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  1. Dude, that's epic!! Kaaaar! You're back where you belong now! The world was always a little off when you weren't Head. *squishes*
  2. Dwyn! This is sad news, but... this means it's time to give you a whole other set of keys. That to the Retired Keeper Room. (We're working on a fancier name, but decided that tea and cookies were more important than settling on a name right away.) I have a chair all lined up for you. It has your name on and everything. Just let me know when you want it. Keeper Retirement isn't so bad, all things considered. Way less of the hair pulling, a lot more of the margaritas ;) Love you, Dwyn. <3
  3. Wow, I am SO happy for you guys! *huggles both of you* Welcome to the family, Ben. And Dwyn.. hee *huggles* This is the best news I've had in a long time! So so so happy for you both!!
  4. I swear, when I was waiting for this post to load I kept humming "Dwyn, Dwyn, let it be Dwyn" to myself. And then when I read it I went "YES! *fists in air*" I'm SO happy for you, Dwyn, and I'm sure you'll be AMAZING! And congrats to you too, Sham!! I'm so proud! Also, Kath, what's with letting them know this soon? I had to wait like.. a month! :P
  5. Hey, I'm just asking! You didn't have to actually confirm it! *starts shooing people off* That's right.. nothing to see here, just your ordinary random people waving their hands about. Yes yes.. absolutely normal.
  6. Woohoo! Is there a secret handshake, though? I refuse to join groups unless there is a secret handshake.
  7. It's actually quite nice. We have comfy chairs and algai footstools. All in all not such a bad deal *g* And thanks, Cleo <3
  8. Well I'm sorry, Princess Niamh. All I'm asking for is for some support from my best friend! I guess that's too much to ask. Geez. (I love you really. Also, you're my Ajah Head now. Good god.) Thanks to the rest of you, as well. I've enjoyed being your Keeper very much! And well, having had more than one person in a staff position means you've been here a while, Mystica. *lol* (Me, I've been through four or so MoNs, I think :P)
  9. Oh yeah, the pension benefits is part of the reason I quit :P Seriously, though. Thanks so much, guys. It really means a lot. And well.. like Delenn said, maybe now I can finally get to know some of you guys properly. It's a shame it hasn't happened before, but if this is what it took? Well.. maybe it really was about time. *snuggles Rae* I appreciate the effort? And well.. if you still want to finish it then I'll hang it on my wall in remembrance of what was or something :P And yeah, I think I must be the first Keeper in a long time who didn't run away screaming. *lol* *snuggles everyone* You are the best people ever! Seriously!
  10. Sooo.. after a long LONG time of consideration, months of saying "no, this is ridiculous, get over it" and lastly a couple of weeks of thinking "hmm.. it would actually be quite nice" I have now officially resigned as Keeper. I emailed Kathana last night, had a bit of a "good god, I must be going crazy, I take it all back!" when I woke up this morning, but is now pretty much sure that I've done the right thing. I am at least feeling lighter than I have in quite a while. There are a million reasons that I stepped down, but mainly it's just cause lately I've felt no joy in thinking of DM, only guilt. Guilt for not doing enough, for not caring enough, for not posting enough. And after two years in the job, I still felt like I was getting used to the title! It's been a very good two years, but I think it's time now, both for me and also for the White Tower as a whole, to get someone into the poisition who really wants something with it. In the end I would've kept it because I liked the title, and that just isn't the way it should be. So yeah. Now what? I'm back to being "just" Aes Sedai, and I think I'm happy with it. In fact, I know I'm happy with it. I can't remember the last time I had no title of any kind at DM (I'm thinking six or so years) and it's going to be nice to not have anyone expect anything from me. I've loved all the various staff positions I've had, and now I'm ready to not lead anyone anywhere. I'm going back to the Blue Ajah now, as well, and that makes me SO excited. I've missed the Blues SO MUCH, and I can't wait to have a proper DM home, and a proper family again. I think I'll spend the rest of my retirement years by setting up a rocking chair in the Blue Ajah boards, and have the novices and algai bring me drinks of various sorts. After eight years around here, six of which I've been in some kind of staff position, I'm ready to retire now. So, do you still love me?
  11. Whoah that happened fast *g* Right then... As you have sworn, so shall it be. From this day on you are Mayleigh Seidai, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Welcome home, sister, we have waited long for you =)
  12. I'm sorry. The thought of Sham in a speedo size 5x made me go temporarily blind.
  13. Well.. I'm back now. Had a wonderful time, but as always when I'm gone for long periods of time I feel like I'm left out of all the fun. Sooo.. update me! What happened that I'll forever regret missing??
  14. Mayleigh has been nominated for Aes Sedai. Who here will speak on her behalf?
  15. Thaaaank you. I have now done my laundry as per my mother's instructions so that I won't shame the family when I go off into the great big world.
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