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  1. Dwyn, you have done such an amazing job as Keeper! Your hard work and dedication to the WT is appreciated by us all. Enjoy your lurkerdom, but please don't be a stranger.
  2. Congrats to Jadira and the Yellows!!! *showers Jadira with yellow confetti*
  3. *loses all of her Aes Sedai composure for about ten seconds* *snuggletackles the new Green* Congrats Lily! We're proud to have you!
  4. *dabs at her eyes with a tissue* Meesh, I know that I may not have always kept in touch with you, but as your mentor, I am extremely proud to see you get raised. I know I'm not a sponsor, but I too would like to say something. From the moment I was assigned Meesh as a minty, I saw how full of energy she was. She always managed to make me smile. Once she was close to being raised to Accepted and a few e-mail exchanges back and forth, her personality just screamed out to me as being Yellow. She ended up being a perfect fit for the Yellows and all their craziness. She is very hardworking for both the Yellow Ajah and in any other events or activities that are planned in the Org as well. Her participation in these events always made them lighthearted and happy and easy to participate in. Meesh, congratulations both to you and the Yellow Ajah for getting such a great sister.
  5. I am still here but I kinda have the same problem as Tig and Myst...
  6. Congrats Claire! I hope that this will be the start of many new traditions and friendships. I am looking forward to what you can do for us as the Amyrlin.
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