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  1. You know, somehow I missed the pudding mines, but I was very slyly duped into running the Gray Service Project. And then I was even more slyly duped into being the Gray Ajah Head for several years. Oh the reports! And the Handbook writing! Utter slavery! In addition, I'm pretty sure she put some sort of strange weave on me because somehow I enjoyed myself through all of that abuse.
  2. Lor, I'm posting in. I don't have any active mentees at the moment. This is probably a good thing. As much as I enjoy mentoring, I don't have a ton of time for it. Could you put me on the Bottom of your list? Like for if everyone is full up and you just really need someone??
  3. Congrats Claire!!! Ok, so now we Really need to schedule a Meet Up! I can't be living close to the Amyrlin and NOT have personally met her. SHEESH!!! I think the locals are getting restless for another dinner or something anyways, so this is a Perfect excuse!
  4. And you know what that means??? It means that the White Tower is getting ready to get involved in a service project. This year I have a whole month's worth activities scheduled in addition to asking you all to do something good for your communities. The Theme of the project this year is "Support your Shelters!" Any kind of shelter will do: animal, children's, women's, homeless. The point is that if you know of an organization in your area who helps shelter those in need, please join the White Tower in an effort to help out in any way that you can. Starting February 1, 2009, the following is what activities you can expect to see here in the White Tower: Week One: Welcome and kickoff potluck Week Two: What you can do to help a shelter discussions (general discussions on how you can help various shelters) Week Three: Pimp your favorite Shelter! (tell us who they are and what they need!) Week Four: Let's get together one last time and make a final list of shelters so we can organize them by location and type. I'll make that list a permanent fixture somewhere that's easily accessable by all for future reference. And in addition, during the entire month of February I will be asking everyone to actually go out and do some good. In case you are not sure what you can do based on health/financial means/location, Week Two should answer all of your questions. This year I will not be taking any donations myself, so it will be much easier for you all to just go out in your neighborhoods and do things yourself. Raising requirement fulfillments are up for grabs for actual donations. In the case of donations, please e-mail me: mendorah_sedai@yahoo.com. And speaking of Week Two, I need people to start discussions on these topics. Raising requirement fulfillments ARE up for grabs for participation in these discussions as well as for participating in Week Three's "Pimp your Favorite Shelter!" and for participating in the final listing of organizations. I will Open the topic threads for each week's activity and you all are invited to come on in and enjoy the fun and learn something cool! See you next Week!!
  5. Mendorah = Sage She should be obscure enough that nobody cares to fight me over her, hehe.
  6. No, see, we have an arrangement. Cut-out Orlando can make as many copies of himself and be cut-outs for as many admirers as he likes just so long as the Real Orlando is classified as My Future Husband.
  7. *stands in a huff kicking out the chair she was sitting on in the process* Now this here is where I have to draw the Line!!!! I just simply Cannot Allow ANY defacement of the life sized cut out of Orlando Bloom!!!!!
  8. oh dear, Dwyn and Sham haven't even held their offices for a whole month yet and look at the trouble they've gotten into! *goes to sit by Cairos to hold his hand in case anybody comes by with that pesky sword* Umm, may I remind the court that it may not be in the best interest to behead the Gray Ajah Chef lest we begin missing the Incredible meals he's known to provide!
  9. Congratulations to you both! I look forward to working with you in your new positions.
  10. *ahem* Announcement everyone! Today I am very proud to announce that the Gray Ajah has a new aspirant. Yelenia has petitioned the Ajah and we have gleefully accepted her request. I think that Yelenia is going to be a great addition to our little family and I'm so proud that we have been chosen by her! Welcome Yelenia!!!
  11. Nah. I'm unbonded and I've been here quite a while. Only thing close is Miss Charis being the Gray Ajah Souvra.
  12. Ummm, yeah, the year you go to D Con is the year I convince people to spring for a suite with a kitchenette and we have a nice dinner party!
  13. Happy Birthday boys!!!! *hugs Cairos and Dahmir* Here, have some lovely hummingbird cupcakes. They taske a lot like carrot cake, but with white raisins instead of carrots. But with the same cream cheese frosting goodness!
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