to help out! :D
  14. *raises hand really high in the air* Me, me, me! OOOOOOOHHH! Pick me, pick me! :D:D:D:D:D but does it have to be in Yahoo? I prefer hotmail... oh well, I'll see what I can do to get back on yahoo messenger. maybe I'll still remember my old password, lol. but my name is inuyasha_gurl_530@yahoo.com. I hardly get on yahoo, so I may need to be poked on here for updates...
  15. I'm sorry I'm late, Ty! I just got ur message form the tinkers ;) but congrats both of you! This is the last hting I expected of my mentor's co-worker and my little Algai on Realms! I hope you two have fun together! Take care of my little trainee, Ty, I'd still like him to visit us every now and then, he's helped us a lot! *ggls and hugs them both* and I believe I'll have a TQ if you don't mind ;)
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