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  1. Whoops, sorry nephi, didn't see that. It's up to you :) You're the one with the quilt, though, so if they want a picture of it, maybe it should be you :-\ Or you can take a picture and I'll write a bit about it, doesn't matter :) I haven't had time to do much of anything except school work lately, but I hope to get a lot more patches finished. I'll try my best, I promise :( If we don't get enough done, though, we could still make a nice pillow case or something similar. I'm trying to picture 100 hexagons, and it isn't working too well :P
  2. Nyn, are you allowed to use technology to solve this (like everyone has done so far), or do you have to explain how to do it by hand? Here's a way to do it by hand: x^2 + y = 41 y^2 + x = 31 Write the second one as x = 31 - y^2 Then plug that into the first one to get: (31-y^2)^2 + y = 41 ...which simplifies to: y^4 - 62y^2 + 31^2 + y - 41 = y^4 - 62y^2 + y + 920 = 0 Then, you look at the factors of 920: 2, 5, and 23, and you try dividing the polynomial by (y - factor) or (y + factor). In this case, you can divide by (y - 5), so then you get: (y-5)(y^3 + 5y^2 - 37y - 184) = y^4 - 62y^2 + y + 920 = 0 This shows you that the two graphs intersect at y = 5. Plug that into one of your original equations to get x = 6, so the first solution you find is (6,5). Now, you can use any method of solving cubic equations to solve y^3 + 5y^2 - 37y - 184 = 0. You may have learned some in your class, but if not, try here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubic_equation#Cardano.27s_method You might still need a basic calculator to approximate the fractions (they will get very messy otherwise), but at least you won't need a graphing calculator to do all the work for you.
  3. Ironcross, that looks fantastic!! Thank you ;D
  4. No set deadline right now. I have too many to keep track of this month in real life, so I'll start collecting things in earnest for the card sometime in November.
  5. Tk, send it to bob_queen_of_dragons at hotmail dot com. Please put something like "Harriet's card" in the subject line so I don't think it's junk mail. Images on the signature pages will be a few inches long on each side, so please make sure your image is at least 900x900 pixels when you send it to me :)
  6. I'll be taking care of signatures, but not for a couple of weeks. I have too many deadlines to keep track of this month. I'll announce something here when I'm ready to take people's signatures :) Someone else was going to do a collage as well...not sure what's happening with that just yet. We will post all that info when it's ready :) And of course you can be added to the list of crocheters ;D
  7. I'm putting the card/book together with all the signatures and stuff, so you can just type your submission here and let me know that it's the final copy, and I'll include it. If you need special formatting of some sort, then you can send a Word document to bob_queen_of_dragons at hotmail dot com Right now we have several people who say they're interested in writing and I didn't want to leave anyone out, so let's say just one per person for now.
  8. We want to have the whole thing finished in time for Christmas, but of course, neph has to have time to assemble the whole thing. There isn't a definite deadline yet. You can use any colors you want :)
  9. Gondring, I'd love to see it! Faelene, your hexagons look fine to me. Your stitches are very even. When you said they looked crappy I was picturing a huge knotted mess :P
  10. Oh, that reminds me though. Those knitters who know how to do garter stitch or seed (moss) stitch might want to make a few hexagons using those, so that they will lie flat. In the center of the quilt, the curliness of stockinette won't matter, but on the edges it will. I will use seed stitch for the remainder of mine.
  11. Aaaw, crappy in what way? I'm sure they'll be fine ;)
  12. Good luck, SoB, and thank you Crih!
  13. Participants so far Knitters/Crocheters: nephitess Zardi Joiya Cleopatra El'Gee Niamh Sedai Raeyn ironcross damane Jaydena Faelene Loreina Spinytail Quilt assembly: nephitess Artists: Andrea Cleopatra ironcross Writers: SBoydW Ajah24 crihavoc Collage of contributors: Corran Card/book assembly and binding: Zardi Help with shipping costs: Kathana (This is just for our records, so we make sure we get everyone's signature and photo, etc. Let me know if I left you off or if I should remove you.)
  14. We started discussing this on the temporary boards. Here are the highlights: Please respond if you're willing to help out! Through the mail? :P We'll have more details about addresses and such later. You can probably fit your hexagons into one of those padded mailing envelopes, so postage shouldn't be too expensive. But if it does get too pricey for anyone, just let us know. I'm sure we can work something out :) Neph, if you can tell us approximately where you live, I'm sure I can find out rough shipping costs to post here for people to get an idea. For now, if you can knit or crochet a hexagon that is about 3 inches on one side, get started at your leisure and see how many you can do. Neph, about how many are needed? I think our most pressing need is knitters and crocheters, since we'll need a lot of hexagons to make a blanket. Can you do either of those things? Another thing you can do (you're Arie Ronshor, right??) is do the drawing for the back of the card. Can you pose Min, Elayne, Avi, Tuon, and Faile together? If you're going to draw, remember that we will probably print this card at 300 dpi, so you're looking at a final image size of about 1500x2100 pixels (5x7 inches). Yet another thing you can do is work on the general design of the card (and eventually either print the card yourself, or send me the template so I can print it). What font and color will we use for the message on the inside? Will there be a border around Cleo's image on the front of the card? What about the back? Do we want anything written on the front, etc. etc. (We can have multiple things written in the card, so go ahead and come up with something else if you still want to, SBoyd :) ) Also, if we're going to have multiple signature pages (and it looks like we may need to) we could probably have a small illustration on each page as well, if we have any other artists who really wanted to participate. *shrug* In fact, why don't I go ahead and volunteer to assemble/print the card, since I seem to add new complications every five minutes. I just need someone else to design it and then send me their template. Go for it :D Just post here when you're ready. There is a way, yes. If you can crochet your own hexagon, and then sew some embroidered fabric to it, then neph can still add it to the quilt. Just make sure it's sewn on securely. I might do that with one of my hexagons as well. I think anything that is recognizable as something from WoT would be great. It will be printed fairly small (2 or 3 inches on a side), since it'll be on one of the signature pages, but send me the biggest file you can. The quality will be better that way. Any colors at all :) I've done some already in pastel-striped cotton yarn, Cleo has some jewel toned wool/acrylic blends, and I will make some acrylic ones until I can get to a yarn store for some alpaca (I've never worked with it and I really want to :P) I like that phrase. Maybe one of the writers will incorporate it :) Yay! Thanks :) I'll look into that if it gets too thick. Otherwise I'll just staple it all together, and maybe decorate the spine with a ribbon. Maybe Hobby Lobby has some make-your-own-book kits or something that I can use as well.
  15. Everyone's busy with something. But if you just didn't have time to find sources, then you could have at least said, "I don't have time to do this myself, but look up work by X psychologist," instead of insulting my intelligence and my personality. I'm not sure why you say that basic research would have been enough. I've taken a general, introductory psychology class, and I've taken adolescent psychology. I assumed you were referring to some very specialized research, because otherwise your argument was nothing more than, "many children blame themselves for their parents' deaths." Well, sure, many do. That's common knowledge, and it doesn't require reading about psychology to learn that. But not all children blame themselves, especially once they get older. It's a trend, not a rule. Does Rand blame himself? That's the sort of evidence I wanted from you, and all you did was condescendingly tell me to read some psychology. Interesting point about RJ. As far as Tigraine's connection with the Maidens, I already conceded that if Rand's obsession was with Maidens only, then your theory would completely explain his behavior. As it stands, it isn't only Maidens he is obsessed with. So while your argument is valid with regard to the Maidens, I don't think it explains his reluctance to hurt someone like Lanfear. That started before he knew about Tigraine, and is the result of his growing madness (specifically, LTT seeping through). Perhaps I didn't word my objection very well, but I didn't say Rand should hold no guilt, I was asking you what evidence you have that he, specifically, feels guilty about Kari's death. This guilt thing is a trend, not a rule, so considering we've never seen Rand think that he is responsible for Kari's death (as far as I remember), I was asking you why you are so sure that this is the case. Is it possible, given trends in human behavior, that Rand considers himself responsible for Kari's death? Sure it is. Is it necessarily the case? No, especially considering the lack of evidence. For all we know, Rand has accepted by now that Kari died of some freak illness and he had nothing to do with it. I can accept it as a possibility that he feels responsible (in fact, I never denied it as a possibility), but I cannot accept it as fact without more canon evidence. And this is great evidence that Rand may feel responsible for Kari's supposed capture by the Dark One. But why does this mean he necessarily feels responsible for her death? Again, I'm not saying he definitely doesn't feel guilty, I'm looking for evidence of why you are so sure he must feel guilty. Maybe you were talking to him, but the following quote from you appears to be an insult to my personality and my intelligence: You said "other people's ignorance" in a post directed at Ealdur, which makes it seem like you are referring to me. In fact, it seems like that entire quote was about me since you had just finished telling me to "read some psychology" to gain background knowledge. Did I misinterpret?
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