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  1. *salivates* Ok, I am SO going to turn into a Silly Fan Girl NUT over Spike and Dru!!! So I'm just warning y'all now. Have you met Claire Kramer yet??? She was Glory. She is Crazy Cool! I met her at one of our local cons this year. She must be doing cons or events now because she's going to be on the Browncoat cruise too.
  2. That's the part I don't get, I guess. If it was known to come down the pike, then it's not really a surprise. The timing might be a surprise, but the idea isn't a surprise. And since Jason is God of DM, then he pretty much decides the when and how and like Cleo already said. We're just along for the ride. I understand a little resistance to change. That's normal. But I have to say I'm a bit surprised at the level of offence taken over this change. We're simply consolidating. We're not getting rid of Orgs or changing the entire purpose of the site.
  3. It's lucky you've been a member for 7 and a half years and knew about that. I've been a member for 3, and on staff for about 2. And during that time, nowhere can I recall this "consolidation" being mentioned anywhere. Not one little bit of information. Then it comes out of the blue. Therefore, of course I am going to be upset and annoyed at a decision I, and probably countless others, didn't have the slightest inclination about. It's all down to communication. The fact we (well, definitely me) have had nothing about this "consolidation" until now, it irks and rankles a hell of a lot. Also, because we have to comply without being asked for views etc, this mess has arisen. Corki, I've been a member for as long as you and a staff member for less than you. I can say that Mother has been pretty open with the Ajah heads about how she feels in regards to the off site boards. We've discussed and debated it quite a bit. So in light of that, the consolidation announcement was not a surprise for me at all. Now, I'm not privy to the staff boards you belong to, but I'd say that the Ajah Head staff has had decent communication on the matter.
  4. Yeah, I don't know how the other heads find time to manage those offsite boards in addition to managing the Ajah boards here on DM. That's one of many reasons I never opened any off site boards for the Gray Ajah. So I completely understand how it would be hard for a newbie to keep up with mulitple boards. Hehehe, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with my DM orgs I'm involved in. In fact, I feel kinda bad about my inactivity in the Illuminators Guild. I'm actually really excited about the possibility of DM hosting a Gray Website. That will be fantastic. The piddly one I attempted on Bravenet is so ugly I tremble at the thought of anybody seeing it.
  5. The brownish and bluish that's happening now isn't as jarring on the eyes, but the format is really disjointed for me. Plus for some reason now DM is running Extremely slowly for me. But I know you guys are working on it as you can, so I just wanted to put my two cents in. Thanks for your hard work!!
  6. haha! I actually caught a newbie before the welcome page was 2 pages long! Welcome Thom! Er, I wish I could give you some advice on that there avatar gallery. But I'm a little techno stupid and I think I remember it taking me forever to get my sig in a gallery and viewable. Which is why the thing hasn't been updated in forever.
  7. Stay cool empy! Stay cool man. Welcome Kyara! Oooh, I see you have Narina as a mentor. She's a sweet lady. Have fun getting to know everyone. It looks like you've already found a couple of niches around here, so I bet you won't have any trouble finding your way.
  8. Welcome Myrielle! Have fun getting to know everyone!!
  9. Hi Blue! Welcome! Have fun settling in. Gods, I should really venture out of the White Tower more often. Hi Empy! *waves all crazy like*
  10. Welcome to DM! Glad you decided to join us!
  11. Welcome! And I agree, Get thee to the Illuminator's guild and quick!! You'll fit in very well there. Have fun getting to know everyone!
  12. Welcome! I've only just started reading GRRM. I had been meaning to read it for ages but never got around to it. The first book was part of the White Towers seasonal reading list and I am SO glad I started reading it. We're on book 2 for the Winter reading list. Anyways, welcome again and have fun getting to know everyone!
  13. Opah! Good job guys! It'll take me days to get the hang of the new place, but it looks great!
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