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  1. I don't like Min. I just don't find her particularly intriguing and I don't see what so's fascinating about her that Rand should fall for her. But to be honest, I have occasional moments where I want to slap most of the characters. Rand for being whiney, Egwene for being stupid (Halima), Nynave for being rude, Elayne for being pompous, Gawyn for supporting Elaida... The list is endless...
  2. Hey there! Barm contacted me... I'm called Hannah, I'm also 19, I also love Les Mis (Eponine is the best character by far too ;D) and Mock the Week is hilarious. Oh and I'm british! :D So Hi there! ;D You sound very cool. Butlins? Simply fabulous :D
  3. Hey there Chiyuki! I'm Nia and I'm JD's Official Brit Girl Stalkee. Basically, what that means is that he sent me a frantic PM, interrupting me painting my nails and listening to Nsync* (I'm not kidding), asking me to try and use my skills of persuasion to attract you to the Seanchan. Anyway, the Seanchan really is a great place. It's DM's Official Movie, TV and Gaming Org so that is what goes on our main boards but our private boards is basically us all hanging out together. It's pretty darn fabulous actually- very funny and relaxed. We're not an Org that takes out masses of your time either. It's just a nice way to get to know some other WoTers. Also, Justen writes silly stories and we all feature as characters. Aside from that, I recommend the WT Org, where I'm Head of the Blues. It's great fun there too. Even if you don't join the Seanchan, I hope you have a fabulous DM experience! :)
  4. One of the points ASOIAF tries to make is the difference between romance and real-life. I've read much more graphic sex scenes than in ASOIAF and it's not just dumped in as an entertaining filler for the reader. It goes a long way to explaining inter-character relations, the motivations behind certain actions and can be very crucial to the plot. I don't think it lessens them in anyway. I think the main difference between RJ and GRRM is that GRRM is much less focused on the fantasy side of his work. It is a focus and it's very important but he incorporates it to make it an every day fact of his world where as the characters in WoT are much more in awe of the magic of the one power. I do prefer GRRM but RJ has his place. They just have very different styles and aims for their books.
  5. The Farseer Series was okay. Not amazing, but okay. I haven't read The Liveship Traders but the Tawny Man was MUCH better. I enjoyed that much more- it was much more captivating and the style of writing was much better too. It was a real progression and I liked it a lot. :) Much better than the first Trilogy.
  6. Well only half of the characters are in AFFC- the rest with be in A Dance with Dragons are GRRM had to split the book in half as it got too long. So the cliff hangers from book 3 shall be dealt with there. I definately agree that it is the weakest in the series and I hope ADWD quickens the pace again :)
  7. My hope is AMoL is finished, my suspicion is something to do with a TV series of some sort ;)
  8. Wow, that's so cool! A UK number Thorum. :) Like a random 'Call and ask a question' and they'll find it out for you thing.
  9. But High Commander Squiggles Sedai would have been the BEST name ever :(
  10. Thanks for the info :) I'll just have to find some other stuff to read :P
  11. Happy 17th May Norwegians :D I am firmly assured that this is the best day of the year, so have fun ;)
  12. I always love finding out why people pick their screenames :D Niamh is irish gaelic and you actually pronounce it 'Neev (as in Eve with a N at the beginning). I picked it because my favourite character in the series was Nynaeve and the name sounds like the second syllable of hers. Plus, I just think Niamh is a pretty name. I was very excited though when looking on a WoT map to find the Niamh passes ;D
  13. Hello lovely DMers. I have a query and was hoping that someone would be able to help me. I was a little put out (please read as massively disappointed) to see on Amazon.co.uk that 'The Bastards and the Knives', and 'Republic of Thieves' have been pushed back in publishing dates from May and June to November and February respectively. Is this true? Have the books really been delayed? Does anyone have any more information? I can't seem to find anything more other than they have been delayed and no one seems to know anything else above that. Any info would be appreciated! :)
  14. I was talking about this with someone else the other day actually. I think it'd a be great idea. We get SO many threads here asking for Book recommendations. A place to write reviews and to discuss other books would be fantastic :)
  15. Oh congratulations! :D Love the name!!
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