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  1. Yes, I'm enjoying this show very much so far. In fact, I may switch to watching it live and recording Castle to watch a little later at this point. The whole story has me intrigued. I'm dying to know what their connection is. And the whole thing with her husband and how she handled it last week has me itching to find out what her new motives are this week. I LOVE James Spader! I've always thought he is at his best when he's smarmy. I'm actually glad they made him darkly witty in this role as opposed to his smug wit in The Practice. Which I Loved him in as well, but he was written so you loved to hate him.
  2. You know, somehow I missed the pudding mines, but I was very slyly duped into running the Gray Service Project. And then I was even more slyly duped into being the Gray Ajah Head for several years. Oh the reports! And the Handbook writing! Utter slavery! In addition, I'm pretty sure she put some sort of strange weave on me because somehow I enjoyed myself through all of that abuse.
  3. So I love this show and I can't wait until season 2 starts! And I tracked down the theme song. In case you were wondering, the song is done by a band called Fever Ray, which is a side project by Karen of the band The Knife and her brother. I ended up buying the whole CD and I Adore It! http://feverray.com/ Rollo's a punk and I want to punch him in the face!
  4. Hi Mother, it's Mendorah Sedai of the Gray Ajah. I'd like to come back to the Tower to play. What say you? ~:)
  5. Does that Faire only run for the month of May or does it spill over into June any? I remember several vendors from Kansas go to that Muskogee faire and that's as far South as they go. I'd love to go to that one, but Scarby runs through Memorial Day.
  6. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how busy we were! That line you saw Never went down even after the supposed 7pm close time for the faire. And since the park was still open, we stayed open until nearly 8. We usually have more people to rotate in and out for breaks but we just weren't expecting how busy it was. Sorry I missed you!
  7. For those of you who live around the DFW area and missed All-Con, you missed a great time! Maybe we'll see you around next year. This convention just keeps growing and growing and now there's great entertainment well into the night. It's worth it to grab a hotel room and at least check out Saturday and Saturday night.
  8. cool! I'll be the chick leading the giant horses with the straw hat of Dooom.
  9. Dian Fossey was a nobody when she went to Africa. She wanted to study Gorillas and nobody would listen to her. She didn't have the right degree, she was just a secretary type. But she wanted to study the gorillas and once she got to Africa, she stayed there to protect them from poachers, often times practically by herself. She forged relationships with those silver backed gorillas and learned a lot about them. She did a lot to slow down poaching. It was ultimately poachers who killed her and her guides/body guards. They beheaded her just like they do the gorillas when they poach them. She was a bit of a witch with a capital B, but it was because she was so focused and so determined. Though I don't condone her kind of aggressive behavior over all, in a land where women were not respected at all, that kind of behavior was necessary. Unfortunately, it is also likely why she was killed so brutally. I admire her because I'm the kind of person who is passionate about causes. And when I feel like I might give up on the issue, I remember that I'm lucky my cause won't call for me to be killed. And therefore I have no excuse to say "it's hard." Jane Goodall is inspirational to me because the work she does with chimps is in behavioral study. Much like Dian Fossey. But she's taught us much more than Dian did. She has shown an instinct in understanding chimp behavior and in her work those of us who care about animal behavior in general can learn so much. In fact, those of us who care about child behavior can also learn so much. My work with abandoned and abused animals has shown many parallels with my sister's work with abandoned and abused children. And it is Jane Goodall (and Dian Fossey) who fostered the interest in me to have these theories and seek these connections.
  10. Ok, I only watched one ep of The Cape and Hated it. Good Lord that show was terrible! But I like No Ordinary Family and I'd hate to see it go. I think it needs more wit though. It needs a Whedon infusion.
  11. For the Oklahoma folks, or just those hard core rennies, here's another faire meet up opportunity. I'll be at the Norman Medieval Faire Friday, Saturday and Sunday working the horse rides. So just like at Scarby, if you want to schedule a meet up, let's do it at the Joust so I can participate! I've actually never been to this faire before, so I have No Idea how its set up or where things are or how the meet up might work. So this year, let's just say, if you want to come say hi, just come on down to the joust field. Or if anybody here is familiar with that faire wants to chime in so we can plan better, that would be awesome.
  12. If anybody is planning on going to Scarby this year, come say hello to me at the Joust field. I'm a lady rider for the joust again and I'll also be leading horse rides all day. I'm also hosting a meet up for the DFW Costumers Guild at 1:30 every faire day, so if you'd like to come down and meet costumers or just combine the two meet ups, come on down! We're meeting at the joust field for those to make it easy on everyone, including me. I never know when my breaks are, so I'm only guaranteed to get to visit if we meet at my work, haha!
  13. If anybody's going to All-Con this month, I'll be at the DFW Costumers Guild table all weekend. I'll also be partying at 3horn's usual St. Pat's suite party. If anybody else is going, lets organize a meet-up!
  14. It's nice to meet you folks who are new. And Myst and Dwyn and Elgee I missed you ladies. Rae I see all the time on LJ. I'm almost tired of her already. Hehehe. *hugs the Rae*
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