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  1. I don't like Min. I just don't find her particularly intriguing and I don't see what so's fascinating about her that Rand should fall for her. But to be honest, I have occasional moments where I want to slap most of the characters. Rand for being whiney, Egwene for being stupid (Halima), Nynave for being rude, Elayne for being pompous, Gawyn for supporting Elaida... The list is endless...
  2. It's very easy to become well-informed about someone when everyone thinks you are that person ;) I believe she popped in for a visit in about 2006... I was active 2004-2009 so most people know me rather than old unless they joined prior to that!
  3. The History of the Niamh's is a touch complicated ;) Back in 1999 or whenever DM started that was a GREEN Niamh. Called Mandi. This is not me. ;) Back in 2004, I joined. I'm BLUE and I'm Hannah. Oh and I'm pretty sure the other one was American. I'm British. Also, her handle was JUST Niamh. I'm Niamh Sedai. Clear as mud, isn't it? :D And Corki, you're not old. You are ancient. Accept it. ;)
  4. Well, I've been away a VERY long time so losing my permissions isn't a huge surprise ;) Last time I was here, Kathana was Amyrlin, Dwynwen was the Keeper and Charis was still Blue! I think I asked in the right place anyway. Let's hope they are nice to me, haha.
  5. It's pretty dang hard to visit your Ajah when you haven't got the permissions for the boards anymore Boopsy ;) Dwyn <3 Mystica, I'm good thanks. Currently living in South Korea teaching English to a bunch of unruly Korean school kids. And I have been inactive for oh... about 3 years now! I'm doing a re-read and got all nostalgic...
  6. Oh my! Northie worked on this when we were were Accepted, I think! It's interesting to find when I come for a little lurk... so uh... Hi!
  7. Congrats Sis! *huge hugs* I'm very happy for you both!! Welcome to our overly large extended family BenT :D
  8. Massive, Massive Congrats Dar! I think you'll do a fantastic job! I know I'm a bit scarce around DM at the mo, but any issues/problems just give me an email and I'll be happy to help! *BIG HUGS*
  9. I would encourage any Blues who want to, to apply. It'll definitely be worth it! And I think there are many in the Ajah who are capeable! =)
  10. You know what I wish you had said after saying you run the WT Kath? 'And in case you didn't realise, I'm awesome' ;)
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