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  1. Hello! Welcome to DM! There's a lot of things to do here, from the Book Discussions, to the Orgs (visit the Aiel please!) and Role Playing. Whatever you do end up doing, you are sure to have a lot of fun!
  2. Welcome to DM! I am happy to meet you! Please, do stop by the Aiel Org, but whatever you do end up doing, make sure that you always have fun!!!!
  3. Hello Serenla! I hope you have a wonderful time here at DM! I hope to see you in the Aiel Org! I feel the exact same way, so you're in likeminded company.
  4. Hello Krimsen! Welcome to DM! There's all kinds of things to do here. We've got debates and discussions about books and anything, organized games, Orgs(examples would include the Aiel, which I hope you visit, and the Illuminators). Lastly, there's Role Playing (RP). Wherever you go, I hope that have lots of fun and meet lots of new friends!
  5. Welcome to DM! I wish there was sunshine up here...it's nothing but rain and clouds. I hope that you have a fun time here! Please stop by the Aiel Org! It's a lot of fun, especially if you like the Aiel culture.
  6. So you're Meesh's brother... I'm Illiara. I'm so pleased to meet you!!! I hope that you do have fun here, because once you have done something here, you'll be wanting to come back nonstop. And please stop by the Aiel Org!
  7. I'm a sucker for good food...it's nice to meet you! I hope you have a good time here at DM...and please stop by the Aiel Org!
  8. Illiara


    Welcome to DM! I would suggest stopping in on the Aiel Org, but please, explore anywhere! Stop in anywhere, and have fun!
  9. Welcome to DM! I'm always happy to meet a new face! Since you said that you liked the Aiel in your first post, you should check out the Aiel org. However, wherever you do end up going, make sure that you have fun!
  10. Hello SteZilo! I remember when I read LoC. I'm so happy that you have enjoyed reading the series and that you have found your way here to Dragonmount. What are your favorite parts or characters in the series so far? I think that your fish collecting is cute, especially because you are a sushi chef! I've never been to California, so I can't say that I know much about the wonderful state of California. I haven't tried sushi, but I'm sure that it is very good and delicious! Again, welcome to Dragonmount! Edit: Please stop by the Aiel Org...it's a load of fun!
  11. Welcome Cabriana! I will also extend an invitation to visit the White Tower org. It's really fun as a novice, and the people are fun as well.
  12. *snugglebites Mashiara* Hello, and welcome to Dragonmount!
  13. *snugglebites Grasshopper* Welcome to DM, Grasshopper!! If you like the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Aes Sedai, then the White Tower is for you. There's a whole crew there to hang out with. And if channelling isn't for you, then you can be a Warder!!!
  14. *borrows a page from Mystica's book and snugglebites Charlz* Welcome to DM, Charlz! :)
  15. Hello! Welcome to DM! :D
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