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  1. Hello! Yes, I've been away for a while! Been a member here since 2005 =) Awesome to meet you!
  2. Mat and Tuon! Cute AND important! Rand and Tuon too i suppose. I think it's going to be a surprise.
  3. The baby is fine! He's awesome! =D And I'm definately trying to! Once a Blue, always a Blue *nodnod*
  4. I agree. It was around that book that it started being embarrasing to keep the books where everyone could see. lol.
  5. I think my favourite is tDR, mostly because the people in the picture actually look like people.
  6. Mhmm, yeah, we had this exact same discussion last time around when we first saw Sweets draft. Its horrid, truly horrid, and I'll really rather have the "plain" black covers, which I think arent plain at all, but very tasteful.
  7. Since when was Valan Luca confirmed as the third to go with Mat to the tower? Is there something I've missed? I thought the one with the biggest chance of going was Noal..
  8. I wouldnt mind seeing Cadsuane visiting the Tower only to be put in her place by Egwene. I agree with Tam Al'Thor, she's nothing but a big bully :P
  9. Only problem is that his very best work is still crappy work :-\ Sorta anyways.... It'd be fun if for the last book they could have a fan-art contest. Lots of people doing awesome artwork out there.
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