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Trailer Drops Tomorrow

Guest Wolfbrother31

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23 minutes ago, Wolfbrother31 said:

Ok. It's finally here.

After we see it. 

Let me know what you think!

Oh I’m sure you are going to get all the opinions you would ever want. Incl



All we hoped for






cautiously optimistic 



the greatest Trailer ever

a travesty

Robert Jordan would love it

an insult to the memory of Robert Jordan

has got me more excited then ever

won’t ever watch the show because i hated the Trailer.

Have fun.



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I think Harldin's list has the range of potential responses pretty well covered ?


It's a real treat to have an entire professional crew, backed by millions of dollars, create something based on the WoT universe. I never thought I'd see the day. It's one thing to know it's coming and to see some photos and tiny clips, but a trailer makes it a lot more real for me. So today I've been basking in the good feeling that I'm being given something special.

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3 minutes ago, DojoToad said:

Any bets on how long it is.  My guess is 15 seconds with 10 seconds of that being sound effects/music only.



I'm almost 100% convinced, it's going to be an extended (and cleaner) version of that teaser that was accidently released on Germany's Amazon Prime Account.

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I'm pretty happy with that! The fade was an excellent rendition with a properly frightening design, my favorite part. I also really liked their take on Mashadar, doing it with creeping shadows instead of luminescent fog is a different idea but it worked for me visually, and it's not something I've seen before.


I liked the visuals of the power but I wasn't blown away, but I want to see more. Because it's going to be used all the time I think the seemingly subtler approach has merit in the visual medium.


I'm really curious about the changes that have been sort of implied by this. It almost looks like Nynaeve will join up with a group of Aes Sedai and Lan to fight Logain's dragonsworn. It's hard to say because everything is obviously cut together from a bunch of different scenes.


Egwene swimming through the river was very on the nose, I'm wondering if that's a rite they do when it's time to braid her hair in Emonds Field. If so I like the parallel to the way Saidar is embraced, and how it establishes ritual and custom as a theme.


Overall it made me more excited for episode 1, and I'm still feeling good about it.

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So I think I've had sufficient time to process my thoughts, so here they are in (roughly) chronological order:


+ The rumors of some sort of "rite of passage" for the women of Emond's Field are clearly true, judging from the shot of Nynaeve pushing Egwene off a cliff. I'm encouraged by that as I think we need some "show don't tell" moments to understand Two Rivers culture.


+ There's a shot at the beginning of the three boys sitting around the table. The shot establishes the absolutely correct dynamic between those three. Much like Frodo jumping into Gandalf's cart made me feel "safe" about LotR when it came out, this shot makes me feel "safe" about this adaptation. Mat is charming and mischievous, Perrin is solid and stoic and Rand is happy and at ease. 


+ Seems like Rand and Egwene are clearly more intimate with one another than they are in the books, so this is a change. It makes Rand more "worldly" and strips him of a bit of his naivete - that could have consequences for later story lines, so I'll be interested to see how it develops.


+ I believe we see Steppin in the aftermath of Kerene's death holding her great serpent ring. I am beginning to be convinced of the theory that Steppin = Elyas. Also interested to see how they portray the bond, as it is a plot element that will be front and center early in the series.


+ Tar Valon will be featured heavily in S1 (and keeps it's unique shape). This doesn't necessarily mean that the Emond's Fielders will go there. The city looks amazing! 


+ We see a Green healing Moiraine from a serious injury. To me, this suggests some sort of flashback (New Spring era). I'll be interested to see how much of the Tar Valon footage ends up being flashback vs. real time. Updated: After watching again, in the shot of Alanna stopping the arrows, you can see Lan protecting Nynaeve. This suggests that the Moiraine/Lan/Nynaeve group runs into Logain post Shadar Logoth. Moiraine may be being healed from an arrow wound sustained during this confrontation. Though I'll note, Moiraine is not in the shot of the arrows being stopped.


+ Kate Fleetwood looks amazing as Liandrin. Ditto Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Leane. 


+ Mashadar as a creeping black shadow is an interesting choice. And Shadar Logoth looks very creepy.


+ I think there was an Aiel in a cage.


+ The colors are bright and rich and vivid. 


+ The myrddraal are terrifying and it does look like the show will lean into some of the darker elements of the novels. You can spot some trollocs at various points and they look pretty good from what I can tell. This is something I was hoping for and seeing it realized makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


+ Nyn has Lan at swordpoint.


+ Alvaro Morte has the perfect look of malevolence as he breaks free of his cage. A ton of the shots in this teaser seem to relate to the Logain plot. I'm really thinking the writers intend to set him up as a primary antagonist and maybe even make the viewers believe for a time that he is really the Dragon.


+ The location of the Waygate has definitely been moved out of Camelyn. Of note, we can reasonably conclude that this is the Camelyn Waygate as the shot depicts Mat, Rand, Nynaeve and Lan riding toward the structure rather than away.


+ Love the shots of Moiraine and Lan fighting together on Winternight. 


+ The "big" channeling looks great. I'm interested to see what the variations are in how they depict the weaves.


All in all, I can confidently say that any reservations or fears I had about the quality of the show have been put to rest. I have absolutely no issues with any of the casting - the actors all look and feel right for the roles. All that remains to be judged, I think, is the quality of the acting and the writing.

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Wow I am so pleasantly surprised. Wheel of time was almost a religious text growing up. I learned lessons about life I cried I have never loved a book like it and I have read hundreds of Fantasy series. This trailer got me so excited if they can live up to it if they can make an epic fantasy and it not feel like shannara I will be so freaking happy. I don’t care if they make some changes as long as it stays mostly true and those changes allow it to reach a wider audience. I would rather 15 seasons that still have the feel then one season that is a shot for shot remake of eotw 

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For me I'm not sure it feels like WoT yet. I'm definitely still watching and excited. I need to watch this a few more times. 


EDIT: My comment is pretty vague. How do you quantify a "feel"? The WoT is certainly epic fantasy, serious fantasy, and plays into a lot of generic fantasy tropes but makes it very much its own. But, and this may just be the nature of "TV trailers", it felt a bit too... all of those things. I've watched it a few more times and am liking a lot of details I missed on my first watch. But I think I really need to see a whole episode to get a sense of its pacing and how much it lets its actors/characters breathe. A trailer is of course going to be very "heavy" all by itself.

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