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  1. Next time I'm over your way, Sam, I'll drop off a freshly brewed batch. ;) Thanks, Jaimelai! :)
  2. Welcome to Dragonmount, Samarane! ;)
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount! :)
  4. Welcome to Dragonmount, Twysty!
  5. Speaking of sweet iced tea, Kelly, my mother adds so much sugar to her iced tea, it becomes syrup. She's done it since before I was born. It took a long time before I could drink anyone's "watery" tea, including my own. :D
  6. Cherise, I had been drinking Bigelow's blueberry tea until the last time I needed to replenish my supplies and couldn't find it. I picked up Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry instead and liked it a lot, too. I was in a mostly blackberry phase until recently. The last couple of months I've been drinking blueberry tea more often than blackberry. I'm digging Polaner All Fruit blueberry spread lately, too. Random "Nic fact" for the day. :D *sets the thread gently back on track and sips her tea quietly*
  7. :o And you didn't take him up on it, Kelly?! Scandalous!
  8. *wanders back in, brews some blueberry tea, sweetens it with agave nectar then lifts it high* Ain't nothing that could deflate my wonderful mood tonight. To bonds, both new and old. ;D
  9. Welcome to Dragonmount! You may be pleasantly surprised at the range of ages of our membership. Jump on in and make yourself at home. ;)
  10. Welcome to Dragonmount, Katia! :) Mat's a popular favorite. I apologize, Amanda! I called you Amy based on your handle. *blushes* ;)
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